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Old Nov. 9th, '18, 4:29 pm   #1
Delicate Butterfly
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XBS XBSHL Season 23 Trade Tracker

Welcome to the official Trade Tracker of the XBSHL.
Visit here to read about trades that have occurred in the league.

Note: Most recent trades are listed first

Trade #1:
Transaction Date: November 9th, 2018, 2:00 pm

To fresh1 ($2.0 million), Moarty ($3.0 million), & OldTimeHockey ($8.0 million)
To KT ($10.0 million), muscleyarms83 ($2.0 million), Nutty Grandpa ($6.0 million) & $3.0 million

Edge: St. Louis

Quick Analysis:

This trade was real close to being a toss up to me but I ultimately gave the edge to St. Louis because of the acquisition of KT. Obviously both teams addressed different needs in the trade but whenever a team adds a player of KT's caliber to their blue line I take notice. Pittsburgh addressed various needs with this trade including some scoring punch with OTH and a real solid netminder in rookie Moarty. And another rookie, Fresh1 will also provide some flexibility as he has played both defense and on the wing this season.

By acquiring KT the Blues have made a huge upgrade on their back end. With the Blues already giving up the least amount of goals this season, I would imagine KT was acquired to help offensively from the blue line as their 62 goals for are last in the league. Nutty and muscley are both great locker room guys and solid utility players that can fill multiple needs for the Blues.

With their struggle to score goals, one might be surprised to see OTH leaving the Blues. However, OTH hasn't been scoring at the pace we have become accustomed to so maybe a change of scenery is just what he needs to get his scoring touch back.

Either way, it's obvious both teams were looking to light a spark on their teams and for different reasons. As the season progresses we will find out who actually won out on this trade. Good luck to all the players on their new teams.

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Old Nov. 9th, '18, 7:11 pm   #2
Nico 916 Suave
Sir Gorgeous
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Nice! Great analysis

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Old Nov. 9th, '18, 8:07 pm   #3
The Garbage Man
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Hey now. Rumor has it OTH had a hat trick last night.

Great writeup. Thanks for taking the time to do these analysises.

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Old Nov. 10th, '18, 7:27 am   #4
Recruiting Coordinator
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Good work.

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