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Old Nov. 19th, '18, 1:15 pm   #1
Nutty Grandpa
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Dec 2015 191
Canton, GA
Default Week 5 Power Rankings - Week 5 Power Rankings - Week of the Utility Player

Week 5 Record: (7-2-1) Season Record: (29-9-4)
The Vegans, a team on the rise, from 2 to 1 this week and sitting a top the league in points, finally relieving Chicago of both. Chicago is the clear number 1 team for offense, but right behind them is the Las Vegas with VIBE Beats, Krimsonfire, and Burnzie79 all netting double digit points week with 17, 14 and 10 respectively Additionally their center tandem of VIBE Beats and Burnzie79 managed a 50.4 and 65.2 face off percentage. Defensively they were led by KASTOR N POLLUX, nosice, and FeenixRising23 with defensive ratings of 95.3, 91.5 and 91.0. In net Krimsonfire and HABS combined for a 2.21 GAA and .864 save percentage.


Power Play: 28.1% (FIRST)
Penalty Kill: 78.3% (5)
Hits: 152 (5)
Penalty Minutes: 49 (2)
Goals for: 30 (2)
Goals against: 20 (FIRST)

Best Win: Chicago 2-1 Sunday 10:00
Worst Loss: St. Louis 2-0 Thursday 10:30
Longest Winning Streak: 5
Longest Losing Streak: 1

Vegans enter the week on a 1 game losing streak. Biggest keys to success, Number 1 power play unit, number 1 in goals against and number 2 in least penalty minutes. That is the formula to success. The Vegans and the Blackhawks will fight it out these next few weeks to see who will reign supreme for the regular season Presidents Trophy.

Key Player: Krimsonfire - Forward - 4gp | 11g | 3a | 14pts --- Goalie - 4gp | 1.75gaa | .900%
Krimsonfire continued his outstanding work in net as he has most of the season, playing 4 games and posting a 1.75 goals against and .900, with a 1.00 goals against 5v5. He then managed to skate another 4 games at forward putting in 11 goals and 3 assist for 14 points in 4 games a 3.5 point per game average. The Vegans are getting all they can from this wily veteran.

Week 5 Record: (7-3-0) Season Record: (28-9-5)
Chicago had I guess would could be a "bounce-back" week after falling all the way to.... gasp.... #3... How that fall must have hurt, spending the previous 4 weeks at number 1, they are suddenly thrust into the slums at #3. It's just rumor, but I heard that they spent extra time practicing to insure that it didn't happen again, and they almost had the #1, almost. A solid week for the team going 7-3-0 with some outstanding offensive and defensive performances, Offensively Thamps, DesiredCustoms, and baultista all having double digit points. Defensively CULP3R and OSB handled the majority of the defensive load coming in with a 89.3 and 88.0 defensive rating. CULP3R also pitched in with 4 goals and 6 assists for 10 points, a point a game average. So that is 4 players in double digit points.

Power Play: 22.7% (2)
Penalty Kill: 90.0% (2)
Hits: 222 (2)
Penalty Minutes: 92 (4)
Goals For: 32 (FIRST)
Goals Against: 27 (4)

Best Win: vs Vegas 3-2 on Sunday 10:30
Worst Defeat: vs Toronto 3-0 on Thursday 10:30
Longest Win Streak: 6 games
Longest Losing Streak 1 game

Start the week on a 1 game losing streak. Offense was definitely the word of the day for the Blackhawks as their #1 scoring offense allowed them to pull off their great week, in addition they had the #2 Penalty Kill and Power Play on the week which was a deadly combination, and along with their 2nd rank in hits, the penalty kill allowed them to cover for their mistakes.

Key Player: baultista - Forward - 4gp | 7g | 4a | 11pts --- Defense - 2gp | 0g | 0a | 0pts
Had a very strong week for the Blackhawks in only 4 games he posted 9 points and 1 assist and a nice 2.75 points per game. He posted 2 games at defense going with a -1 and 90.5 defensive rating. Not a bad week for the newcomer to assist the Blackhawks with their 7-3 week.

Week 5 Record: (5-4-1) Season Record: (21-16-5)
St Louis had their first full week with the new players from the week 4 trade, they added KT, muscleyarms83, and Nutty Grandpa. Two of the three defenseman so basically almost an entirely new back line. This week the team went 5-4-1 which wasn't bad at all considering the changes. The offense was led in scoring by GetLowBanks and allthway who contributed 15 and 11 points respectively, the newly acquired KT led the defense in scoring with 1 goal and 7 assists for 8 total points and a defensive rating of 92.1 while The_Clusk contibuted with 3 assists and a 94 defensive rating. slickeeeslick manned the pipes for the full weeks load with a very impressive 1.90 goals against and .864 save percentage.


