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Old Oct. 20th, '16, 12:56 pm   #1
Senior Member
spec0688's Avatar
Sep 2012 1,562
Default I miss this

It's been a while since I logged onto XBS, and since I had the urge to play NHL. I let my friend borrow my XB1 for more a year or more, but the last few months I kept thinking how I missed what XBS has become. So today I am getting my XB1 back and plan on picking up NHL 17 sometime this weekend.

I am hoping that I can be let back in, or if its too late I can wait until the next season. I plan on hopping on for some OTP this weekend as well whenever I get the chance to pick the game up.

My availability isn't the greatest and it would take a bit for me to get my card, depending on how that works with the recent addition of NHL.

I miss this.
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Old Oct. 20th, '16, 1:23 pm   #2
Chew Therapy
Chew Therapy's Avatar
Jul 2012 1,037
Edmonton AB

This Guy..

good to see youre alive bud i miss my bronze duo partner
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Old Oct. 20th, '16, 2:14 pm   #3
Et Non Erunt Decem
muscleyarms83's Avatar
Jun 2010 5,201
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sorry bud... we only accept Legend 3 cards going forward.

Good to hear from you, though!

"Ya drive on down to Buffalo to watch the Leafs play, and sure, the gas is cheap, but fuck if they don't even have All Dressed chips in that shithole." - Wayne
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Old Oct. 20th, '16, 2:17 pm   #4
Senior Member
Zaunbie's Avatar
Jan 2013 429
Halifax Nova Scotia

BTQ back from the grave! We just need to get chazzz an Xbox, NO ONE TELL JARED THOUGH! Good to have you back spec. I believe you can sign up for the waiver wire that happens later in the season

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Old Oct. 20th, '16, 2:17 pm   #5
Senior Member
Blaklash's Avatar
Jan 2012 1,269

Spec! It's been a while. Welcome back! Hope you've been well.

We just started Season 17, but you can join up after game 30. Also, there isn't any need to build up your player as the builds are all now set by category that you can choose during the beginning of a OTP game. Makes it much easier when you don't have to build up to legend 3 or whatever.

Hopefully we see you back on the ice again this season!
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Old Oct. 20th, '16, 3:51 pm   #6
No Regretzkys
Frozen Water Sports
No Regretzkys's Avatar
Aug 2013 512
Long Island, NY

Welcome back Brotha... Good to see you on here!
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Old Oct. 20th, '16, 5:34 pm   #7
Recruiting Coordinator
LayNher's Avatar
Mar 2016 399

Hey Spec. Welcome back. Lets play FIFA

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Old Oct. 20th, '16, 10:34 pm   #8
Rip Winkle
Rip Winkle's Avatar
Aug 2008 6,657

Great to see you pop back around Spec. Like Markus said I see no reason why you wouldn't be eligible to be put on the wire at the 30 game mark. Hope all is well....and see you on the ice.


Site > League > Team > Self
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Old Oct. 21st, '16, 12:51 pm   #9
OSB's Avatar
Jun 2008 13,790

Good to see you again Spec!!

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Old Oct. 21st, '16, 2:28 pm   #10
Senior Member
Jul 2008 5,258
Vancouver, B.C

Great to see you back Spec! Wondered what happened to you. Welcome back!

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