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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 12:20 pm   #1
Sep 2018 42
North Carolina
Default XBS 3 Stars: Week 3 - XBS 3 Stars of Week Three

What's up everyone! Hope everyone had some fun this past week with all of the Halloween festivities. I'm starting to pick up on a theme in this league, which is that there's never a dull moment or week around here. This week was packed with some close games, lots of points and some solid goaltending yet again. So let's get into the three standouts from week three, shall we?

Note: I will be on vacation this coming weekend (9th-12th) so look for week four to be posted on Tuesday!

Chicago Offense
[ Offense | 33 goals for | 138 shots for ] - [ Week Record | 7-2-1 ]

Good ol Chicago..Anything I say about them, everyone already knows. They seem to have the perfect mix of puck luck and some high powered offense. This week, Thinblue1291 and Thamps went on an absolute tear combining for 40 points! Thinblue1291 had 7G -13A - 20Pts through 8GP, while Thamps had 9G - 11A - 20Pts through 6GP. When to of your forwards are putting up 20Pts a week, things should go in your favor, especially when your offense has scored more in week three than they have through the first two weeks of the season. Congrats on taking home 1st Star of the Week!

Pittsburgh Defense
[ Defense | 28 goals against ] - [ Week Record | 4-3-1 ]

Pittsburgh has had a tough couple of weeks, but week three seemed to be where they figured out a few things. Pittsburgh was able to put together a winning record this week, and I think you have to give credit to their defense this week, who combined for 17 points coming from the back end. When you can get that kind of production from your defense, things should start to go your way. Owner Nico 916 Suave made a trade to acquire Skox from Detroit and he came in ready to make an immediate impact with 5Pts through (2G-3A) 4 games played. KT also had himself a nice week as well, putting up 7Pts (0G-7A) through 5 games played. Lastly, BONGKARMA had 5Pts (0G-5A) through 4 games played and also had the second highest D-Rating with a 93.8. If Pittsburgh can continue to get this kind of production from their defense, things should start to look up for this team. Congrats on taking home 2nd Star of the Week!

St. Louis Blues
[ Forward | 4gp | 2g | 2a | 4pts ] --- [ Defense | 2gp | 0g | 0a | 0pts ] --- [ Goalie | 2gp | 1.50gaa | .906% ] - [ Week Record | 5-1-2 ]

You guys may see this and say, "Really? Another St. Louis Blue goalie?!" and my answer is yes. Alltheway may have only played 2 games this week, but any time you can pull out a win in this league, it's huge considering how close these divisions are. Alltheway also put up some impressive numbers in those two games. He stopped 29S, only let up 3GA, had an impressive 1.00 GA 5v5 and a very solid 1.50GAA and had the highest S% with a .906. Although alltheway doesn't tend net often, it's nice to see that the Blues have another goalie they can mix into the rotation along with Slickeeeslick and Moarty. Congrats on taking home 3rd Star of the Week!

That about wraps up your Three Stars of Week Three! As always, thanks for reading!

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 12:48 pm   #2
Nico 916 Suave
Sir Gorgeous
Nico 916 Suave's Avatar
Jul 2011 3,762
Pittsburgh, PA

Congrats guys, and great write up! Thanks for doing these!

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 1:29 pm   #3
Senior Member
Apr 2018 110
grand bend ontario

Good write up, can't argue any of those picks. congrats guys

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 1:54 pm   #4
Recruiting Coordinator
LayNher's Avatar
Mar 2016 439

Good write up. Congrats all!

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 3:08 pm   #5
Jun 2018 80

Congrats gents!!!

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 4:21 pm   #6
It's Leon Time..
Sep 2018 153
Venice, FL

Great write up, always enjoy the reading.

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 4:45 pm   #7
Toronto Owner/Captain
BleedBlueBlood's Avatar
Jun 2008 18,434

Congrats to the winners and thanks again Clusk!

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 5:25 pm   #8
Delicate Butterfly
DustyRytStyk's Avatar
May 2011 2,389
Long Island, NY

Great write up and congrats to the selections. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 6:33 pm   #9
Sep 2018 42
North Carolina

Thanks for the kind words week in and week out guys! Glad everyone enjoys the write up! I enjoy being able to do these for you guys
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Old Nov. 5th, '18, 10:45 am   #10
You Can't Do That!
Whiplash444's Avatar
Dec 2012 665
Long Island,New York

Nice work Clusk,congrats to the picks!

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