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Old Feb. 19th, '16, 10:49 am   #31
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Oct 2008 2,381
West Chester, PA
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Defiantly a cool game played the 1st beta.
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Old Feb. 19th, '16, 12:45 pm   #32
Delicate Butterfly
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May 2011 2,388
Long Island, NY

Yea while the beta was fun, it's not a game I will be buying. I have never been a fan of shooters and now I know why. I just get very bored with them very quickly. Just too much repetition for me.

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Old Feb. 19th, '16, 1:13 pm   #33
Toronto Owner/Captain
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Jun 2008 18,430

Yeah the more I think about this game today, I'm less likely to even play the beta again. I'd rather spend my gaming time this weekend in NBA or Rainbow Six or Star Wars.

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Old Feb. 20th, '16, 6:28 am   #34
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Jul 2008 2,747
Fontanafredda, Italy
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I played it for about an hour. I have been hyped for this game for a long time and honestly I was not that impressed. Maybe it was because I was playing by myself but I felt bored with it very fast. It just seemed pretty redundant. Maybe I will try again with an actual squad and see if I like it more.
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Old Feb. 20th, '16, 9:10 am   #35
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Jun 2008 2,662
Vidor, Texas
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I am not a big fan. I think what irritated me the most was that I literally shot dudes in the head and then had to shoot them a dozen more times before they died. Reloading your weapon seems to take way too long as well. It seemed rather boring but might be more fun with others.

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Old Feb. 20th, '16, 9:49 am   #36
Dee Plane, Dee Plane!
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Jun 2008 4,268
Tampa, FL
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I played the alpha and the closed beta and I was underwhelmed. The one time I found others to play with it was fun. Just way too hard to find people to play it with. Incredibly boring when going it alone.

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Old Feb. 20th, '16, 11:47 am   #37
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Jul 2008 1,991
Austin, TX
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I have mixed feelings on it.

Going in, I had a real "boom or bust" attitude on it. With games that feature a LOT of player interaction (the dark zones, in this game), you can never really know how it'll play out until you experience it, because it can be hard to predict exactly how people will act and react to these things.

Within the way that they set up the loot system and equipment like an MMO, I think they did about as well as could be expected with the gun-play. It can break the realism a bit to pop guys in the head without them going down, but it kinda has to be that way; what's the point in saving up for a new gun at higher levels when a level 1 gun is still a one-shot headshot? Ultimately, if this is something that irks people, then you have to blame them more for the setting of their MMO, than the decision to make the mechanics work like that; it's really the only way it CAN work.

As far as how the things that they can help go, the reloads do seem to take too long, and I have mixed feelings about how heavy the recoil is. Could be worse, could be better. It also bugs me how much looking through a scope just kills aim sensitivity. On the default sensitivity, anybody moving at a light walk is going to outpace your aim. That's a bit of a ridiculous discrepancy.

The dark zones should be where this game shines, and becomes more than just grinding repeated quests to get a higher level and better loot; where there's the tense-ness of not being sure who you can trust, always on the lookout for someone to go rogue, and manhunting those that do go rogue.

The most fun I've had in the game so far was indeed in a dark-zone, when me and my squad went rogue, killed a few guys and took their loot, then dashed into the subway and lost them in the tunnels. Moments like that are fantastic. But only a day or two in, it's already becoming a lot less tense, and a lot more "eh, you guys feel like killing this guy?". It's stagnating for me. Now, there IS a lot missing from the beta. Gun crafting is a big one; there are 2 menu options that are "not available in beta", and I heard that there are a TON of dark-zone features that have been left out. But, without knowing what those things are, it's really hard to say how much they'll improve the experience.

I won't be getting it on release day. Maybe I'll get it a week later based on what I hear about having been added, maybe I'll wait for a price drop (if it was like $30, I'd be all over it), maybe I won't get it at all. Time will tell.

Mr. Utility
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