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Originally Posted by murph View Post
Anyone picking up NBA JAM: ON FIRE EDITION today? They should have just released this version from the get go, but EA had to bone everyone first apparently.

Good thing I picked up the disc version for $23 and sold it for $20
What's the difference between what they released and this version?

NBA Jam was on my radar, but got swept under the rug due to lack of time so I never purchased it originally. What makes this version special that I should consider it murph?

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Originally Posted by OldTimeHockey View Post
What's the difference between what they released and this version?

NBA Jam was on my radar, but got swept under the rug due to lack of time so I never purchased it originally. What makes this version special that I should consider it murph?
The other version was a quick and dirty port from the Wii. Lame "bonus" game modes and lacking multi-player options for a $50 game. This is what they should have released in the first place.


Trey Smith, Creative Director of NBA JAM: On Fire Edition here. Thanks for visiting our site. Very cool things are going to be showing up here first as we get closer and closer to our launch on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this Fall. Lots of questions out there, so to start things off here on our website, how’s about I start with the big one…

What is NBA JAM: On Fire Edition?

Well, we broke off the core 2 on 2 experience from our last version of JAM, no Boss Battles and half court games this go around, and have spent a good part of the last year or so polishing and refining that core 2 on 2 experience in every which way we could. We’ve listened to all of the feedback from JAM Fans, just like YOU, and have done our best to deliver the very best version of NBA JAM to date.

You wanted TAG MODE and TEAM FIRE – DONE!

The ability to control either player on your team at any given time (Tag Mode) really takes the JAM experience to a whole new level. If you thought you had to be quick on your toes before, now you have to think twice as fast when running solo.

You can also catch your entire TEAM on FIRE, blue flames and all, by performing 3 consecutive and uncontested alley-oops which really bolsters the whole Co-op experience. There’s no I in Team Fire…okay there is but you get the point.

You wanted DEEPER GAMEPLAY with more strategy – DONE!

No joke, we’ve made well over 1,000 game play tweaks that you will feel the moment you pick up a controller. JAM has never been smoother and more responsive. Our mantra on the game team was “Make every single frame of game play count.”

When you’re runnin’ solo, we’ve added the ability to “Call for Oop” and “Call for Shove” to your AI teammate. Call for Oop will help you catch on Team Fire and Call for Shove is just like calling for a pick…that shoves. Good times.

Razzles Dazzles, the term coined by Tim Kitrow for fancy moves (who’s back with more hilarious commentary by the way), allow you to express yourself while you’re in the middle of a game. If you’re up by 12 points and want to get under your opponents skin you can unleash a granny shot or maybe you want to break out into “the Dougie”, either way RD’s will add even more fuel to the competitive fire.

You wanted BETTER AI – DONE!

We’ve completely revamped our AI by using REAL AI, the artificial intelligence tech behind the FIGHT NIGHT series. It has allowed us to create a more fluid, more dynamic, and more organic game play experience when playing with and against the CPU. I swear it feels like you’re playing against another human. Especially when they Razzle Dazzle you when they have a lead. And the AI is learning how to beat you every time that you play…more on that later


We’ve made a complete overhaul to how we do all things online. We learned a lot last time out and are doing our best to provide you guys with a place online to game it up with your friends. We’ve got an Online Co-op Campaign in the works (ROAD TRIP) as well as a cool new tournament mode we’re calling ARENA. Whether you want to go Solo, Co-op, or want to take on the world NBA JAM: OFE will be online and ready for you.

But above all…You wanted a better PRICE – DONE!

NBA JAM: On Fire Edition will be $15 on XBLA and PSN this fall and we couldn’t be happier about it. Speaking for the game team, we always set out to make the best game we possibly can in the hopes that as many people get to play it as possible. We know times are tight, so were doing our best to pack in as much stuff as we can before it goes live.

Speaking of which, going to go check in with my guys. We’re in the middle of allocating new stats to all of the players in the game. Which brings me to a quick question I’d love to hear what you guys think if you have a moment…

Should the Mascots have better, worse, or about the same stats as a “Star” NBA Player?

Alright gang, thanks again for stopping by and keep checking in here for the latest and greatest for all things NBA JAM.

Keep on jammin’

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I think I'll download this today. I hope its good.
"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge." - Charles Darwin
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