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Old Jan. 2nd, '19, 3:50 pm   #1
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Angry Legal matters pertaining to "Nose Goes"

So we were hanging out the other night when I needed another drink and I initiated Nose Goes to see who had to get another round from the Kitchen, when clearly my friend Tom missed the boat and touched his nose way later than anyone else. Here's the kicker, he refused. After losing Nose Goes. I had to get my own drink, like wtf. Next time I need more Ammo than just "thats bs", I need to explore some legal matters to make sure I don't have to get my own drink after a fair game of Nose Goes.

Step 1: Consent
He DID play the game, he consented to taking part of Nose Goes, therefor the result of said game should be contractually obligating.

Step 2: Oral Contract
Though no words were spoken, by partaking in Nose Goes it should be the same as a Verbal or an Oral Contract which are binding, correct?

For example, if I am about to cross the street and the car has their window down and they say "Go ahead" and then hit me, they gave me consent to cross and assured my safety by giving me a verbal contract to cross, they would be liable if they hit me, I'm pretty sure. Now what if instead of orally telling me to go, they waived their hand across motioning me across then hit me, I still had their consent and assured safety to cross. THEREFOR by playing the game he made a contract assuring me that he knew the implications of the loser.

Step 3: Fraud

Breaking the implied contract for Nose Goes is fraud for not holding up his end of the contract.

Step 5: Damages and Pain and Suffering

I think a fair settlement would be that for the next 6 months whenever I need a drink Tom should have to get me two, with a koozie.

Nose Goes needs to be used more liberally in the political world. Imagine at the UN "We have to have less nuclear arms, which country will get rid of their arsenal..... Nose Goes".

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Old Jan. 2nd, '19, 4:05 pm   #3
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Next time break his nose

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