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Old Dec. 3rd, '18, 6:21 pm   #1
Nutty Grandpa
Senior Member
Dec 2015 192
Canton, GA
Default Week 7 Power Rankings - The Final One

Week 7 Record: (6-2-0) Season Record: (39-15-4)
Here they are, 2nd in the East but #1 in my heart, the Las Vegan Golden Knights. This team holds down the #1 spot for two weeks in a row and they are still my Cup favorite so just deal with it. This week they were the leagues top scoring team with 31 goals and they were led by VIBE Beats 22 points (12g-10a) +7, Burnzie79 18 points (9g-9a) +7 and silentmiller 11 points (6g-5a) +5. On the defensive side of the ice, only 1 guy hit my magical 90 defensive rating and that was KASTOR N POLLUX with a 90.3 and 1 assist. Amazingly this team typically has more solid defensive numbers, but they were slightly down this week, hopefully that won't continue or you can't be my Cup favorite. In the pipes both Krimsonfire and HABS split the games and were both as equally effective. Combined they went 2.62 goals against and .796 save percentage. This team needs to continue, I don't like to be wrong, it won't end well for you if you prove me wrong.

VIBE Beats. It's hard to deny the MVP to the guy who led the league in points, and why would I even try. 40 games played (79g-46a) +28. While he wasn't the sole reason the Vegans are winning, he is a big reason the Vegans are winning. Both Burnzie79 and Krimsonfire had extemely sawlid seasons, the sheer number of points swing this one easily.

Key Player: VIBE Beats - Forward - 6gp | 12g | 10a | 22pts
Not hard to figure out this pick, with 12 goals and 10 assists in 6 games, he led the team with a 3.66 points per game average.

Week 7 Record: (6-2-0) Season Record: (41-12-5)
Moving up a spot this week, Chicago brings home a solid effort at 6-2, the same as Vegas, and with 1 week to go, the President's trophy is within their grasp and all that it entails from a playoff standpoint. The offense, led by Thamps with 22 points (11g, 11a) and Sabres19892 with 14 points (7g, 7a) put enough offense on the board for this week that allowed them to maintain their first place advantage. It wasn't the best week for the defensive side giving up 21 goals in the 8 games this week, but still solid productive numbers from CULP3R with his 94.7 defensive rating. Surprisingly in net this week it was IamTheBlade who held the glue together for the team who in 4 appearances had a 1.25 GAA, allowed no power play goals and had a fantastic .904 save percentage with 1 shutout.

My MVP Selection for this team was a very tough choice, I put three people in consideration. Thamps,CULP3R, and LayNher. All three put up solid and convincing numbers for their team. Offensively Thamps put up an incredible 96 point (45g, 51a), CULP3R who on Defense put up 48 points (17g, 31a) with a +37 best on the team and 381 hits. Finally LayNher who put in 40 games in net with a 29-9 record winning 75% of his games, a 2.32 goals against average and an .854 save percentage, all very impressive numbers, but I came down to: CULP3R as my Chicago MVP.

Key Player: DesiredCustoms - Forward - 4gp | 6g | 5a | 11pts --- Defense - 2gp | 1g | 2a | 3pts
DesiredCustoms showed that dual threat performance this week playing 4 games at forward and putting up 6 goals and 5 assists and then by playing 2 games at defense adding another goal and 2 assists on the wee and a 93.0 defensive rating.

