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Default A letter from an Admin

I'm going to start this post by saying that this really only concerns a small percentage of the site. And it is for that reason that I slept on it because it was a much angrier post in the beginning.

Lately we, the mods, have been having to deal with lots of issues. Some public, some private. All of this is taking up time that could be used elsewhere and in a more enjoyable way. Almost every thing we say lately is prompting an explanation request from someone. It's growing very old and wearing thin. We shouldn't have to explain every (or for that matter any) thing we do.

I think the majority of the site doesn't quite get what it takes to be a mod. We started XBS a few years ago because ALL of us were at sites that weren't moderated enough. All of us understood that moderation isn't easy but that if you stick with it and have a few people working together on it, it can be done. One of the hardest aspects of moderating a site is that you have to take the whole membership into consideration and not just your personal beliefs/stance/whatever. I know for a fact that some people here aren't aware that we frequently receive reported posts, PMs, Etc. from our members. It's not always the mods versus you as much as some of you would like to think. We have over 100 active members on the site and active means they are actively reading the forum. And they are from all walks of life.

I mentioned that this is mostly for a small percentage of the site. I fully realize that there is a larger percentage that aren't vocal about what we say and/or the steps we take. However, we only hear complaints from a small percentage of members. My take on that is that the larger portion of the site knows what our goals and/or intentions are with the site. Whether they agree or not, they know it's just part of what we have to do and we don't always hear from them for that reason. I don't understand at all why the rest of the site doesn't see it that way. Instead of getting defensive, taking things to PM, or whatever; maybe just put yourself in our shoes and realize there's more to things than what you see on the surface.

I've had to defend a lot of actions over the course of running XBS. And that workload has increased a bunch with recent growth. Recently I had to defend something I said because I was accused of abusing my power so to speak. I regret how I replied to that because I think I took the politically correct route when I shouldn't have. So I'm going to say the brutal truth that some of you won't like reading.

We (the Mods) are the people that put our money, and more importantly our time, into building and maintaining this site. It is OUR site. We can and will run it how we feel it should be run. Will it always be in the best interest of the members? No. Will it always seem fair? No. Will it be what we THINK is in the best interest of the site? Absolutely yes. So is like our house. And you, the members, are guests in our home. Therefore, if we say that maybe you shouldn't be talking about that or talking to our other guests in that way, you should respect our wishes. I recently said XBS is like a workplace and now I'm referring to it as our home. Either one applies. Whether you agree with our decisions/actions or not isn't the issue and we no longer should have to defend what we say and what we do. If you feel like we are out to get you or are picking on you personally, maybe you should realize that you've probably given us reason to do so. If your last X amount of posts were moderated or brought into question, don't you think that maybe it was your last X amount of posts and not necessarily a vendetta?

We have every right to do things our way. And you have the right to leave if you don't like that. I've said it before to members and I'll say it again. NO ONE is forcing you to be here. It is your choice to be here. If you don't like how things are being run, that's understandable. But you can either go with it and try to enjoy it, or find a place more suitable of your gaming needs. Obviously we know the site would be nothing without a membership. Not to sound arrogant, but we also know that the majority of our membership will stay at XBS because they understand what we are about. The way I personally feel right now is that we could lose a HUGE chunk of our members and it wouldn't hurt the site one bit. It would go on and probably be much more fun to be a part of if it did happen. The majority of our membership came from a site that had practically ZERO moderation and it was a joke. So we started a site that can be what we expect from a site. Most of our membership came from wanting the same thing.

Forum activity is greatly considered when it comes to getting into our leagues so I'm not trying to scare people from posting. We are more and more looking closer at people who just play in the leagues and don't post. I can hear some of you thinking, “I'll just play my games and not post.” But forum activity will have an affect on your status. This note isn't intended to keep you from posting to avoid moderation. It is basically asking you to understand what it is we do and deal with. That's all.

There are several members here that have posted, said, or did something that required moderation. They are still upstanding members here because they understood why it got our attention. They didn't immediately go to PM asking why. They just flat out understood even if they didn't necessarily agree. It's not always the content of the posts but how that post fits in with the topic at hand. A few people will never understand that.

Anyway, the Mod's toleration levels are at all-time lows right now and that's not a good thing for the site. So this post is to let that be known.

To the majority of members who enjoy the site as it's intended or at least understand what we do and why we do it, we thank you. For the most part, we enjoy providing this site and we appreciate you being a part of it. We appreciate the activity and participation. We enjoy the community you help create. It's just a shame that small groups of people can ruin all of that enjoyment for possibly everyone.

In closing, despite talk that it would be easier to create a new site than to clean this one up, XBS is going to stick around. I just want people to understand it is our site and we will run it how we deem necessary to reach our goals and intentions. When I say “our” site. I do include the members that help us reach those by actively participating in a positive way and helping moderate the site to the best of their ability.
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