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Old Nov. 11th, '18, 12:00 pm   #1
Nutty Grandpa
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Dec 2015 191
Canton, GA
Default Week 4 Power Rankings - Week 4 - XBOX F&*@*(g S^%*&s

Week 4 Record: (6-0-0) Season Record: (13-15-2)
First off, sorry for the late delivery, I didn't get back into town until late, and I crashed as soon as I got home. That being said, XBOX is late and screws everyone's night, you would think by now they would have figured out how to keep their servers stable... So the surprise team of the week was most definitely the Toronto Maple Leafs. Last week they were definitely trending down as they were dead last in the rankings. One week later they are 6-0 and on top of the world. The most important part of their 6-0 week is that they manhandled the one team who has owned the power rankings the Chicago Blackhawks. Winning 7-6 and 5-1. In the opening game it was thebigschnoz who led the way with a nice Hat Trick and 1 assist for 4 points and the Old Man Rip Winkle who chipped in with a goal and 4 assists, 5 total points. In the nightcap, as if 10 and 10:30 aren't both nightcaps, the Leafs put on an impressive 5-1 thumping of the Blackhawks. The scoring was led by RAlley8nine2 who matched ithebigschnozn the first game by scoring his own Hat Trick and 3 total points and this new player Artificial Intelligence who not only scored the goal, but also assisted in his on goal, pretty damn impressive if you ask me. BleedBlueBlood was impressive in net in the nightcap allowing only 1 tally on 9 shots for the victory.

Power Play 22.2% (3)
Penalty Kill 70.6% (5)
Hits 107 (4)
Penalty Minutes (4)
Goals for 25 (1)
Goals against 14 (1)

Key Player: thebigschnoz - Forward - 3gp | 7g | 5a | 12pts
We saw what TheSchnoz did in game one, but for the week he was most impressive with 7 goals 5 assist for 12 points in 3 games, an incredible 4 point a game average. Ever since his trade from the Pens, TheSchnoz has shown steady improvement week to week

Week 4 Record: (4-2-0) Season Record: (20-7-3)
Finishing with a nice 4-2 weekly record, I was ready to heap a lot of praise on the Vegans and then I saw who their 3 opponents were during the week and I soon realized they didn't really have an impressive win. They played 3 of the bottom 4 on the season. So when you get down to it, this record actually should have been 6-0 also, I'm trying to figure out how in the hell they lost 2. So, since my theme is impressive games, I have to pick one, and that one would be the 10:00 game against Pittsburgh on Thursday night, a 5-0 victory. In this game it was one period that defined the final, and more specifically another Hat Trick by VIBE Beats who put the trick up along with 2 assists for a 5 point evening. KASTOR N POLLUX did his part chipping in with 3 assists, amazingly all three assists were on the hat trick that VIBE Beats scored. In net Krimsonfire shut down the Pens on 10 shots.

Power Play 10.5% (LAST)
Penalty Kill 81.0% (2)
Hits 120 (3)
Penalty Minutes 45 (2)
Goals for 23 (3)
Goals Against 18 (3)

Key Player: VIBE Beats - Forward - 4gp | 12g | 4a | 16pts
It seems like this guy comes up every single week and this week again is no execption. 12 goals and 4 assists, 16 points and a 4 point a game average is impressive once again. He is leading the charge for the Vegans and their march to the Cup. In my opinion he also may be leading many of the MVP votes if he keeps this up.

Week 4 Record: (3-2-1) Season Record: (21-4-5)
It's not that I hate the Blackhawks, it's that I really hate Thamps. I'll get into that much later, but the Blackhawks fell back this week with a 3-2-1 record. Their most impressive victory of the week was the 10:30 Thursday night game against St. Louis, a 4-1 victory. This was another game that came down to 1 period and in this game it was the final period. Chicago entered the third period down 1-0 off of late 1st period goal by GetLowBanks of St. Louis. The second was uneventful and then came the third. Sabres19892 tied it up at 1-1 8:30 into the third and then Thinblue1291 scored two of the next three goals to put the game away with a 2 goal 1 assist 3 point night. OSB and CULP3R played shut down d the remainder of the night, each brining in an assist and D ratings of 96 and 92. LayNher in net stopped a very impressive 17 of 18 shots to hold the Blues in check and a 94.7 save percentage.


Power Play 28.6% (FIRST)
Penalty Kill 68.8% (LAST)
Hits 137 (FIRST)
Penalty Minutes 52 (3)
Goals for 24 (2)
Goals Against 22 (5)

Key Player: Thamps - Forward - 4gp | 6g | 7a | 13pts
Earlier I said I hate this guy, and I only mean it from the stand point of knowing he's on the ice when I'm in the net. On the week he had 13 points 6 goals and 7 assists. In the two games I faced him this week he had 5 goals and 4 assists. 5 goals in the late game. I only remember this because every time there was a break away I knew who it was. When you ask players to please knock the shit out of him, since I was muted they didn't hear it, you learn to hate this guy.