Week 7 Record: (4-3-1) Season Record: (30-21-7)
The team finished in the positive on the week, but unfortunately, sometimes your best isn't good enough. They have 67 points on the season, which would have clinched a playoff spot in the West 3 weeks ago. But that's not this teams plight, this team is mired in last in the East. The one thing that kept this team running all year long was it's defense and that was no exception this week. Putting up a mere 14 goals on offense, the fact this team with 4-3-1 speaks to how well the team defense was and has been all season. On offense this week, GetLowBanks and Zaunbie led the way with 11 points ( 6g, 5a) and 7 points (4g, 3a) respectively. on defense the entire unit, all three of them, KT 4 assists +4 94.1 Defensive Rating, allthway 92.2 Defensive Rating and Nutty Grandpa 1 assist +4 and a 100 defeinsive rating. In net, the glue to the team slickeeeslick with a 2.25 gaa, .845 save percentage and a 1.38 gaa even strength. Any other year this team would be ready to bring it in the playoffs, this year, after the coming week, this team will be playing golf or watching basketball, there season will be done.

As for the MVP, the choics came down to GetLowBanks and slickeeeslick. In net slickeeeslick went 16-10-2 on the season with a .858 save percentage and 1.84 goal sgainst, a very impressive number. He played an additional 22 games as a skater and put up 15 points, (4g, 11a). GetLowBanks was the stud of the offense putting up 84 points (37g, 47a) in 50 games with a -2 for the season. For GetLowBanks we have come to expect this and he didn't disappont, but what wasn't expected was slickeeeslick and therefore is in my humble opinion the MVP of the Blues.

Key Player: Nutty Grandpa - Defense - 2gp | 0g | 1a | 1pts
Were there perhaps better players this week, maybe, but the fact I had 2 games at defense, won both and had a 100 defensive rating with 1 assist, I'll take it, seeing as I do nothing but bash myself, time for a reward.

Week 7 Record: (4-4-0) Season Record: (24-31-3)
Playing .500 hockey was good enought for Detroit to maintain it's Western Conference lead going into the final week of the season. Still having and upside down Goal Differential isn't going to carry you far through the playoffs, in the Western Conference. This week te offensive work load was split among 3 players almost equally, ChemicalDpendnt 12 points (8g, 4a), Man Handeled 10 points (5g, 5a) and Makakk88 10 points (5g, 5a). This performance led the team to 23 goals on the week. Defensively, Jai Diggs put up 4 points (4a) in 6 games with a 92.3 defensive rating. Detroit is likely in the Playoffs barring a complete collapse in the final week, but if they don't turn around the goal differential issues, their time in the playoffs will be very short lived.

The three finalist for the Detroit MVP are: ChemicalDpendnt 75 points (48g, 27a), Makakk88 71 points (33g, 38a) and The Riddler3 21 assists with a +12 on defense, 22 games in net with a 10 wins, 11 loses and 1 overtime loss. with a 2.73 GAA and .817 save percentage. All three are worthy individuals and considering what this team lacked was stopping the other team from scoring, and even considering it was his first season at goalie, he did an admirable job.

Key Player: Man Handeled - Forward - 4gp | 5g | 5a | 10pts
Man Handled in 4 games at fowarded put up 5 goals and 5 assists a 2.5 point per game average, tops on the team.

Week 7 Record: (3-5-2) Season Record: (19-33-6)
A team praying for an absolute miracle to make it into the playoffs, and they managed a mere 3-5-2 record. Certainly the 8 points help, but as I type this out, they trail the final playoff spot by 4 points. Time is running out. This week though, the Penguins did something they do rarely this season, the goal differenitial is a mere +1 but considering where they came from, that is a great improvement. Three players pushed the offense to great heights this week, Nico 916 Suave22 points, (8g, 14a), FwamingDwagon12 15 points (7g, 8a) and OldTimeHockey 10 points (6g, 4a) the defense this week was led by fresh1 with 2 assist, a +4 rating and a 92.5 defensive rating and Moarty played 10 solid games with a 2.7 gaa and a .842 save percentage with 2 shutouts. However they need much more of this in the final week, just to hope to sniff the playoffs.

Well trying to figure out who the MVP on the Penguins came down to who has been on the team actually for the full season, and the came down to, Nico 916 Suave (He Had No Choic), BenchBoss67, kabbott50 and BONGKARMA. I do want to mention that they brought in some talent who helped them move forward this season, but ultimately the choice came down to: Nico 916 Suave the man played Forward, Defense and Goalie, sometimes all at once. Still with what he die a very strong season for The Georgeous one, he just didn't get the performance he had hoped for the season, but I love his enthusiasm.

