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Old Mar. 4th, '18, 12:19 pm   #1
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Toronto, ON
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Default XBS "Who Am I" thread

With so many new guys here, along with the old timers (do I qualify??) and returning vets, I thought that we needed a thread to get to know each other better. The general banter section is flooded with "happy birthday!" threads, why we gotta be boring like that eh?

We're all still around on this site due to the community we have created for ourselves, somehow we always find ourselves coming back. Part of that is community involvement and so I'd like to take a moment to encourage just that. So lets have at it and get down to business, who are you? What's your name? Share a few things about yourself, be as silly or serious as you want to be! Here's a quick guide to start it off. Feel free to include a picture of yourself too.

Where do you live:
Favourite Hockey Team:
2 random fun facts about you (hobbies outside of video games?):

Name: Mike
Age: 28
Where do you live: Toronto
Favourite Hockey Team: Maple Leafs (only the best)
2 random fun facts about you (hobbies outside of video games?):

1) Race cars and motorcycles, anything to do with motorsports is my obsession. My Yamaha R6 is just itching to start up this year, plus my Mini Cooper has new wheels and is ready to shred some autocross time sheets.

2) Played ice hockey since I was 4 years old, played forward all my life. I started playing defense here in the league, and now in real life hockey all I play is defense. I literally learned how to play defense from playing defense in the XBSHL.

Here's me

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Old Mar. 4th, '18, 6:47 pm   #2
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Jan 2018 42

Name: Nicholas
Age: 29
Where do you live: New England
Favourite Hockey Team: Boston Bs
2 random fun facts about you (hobbies outside of video games?):

-I am a chess player. Been playing since I was the chess club captain in high school.

-My job is every kids dream job. ��

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Old Mar. 4th, '18, 6:49 pm   #3
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Jan 2018 42

00481BCE-F0D6-4068-8C31-FE5B9D6C4C5B.jpg A look into the life.

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Old Mar. 5th, '18, 8:57 pm   #4
Mix it with love,babe.
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Jul 2008 2,340

All I gotta say is "holy shit Fluky is 28?!?!?"

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