Power Play: 14.7% (LAST)
Penalty Kill: 95.8% (FIRST)
Hits; 188 (3)
Penalty Minutes 48 (FIRST)
Goals for: 22 (4)
Goals Against: 22 (2)

Best Win: Las Vegan 2-0 on Thursday at 10:30
Worst Loss: Pittsburgh both the 10 and 10:30 games on Monday
Longest win Streak; 2
Longest Losing Streak: 2

St Louis starts out the new week on a 1 game winning steak, is that really a streak? This team led the league in Penalty Kill, and Penalty Minutes which was the biggest reason for this team success. The one thing I've notice is that the first game tends to always be the worst of the two games, in fact have been outscored 7-5 in the 10pm games while outscoring it's opponents 18-12 in the 10:30 games. If they can ever solve the game 1 woes, this team "might" get back into the playoff race.

Key Player: KT - Defense - 9gp | 1g | 7a | 8pts
The only player this week as a key player who did not play multiple rolls, all that KT did was play defense 9 games played chipping in 1 goal and 7 assists 8 points and an outstanding 92.1 defensive rating for the blues. He did all this while paired with me for 5 games, which really tells you all you need to know.

Week 5 Record: (4-5-1) Season Record: (17-22-3)

Toronto took a bit of a dip after coming in first last week the drop to fourth with a 4-5-1 record, a mere loss difference to get the 3rd spot. This team on the offensive side was led by RAlley8nine2 and thebigschnoz with 14 and 10 points respectively. thebigschnoz continues his fine performance since his trade from Pittsburgh and continues to help Toronto in trying to make the playoffs. Defensively the Leafs on defense were led by kdfsjljklgjfg, Blaklash and duffman1183 with impressive defensive ratings of 96.3, 97.5 and 92.8. The back-end was manned by RAlley8nine2 and Blaklash who combined for a 1.75 GAA and .859 save percentage on the week.


Power Play: 14.7% (LAST)
Penalty Kill: 78.8% (4)
Hits: 132 (LAST)
Penalty Minutes: 73 (3)
Goals for: 21 (Last)
Goals Against: 22 (2)

Best Win: None
Worst Loss; St Louis 5-2 Tuesday 10:30
Longest Winning Streak: 2
Longest Losing Streak: 4

Toronto enters the week on a two game losing streak. You might ask why no Best Win when they won 4 games. All 4 games were against the Penguins, this team had no wins against a better team. As with many team, offense seems to be the problem while defense seems to be holding its on. The only difference between Toronto and the rest of the league, is they finished death last in Goals for. This team needs to find goals and wins outside of Pittsburgh.

Key Player: RAlley8nine2 - Forward - 6gp | 9g | 5a | 14pts --- Goalie - 2gp | 1.00gaa | .882%
Playing forward for 6 games, RAlley8nine2 led the team in scoring with 9 goals and 5 assist 14 points in 6 games. Additionally he played 2 games in net allowing only a 1 goal per game average and an .882 save percentage, while only giving up .50 Goals Against Average on 5 v 5 play. Another Rookie who is showing his skills to the rest of the league. Outstanding work.

Week 5 Record: (4-6-0) Season Record: (18-22-2)
Last week I gave the Red Wings a hard time, didn't even bother doing a decent write-up on a team that produced zero wins in the short week. This week they fought back with a 4-6 record and while their offense is still stifled, they did some other things well to help get the team back on track through this week. On offense the team was led by Makakk88 and ChemicalDpendnt with 13 and 10 points respectively. Defensively they aren't producing many points, but they are producing strong defense as The Riddler3, Jai Diggs, and Man Handeled all game in with defensive ratings of 91.3, 90.5 and 90. In the net Nstj held strong in 6 games with a solid 3.17 goals against average and .810 save percentage.


Power Play: 18.5% (4)
Penalty Kill: 66.7% (LAST)
Hits: 184 (4)
Penalty Minutes: 97 (5)
Goals For: 22 (4)
Goals Against: 31 (5)

Best Win: St. Louis (twice) both 1-0 Sunday and Wednesday 10:00pm game
Worst Loss: No Bad Losses this week
Longest Winning Streak: 2 games
Longest Losing Streak: 5 losses

Detroit starts the week off on a nice 2 game winning streak. Honestly getting 4 wins this week with the leagues worst Penalty Kill should be praised and add to that the fourth lowest scoring offense. Winning two games 1-0 helps but still this team needs some offensive punch if they are going to make a serious run in the playoffs, and now they have to find it from within since the trade deadline has come and gone.