Key Player: Nico 916 Suave - Forward - 8gp | 7g | 13a | 20pts --- Defense - 2gp | 1g | 1a | 2pts
It was hard not to pick The Georgeous one with his outstaning performance at forward of 7 goals and 13 assists for 20 points on the week, add to that 2 games at defense, another goal and an assist and a 100 defensive rating.

Week 7 Record: (3-6-1) Season Record: (21-31-6)
I am truly amazed that the Maple Leafs still own a playoff spot. They have had perhaps the leagues most anemic offense consistently, have been upside down on goal differential most of the season and yet they do just enough to maintain their lead on the Penguins. This week the Leafs were led by DustyRytStyk 10 points (4g, 8a) and the Gentlemanly Rip Winkle 8 points (5g, 3a). On the defensive front both Blaklash 2 assists and a 91.8 defensive rating along with kdfsjljklgjfg 1 assist and a 93 defensive rating led the way. BleedBlueBlood and RAlley8nine2 combined for a 2.25 goals against and an .843 save percentage.

For MVP it comes down to
RAlley8nine2, DustyRytStyk and thebigschnoz each of them of their value. In 39 games RAlley8nine2 posted 59 points (33g-26a) a -8 overall and a team leasing 8 power play goals. DustyRytStyk who posted 59 points in 45 games (24g-35a) -17. Finally thebigschnoz played 34 games with 59 points (33g-26a) and a -13 for the season. I had a very difficult time picking this one, but I settled on DustyRytStyk when all was said and done, he was on the team the entire season, plus he did a solid job of handling the faceoffs for the team.

Key Player: VitaminTSquared - Forward - 5gp | 2g | 5a | 7pts
VitaminTSquared in 5 games chipped in 2 goals and 5 assists 7 points, his 1.4 points per game average was tops on the team this week.

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Old Dec. 3rd, '18, 6:23 pm   #2
Nutty Grandpa
Senior Member
Dec 2015 192
Canton, GA

Sorry for the slight delay in getting these posted, two things happened, one I was trying to figure out the final one and two, some really strong muscle relaxers that put me out Sunday.

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Old Dec. 3rd, '18, 6:37 pm   #3
Senior Member
Sep 2018 115

Great write up, I love these!

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Old Dec. 3rd, '18, 6:42 pm   #4
Delicate Butterfly
DustyRytStyk's Avatar
May 2011 2,389
Long Island, NY

Great write up and thanks for the mention. Also thanks again for taking the time.

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Old Dec. 3rd, '18, 7:06 pm   #5
You Can't Do That!
Whiplash444's Avatar
Dec 2012 665
Long Island,New York

great read Nutty,good job all season with these..

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Old Dec. 3rd, '18, 7:51 pm   #6
Jun 2018 80

Great write up!!

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Old Dec. 3rd, '18, 9:17 pm   #7
fresh1's Avatar
Sep 2018 38
Shelton, Ct

Wow didn’t think I would make one of these lol...

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Old Dec. 3rd, '18, 9:28 pm   #8
Et Non Erunt Decem
muscleyarms83's Avatar
Jun 2010 5,170
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thanks for doing these all season Nutty.
"Ya drive on down to Buffalo to watch the Leafs play, and sure, the gas is cheap, but fuck if they don't even have All Dressed chips in that shithole." - Wayne
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Old Dec. 4th, '18, 10:55 am   #9
Toronto Owner/Captain
BleedBlueBlood's Avatar
Jun 2008 18,434

Great write up Nutty and thanks again. love these!

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Old Dec. 4th, '18, 11:00 am   #10
Recruiting Coordinator
LayNher's Avatar
Mar 2016 439

Phenomenal work!

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