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Default Week 6 Power Rankings - Toronto Takes The Cake

Week 6 Record: (7-1-0) Season Record: (25-18-5)
I have to be honest, I never saw this coming from Krim and his Leafs. After playing inconsistent hockey throughout the season thus far, Toronto finally put it all together and simply dominated this week en route to a 7 - 1 record. Their overall season record stands at 25 - 18 - 5 (55 pts.), and they now only sit 6 points behind second place Edmonton and 10 points away from first place Florida. If Toronto carries over the momentum from week 6 into the upcoming week 7 we could be looking at very different standings next week.

Offensively, Toronto was off the charts, scoring the most amount of goals in Week 6, with a total of 34 goals and their PP% of 47% was simply unheard of. Krimsonfire sure wasn't shy when it came to making opposing goaltenders look silly as he led all Toronto forwards with 19 points in 6 games while. Ftz chr0nic and NIKDAGREEK23 weren't far behind with their 14 and 12 points respectively. OldTimeHockey provided steady production as well with his 9 points and despite each only playing two games, canadianwhiskey and caseobeerz had a combined 13 points, which sure was a pleasant surprise.

On the back end, Toronto was hands down the dominant team this week, allowing the least amount of goals (20) which was 8 less than Florida. Krim used all sorts of rostered players on the back end and he must have done something right. kabbott50, OSB, and slickeeeslick were a physical force amassing a staggering 71 hits with Kabbott boasting a 94.5 D-Rating. And beyond that there wasn't much of a drop off with FeenixRising23, canadianwhiskey, and caseobeerz all putting up solid defensive numbers with neither of them with a D-Rating lower than 83.0. Whatever recipe Krim used this week is something worth replicating.

Goaltending which consisted of the trio of slickeeeslick (4 gp), Nstj (2 gp), and OSB (2 gp) were definitely a strong point for the Leafs. Nstj and slickeee both posted 1 shutout each and their GAA's and GAA's 5 v. 5 were both the top 2 in the league. We also can't forget about OSB who was 2 - 0 in both of his starts and had a GAA and GAA 5 v. 5 in the third spot right behind his teammates. Looking at the numbers, I just shake my head. If the Leafs continue to get this support from their netminders they can continue to push the teams at the top.

The Leafs had their best week of the season in Week 6 and they seem to be getting hot at exactly the right time. With the other top teams struggling a bit, Toronto made their move and are starting to turn the heat up a bit. If they can replicate this sort of consistent performance as we enter week 7 thing might get awfully crowded atop the standings.

Key Player: Krimsonfire - Forward - 6gp | 13g | 6a | 19pts
Krim was top notch this week, scoring 13 of the Leafs 34 goals this week which equates to 38.2% of all of their goals. He amassed 19 points, 13 of which were goals while winning 55.3% of his draws. During a three game streak of wins versus Florida and Edmonton, Krim was a man possessed, acquiring 11 of his 19 points in those three games. Not surprising, he was named the First Star in all three games; (yes you read that right).

Week 6 Record: (3-3-2) Season Record: (30-13-5)
Florida retains the #2 spot despite quite a challenge by the Jets this week. They had a record of 3 - 3 - 2 which wasn't a week we have come to expect from them yet they still are the overall points leader (65) in the standings, with a record of 30 - 13 - 5. Edmonton (4 points back, 12 games to go) and now the resurgent Leafs (10 points back, 12 games to go) both have a shot at top dog status but despite this down week, Florida will still be a tough rival to overcome.

As a forward unit, kdfsjljklgjfg, Nico 916 Suave, and GetLowBanks carried the load with their combined 34 points which was more than half (57.6%) than the total points from forwards this week. However, that's not to say that the trio of BenchBoss67, TheBossCwC, andMr Mastxr didn't do their part as they had 9, 8, and 8 points respectively to round out the scoring. As a total, the Panthers were second in the league in goals scored with 31 which was only 3 behind torrid Toronto.

KT and his boys (yes, that's a thing now) weren't at their normal best either when it came to personal statistics but as a unit, they did a solid job of only giving up 28 goals which was second to only Toronto. KT and chewbacca1964 led the way in D-Rating and +/- with FluKy and The Riddler3, similar to the team as a whole having a bit of a down week statistically speaking. But as I mentioned earlier despite their slight down tick, it wasn't anything glaring that stood out in their goals allowed.

This goaltending unit of FluKy and BleedBlueBlood has consistently been top notch week in and week out. However, similar to the entire Panther squad in general this week, their statistics were not what we have come to expect. Both had matching GAA's of 3.50, both fell short of the .800 S% mark, and shutouts, which have become a natural occurrence were non existent. This tandem led by BBB has been outstanding all season and this hiccup is not something I expect will stick around too long.

Florida didn't necessarily have a bad week by any means. They have set such a high standard throughout the season that any minor downturn looks worse than it really is. Offensively and defensively they were solid yet it didn't result in the weekly record we have come to expect from Florida. This absolutely won't be a trend for Florida (their roster is just too solid) and as we head down the stretch they are still the team to beat.

Key Player: kdfsjljklgjfg - Forward - 4gp | 7g | 5a | 12pts
Always known as more of a utility player where he does everything well, Letters, on a team loaded with offensive firepower, sure didn't disappoint. He was the top point getter for the Cats with his 12 points in 4 games. Even more impressive, in 3 of his 4 games this week, he was named one of the Three Stars of the game with his best performance being a 3 point night in a 4 - 2 win versus Edmonton when he scored the GWG.

