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Old Feb. 9th, '18, 2:50 pm   #1
Delicate Butterfly
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XBS Lineups, Lateness & No Shows

Lineups, Lateness & No Shows

Hey guys,

We certainly hate having to post these kind of reminders but it has become a little bit of an issue and we are only in the third week. In the past, we as a league have been way too lax with the enforcement of these rules and unfortunately we need to change that approach. As is posted in the Lineups section of the rulebook:

  • Lineups
    • Regular Season
      • All teams must have an alternate listed for every game. And it must be an alternate that is indeed available to play on an emergency basis. If an alternate is indeed needed he should be contacted no later than 10:05, listed for the game and play. Game start should then occur around 10:10. The no show will be reported, even if the player finally shows up (but late).
    • Playoffs
      • All teams must field a lineup of 6 players and have an alternate able and ready to play for each game. If by 10:25 (10:00 start time) a team still cannot ice a team of 6 players it will be a forfeit. The same will be applied for a 10:30 start time, with the time cutoff for a forfeit being 10:55.

Secondly, in the No Shows/Unexcused Absences section it states this:

No Shows/Unexcused Absences
A no show or unexcused absence is defined as a player not showing up for a scheduled league game, without providing any sort of notice to his team. Also, if a player signs up to play in a particular game and is in the lineup, but decides to play in another league, and does not show up for their game at XBS, that will not be tolerated. That said player will be given a warning and if the same situation occurs a second time it will be subject to league removal.
  • A notice at gametime (10:00) does not count as a notice.
  • If someone shows up repetitively at 10:05 instead of 10:00, a 1st offense warning can also be issued (reviewed case by case).

Owners are required to list an alternate for each game but in the case when a no show actually occurs, the following rules are now effective immediately:
  • If a player is a no show without any notification, they will receive a warning for their first offense.
  • If a player has 2 no shows in a span of 3 weeks, that player will be suspended 1 game.
  • If the player accumulates 3 total no shows, consecutive or not, that player will be suspended 3 games.
  • Anything over 3, the player will be immediately waived and suspended for the remainder of the season.
Note: Owners are required to report no shows/unexcused absences in a thread in the owners box.

Remember, a no show not only puts the owner in a tough spot, but also inconveniences 11 other people waiting to play the game. Please just be respectful to everyone else and show up for your games on time.


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Old Feb. 9th, '18, 2:52 pm   #2
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Jun 2008 2,234
Toronto, Canada
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Read and understood

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Old Feb. 9th, '18, 3:16 pm   #3
Pack it up
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Im taking bets Habs will be the first to make the list LOL
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Old Feb. 9th, '18, 3:26 pm   #4
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Jun 2008 2,339
Toronto, ON
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Read and understood

Thank god, now I can play in peace without distractions... Only the Florida boys will know what I mean LOL
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Old Feb. 9th, '18, 3:46 pm   #5
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Austin, TX
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Read and Understood

Mr. Utility
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Old Feb. 9th, '18, 4:26 pm   #6
Mix it with love,babe.
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Got it.

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Old Feb. 9th, '18, 4:42 pm   #7
Recruiting Coordinator
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Mar 2016 439

Thank you! Read and understood!

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Old Feb. 9th, '18, 5:44 pm   #8
Et Non Erunt Decem
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"Ya drive on down to Buffalo to watch the Leafs play, and sure, the gas is cheap, but fuck if they don't even have All Dressed chips in that shithole." - Wayne
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Old Feb. 9th, '18, 6:27 pm   #9
Ftz chr0nic
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Old Feb. 9th, '18, 7:22 pm   #10
aka: RickJamezl3ish
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