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Old Apr. 12th, '19, 4:57 pm   #1
Arizona Coyotes Owner
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Syracuse, NY
Default Personalized Nameplates for Recaps

This season I’m looking to make improvements to graphics I build. Part of the reason is because I'm always looking at ways to make it look as professional as possible, but also - why the hell not? The first item I'm looking to work on is the Name Frame for those folks who make it on the Weekly Recap videos. The Name Frame, as it was last season, consisted of just the players name in the bottom right corner. This does the job, but I'd like to get a different feel and a more personal approach to this. Here's about three-quarters of what I'm trying to put together (minus the stupid YOUR IMAGE IS TOO BIG info LOL):

As you can see above, this frame is built with four (4) different personalizations: your name, your team name, your team logo, and finally that blank spot on the left. The blank spot is where I'm hoping to really make this original to the player represented; this will be where your in-game character headshot will appear.

In order to make this work I need help from all of you. This isn't a crazy time-consuming process and, to be honest, can be adjust to your player's personality. It just takes a little time from you. Outline below is ways you can provide me this headshot and some of the things I'm looking for when I add these in for EVERY SINGLE PLAYER (yes, it's going to be pretty tedious, but super cool). Once I have created this for everyone, it'll be very easy to use each week moving through the season.


  • What I'm really looking for here is snapshot of your character on the ice, so really any size will do; however what I would prefer is a large enough picture to see your entire player. This is so we can really consider your teams jersey and logo to really make it pop. What I will be doing is taking your photo and cropping it myself to the size of the boxes, so nothing else extra from you.
  • I would also PREFER it to be a home jersey of your team. This is just to keep consistency and, in my opinion, player snapshots should be built off your best jerseys. It's not a requirement, but certainly warranted.
  • Finally - There is no stipulation on the pose or expression being made. The only things I won't use is glitched helmet photos, or something like that. Otherwise - send me whatever you want!

  • Simply take a snapshot of your character on the lobby screen with you team. This is the probably the most common way to do it and will only take you less than a minute to complete.
  • At any point after the game you can view a replay and rewind or fast forward to a point of your choosing. Once there, just do an Xbox snapshot and that's it. Generally the first time you get in there to look you probably won't spend more than one minute finding a pose or style you want - more time if you're like me and trying for that perfect shot. Think of it as doing it the same way you would getting stats - just would require you to jump into the instant replay section after the game has concluded.

**The one thing I do ask is not to take photos of your screen with your phone. The quality won't be great enough to use. If you need someone help show you how to do it through Xbox, please let me know and I'll be glad to help**

  • Use the auto upload feature on Xbox, you can simply take the snapshot and within minutes your photo will be uploaded to Xbox DVR. You can then let me know directly through Xbox messages or Discord that you have one and I can go grab it.
  • Using the same method above, you can also send me the direct snap via the link on Xbox DVR or by direct message on Discord if you have the image saved locally to your computer or phone.

  • The best time for me to run through all of these would be during the first week of preseason after the draft, whenever everyone has an assigned team. Otherwise, anytime the first week before Saturday

  • Since I am an owner I'm finding it much easier for the owners to take charge and do a quick 5-min snapshot session after you have a game with your team. For instance, once teams are drafted I will be playing games with my guys and in each game I will go into the replay after the game and run through to snap all 6 guys on the ice. I will also do the same the next game when there are new guys in the lineup until my team is set. If owners do it this way, this should take no more than 3 days to complete, and a total of 15 minutes. Of course I do recommend everyone take photos themselves as well since I'd rather have more than not enough come time for the first recap video.

Thanks for taking a look and I hope you can jump in with me and help get this project complete before we kick off the first week of Season 25. Any questions or concerns let me know - I'll be here to help. Thanks again!

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Old Apr. 12th, '19, 5:34 pm   #2
Mr. Headstand
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Sep 2018 82

Great idea! I'm hoping to get you one of me doing the headstand lol...

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Old Apr. 12th, '19, 6:42 pm   #3
Junior Member
Dec 2018 20

Great idea Mentis! Can't wait to see the finished products

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Old Apr. 13th, '19, 3:25 pm   #4
Admin & Toronto Owner
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Jun 2008 18,515

This is fantastic Mentis, great job!

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Old Apr. 13th, '19, 10:06 pm   #5
Arizona Coyotes Owner
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Jan 2019 84
Syracuse, NY

Heres an example of what I had in mind.

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Old Apr. 14th, '19, 5:43 pm   #6
The Elite
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Kenneeeeehhhh Oooomeeeeeegggaaaa
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Old Apr. 17th, '19, 12:54 pm   #7
Willing Teal
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Dec 2018 51

Wow Mentis. A lot of love went into this.


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