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Old Dec. 7th, '10, 1:20 am   #11
nosice's Avatar
Jul 2008 3,125
Raleigh, NC
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MVP was amazing.. but RTS is the template to go off of.. I absolutely loved MVP at the time..

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Old Dec. 7th, '10, 1:22 am   #12
Phoenix 2.0
I see dead people.
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Jun 2008 12,960
Windsor Ontario
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I can remember quite a few epic games against this group, I can also remember getting my ass handed to me several times...

If memory serves me correctly MGM and I are 50 wins and 50 losses a piece in our classic Tigers Vs. Cards matches... good times lol

MVP was one of those rare games that made playing baseball online a good fun time, I can't wait to get more information in the months ahead

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Old Dec. 7th, '10, 9:07 am   #13
Dec 2008 592

I have played the last three 2k baseball games. I never thought they were horrible games, but I was never a 2k guy. Can't wait to see what EA brings to the table.

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Old Dec. 7th, '10, 10:32 am   #14
Tony Amonte
Mark Rechhi Fan Club
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Jul 2008 7,050
Not in Kamloops
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Amazing news. I liked the 2k's.....there was just so much wrong with them.
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Old Dec. 7th, '10, 10:52 am   #15
5x Madden Franchise Champ
BxGngsta's Avatar
Jul 2008 870
New York City
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Nothing can ever compare to MVP. It took them a long time to get the game right, and when they did, we lost out due to the 2K contract. I have vowed not to get the 2K game this year. I will not play another 2K baseball game, it's just too frustrating. The online league looked promising and then all the flaws happened. Not worth my $$ or my time.
4x Madden '12 Online Franchise Champ
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Old Dec. 7th, '10, 1:13 pm   #16
BigTuck STL
Jun 2010 1,056
St. Louis, MO
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A good baseball game at last......well maybe......hopefully. I buy the 2k game every year thinking they will fix the problems but never do. However I did enjoy the superstar mode this year but I want a good online baseball game. The last decent 2k game was MLB 2K7. I wish 2K would make another NFL game though the last one which I beleive was 2K5 was great.
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Old Dec. 7th, '10, 5:21 pm   #17
Senior Member
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Jul 2008 924
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The last MVP was a great baseball game as was the last High Heat game. When Microsoft bought out 3DO I was hoping for a resurrection of the High Heat series but it never was. Thankfully The Show has been amazing. The Show 2010 is probably my all time favorite baseball game. Like Rob said though it would be nice to have a good baseball game on the 360.
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