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Old Feb. 20th, '16, 2:03 am   #1
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Jun 2008 18,713
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Default Madden receiver buttons

Hey guys, I admit I'm being lazy and not looking this up myself. I figured one of you'd be able to answer it easier than me trying to figure out what to search. I haven't played Madden in many moons.

My question is for Madden 16 I THINK. I was over at my sister's house and the nephews were playing Madden but I couldn't remember if they had 15 or 16 (it is on the Xbox One).

The younger nephew (6) got mad in the 3rd quarter or so because he was trying to pass and it wouldn't. The older nephew (9), of course, shrugged it off. Which pissed me off. So I took control

Side note: first kickoff return I run it back

Anyway, then I actually have to play offense. Mind you, I should've mentioned this is same console if it isn't obvious. So I call a pass play and go back to pass. EVERY receiver is the "A" button I press A and NOTHING happens. Try again, same thing. One play I thought I saw different options but when I hit Y, it threw it to the X receiver (interception of course). Get the ball again, all the receivers are "A" again. Ugh. Sometimes it would start to look like he was going to throw if I pressed A, other times he'd just get sacked.

We were there to watch a movie so I couldn't play around to figure it out, so I'm wondering if anyone has a clue what happened. The younger nephew was winning up to that point and I heard no frustrations so I'm assuming something changed DURING the game.

Any help would be appreciated because the older nephew was zero help. While he can be a turd, I don't think he was trying to be mean. He definitely wasn't trying to troubleshoot the issue either :nowway:
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Old Feb. 20th, '16, 11:33 am   #2
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Jun 2008 6,876
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It appears to be a bug:

I've never seen it before though.
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Old Feb. 20th, '16, 12:39 pm   #3
Pack it up
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Juji's first Madden game and this happens to him

I never seen this bug either.

Last edited by DrugMonkeyRX; Feb. 20th, '16 at 1:01 pm.
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Old Feb. 20th, '16, 4:09 pm   #4
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Jun 2008 18,713
St. Louis, Mo

Interesting. Thanks, Jon.

Originally Posted by DrugMonkeyRX View Post
Juji's first Madden game and this happens to him

I never seen this bug either.
Drug, the younger nephew is awesome but he does have a temper. He LOVES video games but gets really mad when things don't work for him. He's the "I PRESSED THE BUTTON" type. If he was older, he'd be the "I PRESSED THE F%$ING BUTTON" type. Possibly a controller thrower too except he can't afford to buy another one if he breaks them. When we play, I have to be the sound of reason...despite being just as annoyed when things don't go right Anyway, I was hoping it was just his temper.

Then I grabbed the controller and got just as pissed I set the controller down, told him to never play against the older nephew until their Daddy can look into what's happening (which he would never do unless it happened to him), and walked away. Felt like a tool getting that mad but the older nephew is the type that wouldn't be sympathetic and would keep beating up on the younger one if he could.

But anyway, thanks guys. I actually had thoughts that MAYBE the older nephew had done something to cause it (manipulative kid this one is).

Also, if you've read this far Is there a reason we only have a handful of plays to choose from? Are they playing on "family" or whatever? Their Dad is the type that likes to win 87-0 and will play on easy to do so. I'll look the next time I'm out there (Tuesday) but was wondering ahead of time if there's something I can look for?

*EDIT* Another instance of it on Reddit:
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