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Old Feb. 28th, '17, 1:00 pm   #1
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Default Xbox Game Pass

Launching in spring, Xbox Game Pass will act like a Netflix account for games, with unlimited play for all games on the service for $9.99 / month.

Depending on the quality of the library, this could be a game changer. Gamespot stock went in the shitter as soon as this was announced.

Anyone else see the potential here?

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Old Feb. 28th, '17, 1:52 pm   #2
May 2014 756

Like you said, the selection determines everything.

So I see they're pushing Halo 5, NBA2k16 and PayDay2, I wonder if this is sort of like EA access? Or if it is like netflix where they will have "game pass exclusive" games.

Thanks for posting this!

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Old Feb. 28th, '17, 3:01 pm   #3
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In the list of over 100 games they seem to have a bunch of old games that are now backwards compatible. I mean if you're into playing old 360 games and a select few XB1 games that seem to be on sale more often then not than I could see this working but there would have to be some other incentive similar to EA's 10 free hours of trial.

From looking at their promo photo it seems also as if more then a few of the games have been free releases already, basically seems like a cash grab to me unless they put incentives into it. Maybe something cool like certain amounts of gamer score can be used for better/new gamer pictures/backgrounds and such. I know they did something cool previously where if you had a certain amount of gamerscore you got like 75 bucks off a new xbox one, but I mean anyone who had 25,000+ Gamerscore pretty much already shelled out 400 bucks for the system when it was brand new.

Basically I guess I am just tired of this system's shit and this just seems like another thing that they are throwing out there. Terrible controllers/headseats that break for no apparent reason (give us 70 bucks), initial release of 500G so that can hold what 8 games maybe so guess what if you want these games delete space or buy an external hard drive (More money in their pocket), constant system glitches and more. If I didn't like playing with all you pricks so much I would have pulled a T and got a PS4 haha

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Old Feb. 28th, '17, 11:32 pm   #4
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Mar 2016 394

PS4 as a system is hands down way better than XB1

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Old Mar. 6th, '17, 1:15 pm   #5
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Anyone without unlimited data probably should avoid this also lol

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Old Mar. 6th, '17, 5:27 pm   #6
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its a good idea but selection is key and time to play is another. lol

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