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Old Apr. 14th, '19, 5:54 pm   #1
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XBS Season 25 Draft

XBSHL Season 25 Draft

Hello Fellow XBS Members,

Well, the time has finally come. The most exciting time of the season is right around the corner and we all cannot wait to get the draft and Season 25 underway. 25 Seasons is just an incredible accomplishment and it just goes to show how our community and league continues to grow stronger season after season. So thank you to everyone (old and new) that have been a part of it. With that being said, we want to provide a few details concerning the draft and accompanying draft show. The draft will start at 9:00 pm on Monday night so please make sure to follow along.

  • Snake draft format.
    • 1 - 12, 12 - 1, 1 - 12, etc.
    • Round 7 will be a reset round to ensure that Montreal gets final pick.
  • Players salary based on round taken.
    • 1st round: $10 million
    • 2nd round: $9 million
    • 3rd round: $8 million
    • Pattern continues until 9th round where player values are $1 million
    • All owners salaries are equal to $5 million
  • All players will be drafted.

Draft Show:
The show will start at 8:45 and myself, Krimsonfire, and fan favorite Kabbott will provide the community with some details of how the draft works inside the draft room, discuss some of the mock drafts, and make some predictions for the draft.

When the draft starts, we will be watching the picks at the podium, and commenting on each, while also monitoring what comments the community is making during the draft in the chat, providing feedback when we can. Please also stay tuned after the draft as we will be having one or two of our owners join us to give us some post draft analysis about what they were thinking going into the draft and how they feel about the final rosters.

To listen to the draft simply click on the Watch Here! button provided on the Season 25 Draft banner (Not active yet). Those of you who cannot listen to the live draft will able to listen at your convenience because it will be archived. Also, we encourage our members to get some banter going in the chat area of the draft. Remember, it starts at 8:45 so get prepared for one of the best nights of the season. Good luck to all owners!


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Old Apr. 14th, '19, 6:17 pm   #2
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Jan 2019 27
Syracuse, NY

Fan Favorite Kabbott....Classic Dusty haha

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Old Apr. 14th, '19, 6:28 pm   #3
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Dec 2018 61

So excited

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Old Apr. 14th, '19, 7:38 pm   #4
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Originally Posted by ImpartingRook View Post
Fan Favorite Kabbott....Classic Dusty haha
This show is going to be priceless.

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Old Apr. 14th, '19, 7:42 pm   #5
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Aug 2018 70

Originally Posted by ImpartingRook View Post
Fan Favorite Kabbott....Classic Dusty haha

His fan is going to be so excited to hear him

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