Week 6 Record: (3-3-2) Season Record: (12-30-6)
Winnipeg was so close to jumping up the #2 spot this week but after a comparison of the statistics it wasn't enough to put them above Florida. They put together a 3 - 3 - 2 record handing losses to each of the other three teams and improved their overall season record to 12 - 30 - 6 and 30 points. As the season winds down it's good to see that the Jets are playing consistent hockey and dampering the plans of the remaining playoff teams.

The Jets did continue to have trouble scoring enough on a consistent basis as evidenced by their 21 goals scored, which was 4th in the league. The tandem of Tigers651981 and Rushpac took the reins of the offense and led the charge with their 11 and 9 points respectively. Five other rostered players filled out the gaps on offense with RValliant, Ac09dc, BONGKARMA, silentmiller, and Nutty Grandpa all contributing with a combined 22 points. It was a team effort on offense for the Jets this week and it was much needed.

With the acquisition of Teddy Beavers this unit definitely got a boost and he paid dividends right away, adding 6 points and a very respectable D-Rating of 84.4. ViolentMP was his usual self throwing out hits like there is no tomorrow, and silentmiller even stuck his toe in the defensive waters with 3 games played and a 83.7 D-Rating. On a final note, the Jets did add XBoxJon to their defensive core and while he did struggle with his D-Rating in week 6, his physical game didn't suffer as he handed out 18 hits.

Nutty Grandpa and HABS equally split the puck stopping duties with each of them playing 4 games. Nutty played well posting a GAA of 3.25 which was 4th among goaltenders and a Save % which was second (.803). Unfortunately, HABS was a shell of his usual self and struggled statistically putting up numbers that were consistently outside the top 5. He did get a change of scenery and will be heading to Edmonton, so maybe that will help kickstart things a bit.

Unfortunately, Winnipeg is following that old saying, too little, too late. They have slowly started to play better hockey week in and week out but considering how late we are in the season it won't be enough to make the playoffs. And it's not from a lack of trying from muscley, who has looked to improve his team until the final few weeks. Regardless, I wouldn't take them lightly as we wind down here as I'm sure they would be more than happy to hand out a few more losses.

Key Player: Tigers651981 - Forward - 6gp | 3g | 8a | 11pts
Tigers led all Winnipeg forward this week with 11 points, (3g, 8a) and is having a stellar season with 53 points in 31 games. Looking to rub a little salt in the wounds of his old mates in Edmonton, Tigers saved his best game for them. In that said game, a 5 - 4 Winnipeg victory, he had 3 points, including the GWG and was named the First Star with a 101 Rating. Ouch!

Week 6 Record: (3-5-0) Season Record: (29-16-3)
Similar to Little Bo Peep who lost all of her sheep, the Oilers lost all of their momentum from Week 5 and put up a dud in Week 6. As a result of their weekly 3 - 5 record they plummet from #1 in the rankings last week to #4 this week. On the bright side they still sit in second place, only 4 points behind the first place Panthers with an overall record of 29 - 16 - 3. Things are quickly tightening up and if the Oilers don't make a quick turnaround in the upcoming week, they may find themselves in third.

When it came to putting the puck in the net, we have seen better weeks from the Oilers as they only scored 26 goals which was third in the league. Makakk88 was the top point producer up front this week for the Oil potting 15 points in 6 games, but teammates DesiredCustoms and No Regretzkys weren't far behind with their 14 and 12 points respectively. Rip Winkle who continues punish opponents physically with his 14 hits, and DustyRytStyk rounded out the scoring with their combined 13 points. Not the best week for those two and I'm sure they will be looking to change things in the upcoming week.

If we want to pinpoint a major reason for the Oilers struggles this week it was team defense as a whole. Edmonton was also without the services of F5 Penguin this week and allowed the most goals (35) and had a goal differential of -9, which certainly didn't help their cause. The defensive unit as a whole did not have one player with a D-Rating above 80.3 and only one had a positive +/- rating. DrugMonkeyRX lead the group but even he wasn't up to the standards we have come to expect and beyond that Jai Diggs and XboxJon (now in Winnipeg) were excellent when playing the body (a combined 27 hits) but struggled in other aspects.

LegendOfLayNher and bubbaman115 (now in Winnipeg) split duties in the pipes with each of them playing 4 of the 8 games. And similar to the unit in front of them it was certainly a down week and one I expect they will bounce back from. Both struggled in save % and GAA with neither one cracking the top 5 among goaltenders this week. With DC making the move to acquire HABS by moving Bubba it seems he was looking to shake up the goaltending tandem and maybe get a spark but either way, I expect them to answer the call this week.

Edmonton had one of their worst weeks of the season at one of the worst possible times. They basically struggled in all facets of the game and in all three zones so it's no surprise to see them here in the 4th spot. On the bright side, maybe they have gotten it out of their system and are ready to make a run for that top spot in the standings. They also have the Maple Leafs breathing down their backs so that may light a spark under their collective behinds as well. It should be a fun week.

Key Player: Makakk88 - Forward - 6gp | 9g | 6a | 15pts --- Defense - 1gp | 0g | 1a | 1pts
Makakk has always been one of the top performers here at XBS and this week was evidence of that. He led all Edmonton scorers and was second in the league with his 15 points. Makakk saved his best work for the end of the week when in a 4 - 3 victory over Florida he notched 3 points including the GWG with about a minute remaining in the game. He was also named the First Star of the game with a 101 rating.

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Very well put together. I like it.

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Old Mar. 4th, '18, 7:01 pm   #3
Delicate Butterfly
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Originally Posted by kabbott50 View Post
Very well put together. I like it.
You actually need to read the whole thing.

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Jaromir Jagr
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Solid write ups. Thank you for putting this up every week


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great job man!

amazing breakdowns
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Nico 916 Suave
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good write up man

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Another great job there Krusty! Thank you so much for doing these. You put a great amount of effort into these and it's very much appreciated.

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