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Old Jul. 23rd, '12, 1:38 pm   #21
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Originally Posted by BleedBlueBlood View Post
No, I never played their NCAA games. But I would if it would be close to NFL 2k5.
Still crazy though.. NFL 2k3 was rated at a 9.1 and this got a 6.8...

as far as the big EA vs 2k debate... I liked both games and thought both games were great... the only problem was I had to choose one and I playing NCAA at the time too.... I thought Madden that year was just a bit better.. I had played 2k games from 2k1 to 2k5...

So I think its ridiculous when people get into the big debate over which game was better.. It comes down to the gamer...

All I do know is that 2k games got worse... after the last football game.. and their support, websites and etc. Turned buggie... So the choice was easy.... We're starting to see that a whole lot in EA's offereings... Especially NCAA... hence the reason I did not go for it...

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Old Jul. 23rd, '12, 1:50 pm   #22
Nico 916 Suave
Sir Gorgeous
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I think a large if not the only reason EA really blew them out of the water was.. Didn't they buy the license to be the only company to make any nfl games.. Thats one way to kill your competition .. I think madden05 was the best madden as well

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Old Aug. 1st, '12, 10:14 pm   #23
Dee Plane, Dee Plane!
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Madden was at its best when it had competition. I'm sure there is a plan set years ahead describing what they'll take out, what they'll decide to include. All so they don't give up too much in one edition. They don't have to after all. It really ticks me off that you can't import players from NCAA to Madden this year, a feature that has been around forever. It makes everything much closer to being authentic. Wonder if they'll have an option to edit the entire draft class, in which case OS or someone else may do it.

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