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Old Sep. 13th, '17, 8:34 pm   #1
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Jun 2008 18,778
St. Louis, Mo
Default XBS Dads

*EDIT* Nevermind. This can be deleted. I didn't think it all through before posting

Last edited by jujimum; Sep. 13th, '17 at 10:43 pm.
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Old Sep. 14th, '17, 8:54 am   #2
Baron Von Versus Hands
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Jun 2008 17,604
The Elbow

Sorry Juji, I tried. Maybe if he was a little older. My son is 11 now going on 16, growing up too fast

As you skate across my blueline in the shadow of death, thou shall fear my evil - Sauerkraut 23:4
"My uncle Tretiak taught me everything I know" - Baron Von Sauerkraut
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