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Old Nov. 3rd, '18, 10:49 pm   #1
Nutty Grandpa
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Dec 2015 191
Canton, GA
Default Week 3 Power Rankings - Week 3 Power Rankings

Week 3 Record: (7-2-1) Season Record: (18-2-4)
I don't quite understand how this team can suck so bad on the Penalty Kill and Power Play and yet only lose 3 games. The only obvious answer is obviously offense and two players who both put up 20 points each, Thamps and Thinblue1291. This team gave up more goals in a week then the previous 2, yet they scored more than there previous 2. Not to mention two other forwards managed 13 and 12 points respectively, which quite honestly would lead many other teams in offensive performance. Defensively CULP3R and OSB were a combined +29 and 10 points on the week. Even though this happened to be their worst Goals Allowed all season, it isn't like IamTheBlade and LayNher weren't outstanding in net. Combined they were in the .857 save percentage and roughly a 2.29 GAA average. The only hope is this team has peaked to early and they will eventually stop being so lucky in wins.


Power Play %: 13.3% (5)
Penalty Kill %: 78.8% (6)
Hits: 259 (1) *10 games played
Penalty Minutes: 74 (5)
Goals For: 33 (1)
Goals Against: 23 (2)

Key Player: Thamps - Forward - 6gp | 9g | 11a | 20pts
I had a tough decision on this selection this week, but ultimately looking at the production in 6 games outweighed what an individual did in 8 games. Putting up 20 points in 6 games 9 goals and 11 assists with a +14 is impressive, along with 69 hits, but his 21 penalty minutes does not make him a Lady Byng finalist.

Week 3 Record: (5-2-3) Season Record: (11-9-4)
Up two spots this week, the Blues once again you don't need offense to win games. They were a -2 on Goal Differential on the week, yet they still managed a 5-2-3 week. That's not to say they didn't have any offense as Zaunbie, GetLowBanks, and TheBossCwC did manage 15, 12, and 10 points respectively. Also I did mention last week I like the style of this team it seems to work for them, but I don't ever see them getting into an offensive game where they would come out on top. Defensively fresh1 and The_Clusk led the way with D Ratings of 93.0 and 92.7 respectively. However no defenseman was above even for the week. Moarty continued his fine work in net holding a nice .829 save percentage and 2.75 GAA.

Power Play%: 2.5% (6)
Penalty Kill%: 89.7% (1)
Hits: 144 (5)
Penalty Minutes: 73 (4)
Goals For: 19 (6)
Goals Against: 27 (5)

So the 2.5% Power Play, WTF, is I do believe the worst of the season, but their 89.7 penalty kill more than made up for that lack on special teams. The team actually fell in the other categories, where normally they are the middle of the road, they played more to the bottom of the basement. KYet still they manage a solid week and improved their position overall. However if they continue to not produce on the penatly kill and keep up their negative goal differential, this could spell trouble.

Key Player: GetLowBanks - Forward - 6gp | 6g | 6a | 12pts --- Defense - 2gp | 0g | 1a | 1pts
In a week lacking offense, I decided to give it to the guy who probably helped salvage the week with his 6 goals and 6 assists and +1. Also his faceoff percentage of 59.9% led the team and more importantly 0 penalty minutes on the week. Very, Very Lady Byng like.

Week 3 Record: (4-3-1) Season Record: (8-14-2)
The Penguins did something this season they haven't done all season, they had a winning record. They also had a 0 Goal Differential. Perhaps part of the reclamation of the team was a result of adding 3 new players, Canbanana, FwamingDwagon12, and Skox. Canbanana and FwamingDwagon12 combined for 19 point on 9 goals and 10 assists. Skox in his debut week came in with 2 goals an 3 assists and an 85.8 D Rating. [url=]Nico 916 Suave along with his usual offensive performance of 3 goals and 3 assists in two games at forward, also had 2 wins as goalie maintaining an 86 save percentage and 3.0 Goals Against Average.


Power Play%: 18.5% (3)
Penalty Kill%: 88.1% (4)
Hits: 226 (3) *In 8 games not 10
Penalty Minutes: 115 (6)
Goals For: 28 (2)
Goals Against: 28 (6)

This team still holds the GOON award for the league for the third consecutive week. I mean 115 penalty minutes if over 1/2 of the total hits. The team actually improved on the goals allowed portion but were still the 6th worst overall, but were 2nd in goals scored, which definately helped get this team the wins they needed.

Key Player: kabbott50 - Forward - 3gp | 9g | 2a | 11pts
3 games played and 9 goals is pretty impressive, especially considering kabbott50 has been known more for his defense than offense, but this week he definitely helped his team.

