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Old Feb. 8th, '17, 7:00 pm   #1
No Regretzkys
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Default Let's Reminisce... v2

Continuing with the trend, as an offshoot to Dusty's post about everyone's favorite game, I figured I'd throw something out there along those lines...

What's your favorite game console (or PC) of all time? You can only choose one.

Favorite System: For me, it's got to be the PlayStation 2.

Reason: While the PlayStation 1 (the boot up screen is so nostalgic), GameCube, Wii, and Xbox 360 all have deep roots in my heart, the good ole PS2 has to take the cake. I chose the PS2 for a number of reasons, but mostly because it's where some of my fondest memories of gaming as a child find their foundation. This is not only a system I played to death as a kid, but still have set up right next to my Xbox One, 360, and PS4, to this day. Regardless of how great online gaming is these days, nothing beats having some friends over for a night and playing split-screen or sharing the controller through a campaign on the PlayStation 2.

As a kid, when the Xbox 360 was in its heyday, I had traded in a lot of my PlayStation 2 games - these same games that I have such great memories of. Since around last May, I've been slowly but surely building up my collection once again, filling it with the fantastic titles I once had, and some new ones that I wanted, but wasn't allowed to play back then . There's an awesome retro store pretty close to my house, and they sell both PS1 and PS2 games, so when Amazon doesn't look like the best bet, they never disappoint. There's also no better feeling sometimes than walking into a game store like that and taking a trip down memory lane, browsing through old titles.

Games like NHL 06, which was the first EA-NHL game I ever really got into, and can still recite the soundtrack to, to this day, the NHL Hitz series, the Crash Bandicoot series, Gran Turismo 3, Rumble Racing, the ATV Offload Fury series, Need for Speed Underground 1 and 2, the SpongeBob games, which are still surprisingly fun, the entire SSX series, with Tricky being my all-time favorite, Pac-Man World 2 and 3, and many, many more which I'll hate myself for leaving out, all made this system so memorable for me. If you've got some nostalgia tied to this hunk of plastic and moving parts, dust her off and plug her back in. It stands the test of time, and will open up a whole different library of games that you forgot were even around.

Another thing that made the PlayStation 2 so great, was the flawless backwards compatibility. One of my favorite titles of all time, simply for the countless hours I spent just driving around and watching my father and uncle play, is Driver 2, for the original PlayStation. The PS2 runs the game perfectly, as it does all classic PS1 titles, and that feature totally adds to the value of the console. Once again, opening up another library of awesome games.

Really looking forward to what you guys have to say... Let's get some good discussion

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Old Feb. 13th, '17, 2:47 pm   #2
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Jun 2008 13,796

I'm a graphics junkie, so I'm a big fan of the PC and do a fair bit of gaming on it.

That said, some of my best gaming memories go back to NHL 91' (or was it NHLPA?) on the Sega Genesis. You could hook 4 controllers up to that sucker (wired of course), and you could get some really awesome 2v2 gameplay going. We'd have college (and after) parties, and we'd always have this game going, the signups for next in line to take on winners were tougher than the line for the pool table, and the bragging rights taller (most played actual hockey, roller hockey, and street hockey). Lots of great times were had.

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Old Feb. 13th, '17, 3:42 pm   #3
May 2014 764

Really odd answer and really crappy reason why.

Dreamcast. I don't know what it was about it but I got the NFL game for it and I felt as if it was the most realistic thing Id ever seen. To be honest I probably didn't keep it that long because of the titles available on playstation at the time, but I remember busting my ass to get it and cherishing it for a short while. I figured since I remember it more than any other console it must be "the one"!

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Old Feb. 14th, '17, 9:40 am   #4
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Sega Genesis for me, similar to OSB's story it sounds like...

My college roommates and I played NHL '93 and Coach K NCAA basketball so much our thumbs had horrible sores on them. Once we learned how to drink, it got even worse since that numbed the pain of our thumbs and we wore the damn skin off.

NES would have been a close second with games like Arch Rivals, Super Tecmo Bowl, Mike Tyson's Punch Out that I played throughout high school.
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