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XBS Season 19 Info & Sign Ups

XBSHL Season 19

Hello fellow XBS Members,

As we move ahead we look forward to working with all of you as a community to continue to improve upon the XBSHL. Remember, you guys are just as important to the success of the league as we are as admins.

Following, I am going outline a few topics that we wanted to share with you as we finish preparing Season 19. Please read the post in it’s entirety.

Important Dates:
  • September 27th: Sign ups
    • Yes, we are asking all members to sign up again, just so that we have an accurate count.
    • However, now you only need to sign up on the scoreboard. We have eliminated the position card thread (see below.)
  • October 7th: Sign ups close
  • October 8th: Draft
  • October 15th: Season Starts

Sign Ups:

It’s important to note, when we used the position card thread, you were asked to rate your positions on a scale of 1 to 5. Now when you strictly sign up on the scoreboard a three star rating scale is used to determine your favored positions. So please keep that in mind when you are filling out your preferred positions. Also, please be as detailed as possible in the Availability Extra text box at the bottom of your position card. To go to directly to the scoreboard to sign up for Season 19 please click HERE and just click on the sign up button on the left.

And just to give you a reference point, I took a look at my position card to give you some perspective. For center, I selected preferred which translates to 3 stars on my position card. For left wing, I chose occasional and that translates to 2 stars. Finally, for defense I chose rarely which translates to 1 star. So to recap:

Preferred = 3 Stars
Occasional = 2 Stars
Rarely = 1 Star
Never = 0 Stars

I know I keep saying it, but in an effort to reset the league we trying to keep things as simple as possible. With that in mind, we are going to use a serpentine draft structure while also eliminating the bidding process during the draft.

Season structure:
Our current plan (and this is subject to change), is to have a 36 game season. Each week of the season will consist of three nights of hockey with doubleheaders each night, for a total of 6 games per week. The season will span 6 weeks followed by playoffs. We will be looking to go back to our regular 60 game season hopefully in season 20.

Looking forward:
As an admin team, we cannot thank you, our members, enough for sticking it out with us during this transition period. As members you need to be involved in anyway you can to make XBS an enjoyable and fun place to visit where we can all come to interact. In order for us to listen to the community and get your feedback we have also created a new feedback thread where you can go to share your thoughts about the league. So, here is to the future of XBS!

And last but not least.....

Free Agency During the Season:
Free Agents may sign up as soon as the draft ends and will remain open until the conclusion of week 4. The admin team along with conversation with the owners will be assigning these free agents.

Season 19 has now officially begun! So please sign up and we'll try to get you into the league as soon as we can.

And if you're new to the site and league, welcome to the MOST MATURE GAMING LEAGUE AROUND, period!

Please take a moment to make an introductory thread and tell us a little about yourself. It only takes a minute and it will help in your approval process. You can do so by clicking HERE

Always remember our motto, COMPETE, RESPECT & ENJOY!


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