Key Player: ChemicalDpendnt - Forward - 4gp | 9g | 1a | 10pts --- Defense - 4gp | 0g | 2a | 2pts
Another player who served a multi purpose roll on his team this week going 4 games at forward and posting 9 goals and 1 assist and 4 games at Defense adding 2 more assist and a 92.0 defensive rating and overall an even plus/minus for the team.

Week 5 Record: (3-6-1) Season Record: (13-26-3)

From the offensive side of the ice, Canbanana and FwamingDwagon12 were the big point producers for the week scoring 18 and 10 points respectively. on defense Skox, fresh1, and BONGKARMA had solid defensive rating numbers at 91.9, 96.5 and 89.5. The issue with this team is two fold, first off I like these guys, I played with them for 4 weeks and they are a really great bunch of guys, who have fun during the games, but until they can go from the GOON TEAM OF THE WEEK to the LADY BYNG Team, they aren't going to have any success in the win loss column. Putting your team at a constant disadvantage is going to kill your team. If they can just tone down the hits and the penalties, light the lamp a little more, they can still right the ship and try to get into the playoffs. They play in the West, if anyone has a shot in that division they certainly do as no one is really running and hiding.


Power Play: 22.6% (3)
Penalty Kill: 83.3% (3)
Hits: 253 (FIRST)
Penalty Minutes 129 (LAST)
Goals For: 26 (3)
Goals Against: 34 (LAST)

Best Win: St Louis 5-4 in OT
Worst Loss: When your dead last in the Power Rankings, aren't they all your worst loss.
Longest Winning Streak: 2
Longest Losing Streak: 3

Pittsburgh enters the new week on a 2 game losing streak. If you take out the sweep against St. Louis, and god I wish I could, this team one 1 game. When you are last in Goals Against, and Penalty Minutes, that alone should tell you the issue as I stated above. You can't continually put your team at a disadvantage and get away with it. To get this team on track, you guys are going to have to play a little more gentlemanly or in this case Lady Byng like.

Key Player: FwamingDwagon12 - Forward - 5gp | 6g | 4a | 10pts --- Goalie - 4gp | 2.75gaa | .841%
Playing 5 games at forward, Fwaning was able to put up 6 goals and 4 assists for the Penguins, but probably more impressive than that was his work in net playing 4 games and posting a 2.75 GAA and a 1.75 GAA even strength with an .841 save percentage.

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Old Nov. 19th, '18, 1:16 pm   #2
Et Non Erunt Decem
muscleyarms83's Avatar
Jun 2010 5,170
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Nice writeup, Nutty.

Something about that Pens team.... they trade me and suddenly I don't take 11 PIMs a game anymote.
"Ya drive on down to Buffalo to watch the Leafs play, and sure, the gas is cheap, but fuck if they don't even have All Dressed chips in that shithole." - Wayne
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Old Nov. 19th, '18, 1:38 pm   #3
Delicate Butterfly
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May 2011 2,385
Long Island, NY

Great write up Nutty. Love the format and they are getting better and better.

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Old Nov. 19th, '18, 2:42 pm   #4
Sep 2018 42
North Carolina

Great write up man!
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Old Nov. 19th, '18, 2:44 pm   #5
Nico 916 Suave
Sir Gorgeous
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Jul 2011 3,761
Pittsburgh, PA

Originally Posted by muscleyarms83 View Post
Nice writeup, Nutty.

Something about that Pens team.... they trade me and suddenly I don't take 11 PIMs a game anymote.
Great write up nutty! hit the nail on the head

Hahah... We're cursed

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Old Nov. 19th, '18, 4:04 pm   #6
Mix it with love,babe.
silentmiller's Avatar
Jul 2008 2,308

Awesome job Nutty!!! Thanks for doing such a great job with this every week. Mucho appreciation granted!

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Old Nov. 19th, '18, 5:22 pm   #7
Toronto Owner/Captain
BleedBlueBlood's Avatar
Jun 2008 18,424

Awesome job and great read. Thanks Nutty!

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Old Nov. 19th, '18, 5:55 pm   #8
You Can't Do That!
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Dec 2012 663
Long Island,New York

Great read,Good stuff Nutty

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Old Nov. 20th, '18, 7:51 am   #9
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grand bend ontario

nice write up, thanks for doing such a great job.

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Old Nov. 20th, '18, 8:08 am   #10
OSB's Avatar
Jun 2008 13,784

I don't always get a chance to read these (work blocks all gaming related websites), but wanted to thank you Nutty for the detailed breakdown. I love the inclusion of numbers/stats in the analysis, and really enjoyed reading this one. Thank you for taking the time to put this together!

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