Week 3 Record: (4-4-0) Season Record: (16-5-3)
The second place team in the league suffered a mild setback this week, being able to only manage a 4-4 record this week. While many teams would love a .500 week, this week made the Vegans look almost human. With a -2 goal differential for the week, scoring wasn't necessarily down from prior weeks, but it appears as if the load was singled more on one indiviual instead of the entire team as in weeks past. VIBE Beats led the way with 11 goals and 5 assists in 6 games played, which was 7 points above everyone else and the only player in double digit points. The defensive side of the ice also suffered as only one player, KASTOR N POLLUX had an above 90 defense rating and was one of only two defenseman in positive or even terriority. Between the pipes both HABS and Krimsonfire had good save percentages at .855 and .818 respectively but the GAA was 4.00 and 3.00, which means they had to be facing a lot of chances on the week to keep the save percentage in the .800.

Power Play%: 14.3% (4)
Penalty Kill%: 84.8% (5)
Hits: 145 (4)
Penalty Minutes: 69 (3)
Goals For: 24 (3)
Goals Against: 26 (4)

The only obvious thing that sticks out is again the lack of production on the special teams side. Finishing at 4th and 5th does not aid you in getting wins. With hits and penalty minutes both being in the middle of the pack this week came down to the goals against and lack of offensive production.

Key Player: VIBE Beats - Forward - 6gp | 11g | 5a | 16pts
What more can really be said about VIBE Beats, I believe this is the 2nd and maybe even 3rd time I've mentioned his name in these writeups and he is definately showing to be a strong offensive force in the league. With 11 goals and 5 assists in 6 games, he's right on par with some of the best in the league.

Week 3 Record: (3-3-2) Season Record: (12-10-2)

With their gentlemanly play and control of the penalty box the Red Wings showed you don't have to hit to be loved. In their case, I believe they did everything in their power to avoid contact. Offensively the team was led in scoring by Makakk88 and nachos16 with 13 and 10 points respectively. Defensively they were led by The Riddler3 and Jai Diggs with a D rating of 96.3 and 94.5%. NSTJ perhaps suffered his worst week in some time as he managed a .786 save percentage and 2.5 goals against. The goals against is not that bad, but I've definately seen Nick have a much better save percentage.


Power Play%: 22.6% (1)
Penalty Kill%: 89.7% (1)
Hits: 128 (6)
Penalty Minutes: 61 (2)
Goals For: 22 (5)
Goals Against: 20 (1)

Outside of the offensive production in Goals For, this team did everything right and honestly should have had a better week than 3-3-2. Perhaps we can simply write this one up as a bad week, which every team will have and assume they will be back to form in the coming week.

Key Player: nachos16 - Forward - 4gp | 7g | 3a | 10pts
Putting up 7 goals and 3 assists in 4 games played, nachos16 is another of the rookies in the league who are looking for the recognition to capture that "Rookie of the Year" moniker. It helps even more so that his play got him a +2 on the week and he was the third highest checker for the Lady Byng team with 27.

Week 3 Record: (3-4-1) Season Record: (7-15-2)
The Maple Leafs can be termed the epitomy of dividing up the scoring equally. 2 players scored 7 points each and the reamining 3 scored 4 each. On the defensive side they all put up at least 1 point and a high of 3. However the week was led in scoring by DustyRytStyk who came in with 5 goals and 7 assists for a solid 12 point week. On the defensive side Blaklash came in with a perfect 100 defensive rating in 2 games played there will also chipping in 4 games in net.

Power Play%: 21.4% (2)
Penalty Kill% 89.7% (1)
Hits: 144 (5)
Penalty Minutes: 73 (4)
Goals For: 19 (6)
Goals Against: 27 (5)

The story of this team is quite obvious, not enough goals put in for the week and it even shows moreso when you look at the -8 goal differential To have the best penalty kill and 2nd best power play, that would typically put you in the upper echelon of the league for the week, but the lack of offensive output is a telling story.

Key Player: DustyRytStyk - Forward - 7gp | 5g | 7a | 12pts
As mentioned above was the offensive output for the Maple Leafs. This was his first time during the season to own the point totals for the team. It's a plus that he is putting and getting the offensive production his team needs, He also lead the team in face off percentage at 49.7%

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 12:02 am   #2
Recruiting Coordinator
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Good work. Congrats all.

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 1:22 am   #3
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Aug 2018 67

Since I can't give rep again this week I'll just say nice work.

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 1:46 am   #4
Senior Member
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Good job Nutty!!

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 7:42 am   #5
Sep 2018 42
North Carolina

Nice job as always Nutty!
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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 7:55 am   #6
It's Leon Time..
Sep 2018 151
Venice, FL

Good read!

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 8:06 am   #7
Pack it up
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Jul 2008 7,214
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Great job on these nutty
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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 8:37 am   #8
Senior Member
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Sep 2018 115

Thank you nutty, congrats to everyone

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 9:15 am   #9
Just Joe
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May 2011 1,262

Great job Nutty, I like the awards of the week

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Old Nov. 4th, '18, 9:25 am   #10
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Sep 2018 115

Cool read!

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