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Old Dec. 7th, '18, 6:27 pm   #1
Nutty Grandpa
Senior Member
Dec 2015 191
Canton, GA
Default Week 8 Power Rankings - Nothing Fancy

Week 8 Record: (6-1-1) Season Record: (34-22-8)
The best team in week 8 is what the sports page will say, Champs of the West is what another might say, but in the end, this team which in my humble opnion can compete with any team out there, can do nothing more then be like Pittsburgh and enjoy the brief off season. Slickeeeeslick put together a solid team with storng defensive ability, and even after trading at mid season, the team in many ways actually improved defensively or at least statistically they did. The team also had solid offensie with3 way GetLowBanks and Zaunbie leading the way.

Key Player: allthway - Forward - 2gp | 3g | 3a | 6pts --- Defense - 2gp | 1g | 3a | 4pts --- Goalie - 4gp | 1.50gaa | .889%
His 3 way play is what earned him the honor, not only just playing the position but doing well at all three. 4GP 1.5 gaa, .889 save percentage with 2 shutouts, 2 defensive games with 4pts (1g-3a), a+2 and 91.0 defensive rating and forward 2 games with 6 points (3g-3a) +3. Pretty damn impressive.

Week 8 Record: (5-2-1) Season Record: (29-32-3)
Kings of the West, which is almost like an adult spanking his kid in 1 on 1 basketball on a 6 foot goal. Detroit showed they can at least make a run at the finals, but the truth be told, whichever team manages to win the finals should consider that almost as good as the cup, because their ain't no way either Detroit or Toronto is winning the Cup. Enjoy your one week victory and prepare for the off season.

Key Player: Nstj - Goalie - 6gp | 1.50gaa | .889%
Finally had a week we know he is capable of, very NSTJ like numbers 1.50 GAA with a strong .889 save percentage. I know NSTJ considered this season a disappointment personally, but he still has a chance to maybe sway a series.

Week 8 Record: (4-3-1) Season Record: (43-15-6)
By far not their best week by a long shot, but with the 4-3-1 week they were able to maintain the President's trophy and home ice in the playoffs for however long it should last. Personally I think it's about one week, long enough for the Vegans to send them packing. This may have been close to the worst overall week they had, but when you are already clinched, what else do you do?

Key Player: CULP3R - Defense - 7gp | 1g | 5a | 6pts
Good solid week for CULP3R in 7GP he put up 6 point (1g-5a) and a very nice 92.1 defensive rating with a +4.

Week 8 Record: (4-4-0) Season Record: (43-17-4)
This team had a chance to call themselves #1, but somewhere along the way the just couldn't get it done in the regular season. They play for the ultimate title next week against the Chicago Blackhawks, and for the last two weeks I have said this is the team to beat. Hopefully they don't make me look like a blithering idiot for going out on that limb, but I do believe they have the best overall team, and therefore on paper should dominate the playoffs. Good Luck, we are all counting on you.

Key Player: -
I'm giving it to the whole team this last week. They have had contributions from pretty much everyone on the lineup and typically it's one or two guys who stand out week to week, but on this final one, I want to recognize the whole team for their efforts.

Week 8 Record: (2-3-2) Season Record: (22-34-7)
Winning just enough, that's all you can really say. 2 games and 2 ties are probably the difference in staying or going. Now they get a 1 on 1 matchup to call themselves the Western Conference Champions. If they wish to do this, they need to come up with way more offense then what they are putting up now. There are no overtime points in the post season. You have to win them, but just like Detroit, this is a one week ticket, the East is the Beast.

Key Player: BleedBlueBlood - Goalie - 7gp | 2.71gaa | .819%
BleedBlueBlood showing some of the flash we know he is capable of with a 2.71 gaa and .819 save percentage. The fact he gave up so little is why Toronto is in and not out.

Week 8 Record: (2-4-1) Season Record: (20-37-6)
For Nico "the Georgeous" Suave, the season has concluded. The brazen one had hoped for a once in a life time season, unfortunately it didn't end up happening. However, he at least had a chance for it all the last week which is more than some can say. In the end there just wasn't enough "O" to sustain any hope of victory. In my brief stint with Pittsburgh they always were a fun bunch who maybe deserved better results than they got, but every season there is always that one team who has the talent to get there but it just never materializes. Nico should get another chance, I think he could improve on this season.

Key Player: Moarty - Goalie - 7gp | 2.00gaa | .881%
Moarty buddy, I know how you feel, your numbers were very solid and yet the best you could do was 2-4-1. A 2 goals against and .881 save percentage should have gotten you at least .500+, but a very strong showing.

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Old Dec. 7th, '18, 6:32 pm   #2
Recruiting Coordinator
LayNher's Avatar
Mar 2016 434

Good work this season all! Thanks Nutty!

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Old Dec. 7th, '18, 6:52 pm   #3
Mix it with love,babe.
silentmiller's Avatar
Jul 2008 2,308

Great job all season with this Nutty. Appreciated week in and week out. Thanks!

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Old Dec. 7th, '18, 7:37 pm   #4
May 2014 770

Good job all season.

Thanks for the shout out!

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Old Dec. 7th, '18, 8:01 pm   #5
CULP3R's Avatar
Sep 2018 66

"...which is almost like an adult spanking his kid in 1 on 1 basketball on a 6 foot goal."


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Old Dec. 7th, '18, 8:39 pm   #6
Nov 2018 34
Holland, Ohio

Great write-up! Good work all season.

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Old Dec. 7th, '18, 8:45 pm   #7
Nico 916 Suave
Sir Gorgeous
Nico 916 Suave's Avatar
Jul 2011 3,761
Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you Nutty... I appreciate that, man.

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Old Dec. 7th, '18, 9:15 pm   #8
You Can't Do That!
Whiplash444's Avatar
Dec 2012 663
Long Island,New York

Fun stuff,great job again Nutty and all season long

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Old Dec. 7th, '18, 9:28 pm   #9
The Riddler3
Dec 2017 30
Baltimore, MD

"which is almost like an adult spanking his kid in 1 on 1 basketball on a 6 foot goal"

2 things interesting in this statement......1. We went 5-7 against you guys 2. Basketball - Goal = Wrong, Basketball - Hoop = Correct.

I hate having to correct a senior citizen but I will totally hit an elderly man.
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Old Dec. 7th, '18, 10:02 pm   #10
Nutty Grandpa
Senior Member
Dec 2015 191
Canton, GA

Now Riddler, you got the gist of the statement, and yes you were 5-7, but that's because I felt sorry for you.

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