Week 4 Record: (3-3-0) Season Record: (14-12-4)

St. Louis had a perfect .500 week, meaning you didn't suck and you weren't great, you survived. Scoring has still been a bit of an issue and to that end St Louis and Pittsburgh swapped players. Sadly for St Louis, in order to get KT and Muscelyarms83 they had to take nutty. Sometimes to move forward in life you have to take a step back in some places. The game of the week for the Blues was a victory over Chicago on the 10pm Thursday game, a 4 to 3 win. St Louis jumped out to a 2 to 1 first period lead in the first, fell behind 3 to 2 entering the third and then at 16:14 of the third OldTimeHockey (a guy they traded) scored the hat trick to tie it up. it looked to be going into overtime but at 19:05
TheBossCwC snuck in the game winner with assists from GetLowBanks and The_Clusk. allthway in net held together stopping 11 of 14 shots .824 save percentage to help seal the victory for the Blues.

Power Play 22.2% (3)
Penalty Kill 100% (FIRST)
Hits 106 (5)
Penalty Minutes 26 (FIRST)
Goals for 16 (5)
Goals Against 17 (2)

Key Player: Zaunbie - Forward - 4gp | 8g | 1a | 9pts --- Defense - 1gp | 0g | 0a | 0pts
On a team struggling to find offense, Zaunbie was the leader in the clubhouse. With 8 goals and 1 assist 9 points, he averaged 2 points a game in leading the Blues to a 3 victory week.

Week 4 Record: (2-4-0) Season Record: (10-18-2)
GOON TEAM OF THE WEEK (Four Times Undefeated)

Even though Pittsburgh is 5th this week, just with the trade at the end of the week, they may be #1 next week. Adding a little offense and most importantly a goalie. This is another of the situations where the 2 won two games this week over a team they should have beaten, so while not impressive, it is their most impressive win of the week. Game 1 of the Wednesday matchup against Detroit, a 4 to 1 victory. (Sidenote, both games were 4 to 1, I just made a choice) Muscleyarms83 started the game off in the first period to give the Pens a 1-0 first period lead. The lead was gone by 12:39 of the second on a goal by Man Handeled. The game winner fell to muscleyarms83 3 minutes later in the second putting the Pens ahead for good and FwamingDwagon12 put the final two in the net in the third for the final outcome. Did I mention you traded muscleyarms? expensive trade to get rid of nutty, damn...

Power Play 23.8% (2)
Penalty Kill 80.0% (3)
Hits 136 (2)
Penalty Minutes 73 (LAST)
Goals for: 17 (4)
Goals against 21 (4)

Key Player: FwamingDwagon12 - Forward - 2gp | 5g | 2a | 7pts
The newcomer to the team had a good week putting in 5 goals and 2 assist for 7 points, a 3.5 point per game week. He was also instrumental part of both wins for the Pens this week which that alone has to count for something.

Week 4 Record: (0-6-0) Season Record: (12-16-2)
Another rough week for the Redwings, no double digit point players, all defensive ratings under 85. goals agasint average for the team is aorund 3.75 goals per game and a .762 save percentage definately does not help. There are no wins to say great win of the week. This team needs a pump of energy, a dash of offense, basically A WIN.

Power Play 15.8% (5)
Penalty Kill 71.4% (4)
Hits 102 (LAST)
Penalty Minutes 70 (5)
Goals for 13 (LAST)
Goals against 24 (LAST)

Key Player: ChemicalDpendnt - Forward - 4gp | 5g | 2a | 7pts
for a team lacking of offense, he was the goal producer for the week 5 goals and 2 assists.

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Old Nov. 11th, '18, 2:22 pm   #2
Recruiting Coordinator
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Mar 2016 434

Good work. Thank you for doing this.

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Old Nov. 11th, '18, 3:19 pm   #3
Nico 916 Suave
Sir Gorgeous
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Jul 2011 3,761
Pittsburgh, PA

Good work Nutty, thanks for doing these! Goon squad 4 lyfe

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Old Nov. 11th, '18, 5:10 pm   #4
Senior Member
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Sep 2018 112

Thanks nutty, always appreciate it

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Old Nov. 11th, '18, 5:25 pm   #5
You Can't Do That!
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Dec 2012 663
Long Island,New York

Good stuff Nutty, nice read..

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Old Nov. 11th, '18, 8:25 pm   #6
Mix it with love,babe.
silentmiller's Avatar
Jul 2008 2,308

Great stuff Nutty!

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Old Nov. 12th, '18, 6:02 am   #7
Relax, have a drink.
canadianwhiskey's Avatar
Aug 2008 3,461
Ontario, Canada
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Well done again.

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Old Nov. 12th, '18, 7:19 am   #8
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Apr 2018 110
grand bend ontario

good job nutty

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Old Nov. 12th, '18, 10:14 am   #9
Delicate Butterfly
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May 2011 2,385
Long Island, NY

Thanks for taking the time Nutty.

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Old Nov. 12th, '18, 6:16 pm   #10
Apr 2018 59

Mr. Wilson always gives me a little love, nice writeup Jimmy

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