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Old Dec. 31st, '18, 7:29 pm   #1
Delicate Butterfly
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XBS XBSHL Season 24 Rule Adjustment

XBSHL Season 24 Rule Adjustment

Hello fellow XBS Members,

As we continue to always try to improve the experience here for our members, one of the major areas of contention has consistently been the mercy rule. In past seasons, we have had a mercy rule of 6 and then most recently, in the most recent few seasons we increased it to 10.

However, since we have such a quality and respectful community of NHL gamers here at XBS, we have decided to eliminate the mercy rule altogether and are entrusting XBS members to ensure a respectful outcome in games is experienced by all. We are also calling on all of the XBS veterans to set the example for our newer members about what is expected here.

To achieve this end it will mean communicating in game to ensure everyone is on the same page in regard to offensive pressure and respectful play. With that in mind and most importantly, we need all members to review our sportsmanship rules for the league. These rules can be found in our league rulebook but they are being posted here as well.

The Sportsmanship Section states this:

We can't name every single disrespectful act, only list the most prominent ones. Membership into this league is a privilege, and this can be revoked at any time regardless of how many seasons you've been here. Play respectful and just play some competitive and fun hockey. Simple enough. Please try to follow these simple guidelines during a game.

Five Simple Guidelines
  • Cherry picking
    • It's just poor sportsmanship, especially on a Penalty Kill. You never see it in a real NHL game, so don't do it here. You shouldn't be waiting by the opposite blue line if your team doesn't have possession of the puck in the defensive zone.
  • Not playing the puck
    • The game doesn't reliably call off icing, and it's a total cheese move when skaters slow down and purposefully not play the puck to get an icing call.
  • Templates between restarts
    • In the case of a restarted game because of a disconnect, under NO circumstances may you select a different player template in the restarted game.
  • Purposefully causing a restart
    • Disconnects happen, but when the same players consistently disconnect from games under the same circumstances (usually when losing/injury, and wanting to change the momentum), it's obvious that a connection issue wasn't the problem and the player just quit out. This will not be tolerated. Owners have been instructed to keep a log of disconnects so the admin team can monitor players that disconnect on a regular basis under suspicious circumstances.
  • Quitting if goalie drops
    • If the goalie disconnects, the other team has the option to continue to playing against the CPU goalie for the remainder of the period. The team with the CPU goalie should NOT quit out of the game before speaking to the other team. If you have people quitting out without talking to the other team first, the other team may ask for a forfeit of the game.

Lopsided Games
As we all know these happen from time to time. Whether it is momentum, bad game, skill, lag, blowouts occur. How you play during these games isn't just limited to the scoreboard and keeping the score respectable. How you act during those games matter as much, if not more.

Winning team, if you are lucky enough to be on this side of the score please remember that as much fun as you are having at that moment, the other team is likely having the opposite reaction. Diving after the whistle, kneeling up and down, deking down the ice, all might seem like fun to you and your teammates but they only show up your opponent and rub their noses in it. Remember, in the real NHL, the stars wouldn't still be playing when up by 6 and they sure as hell wouldn't be "hot dogging" it.

Losing team, some of you experience these games on a rare occasion while others are involved in many more. It is tough to stay competitive and motivated when a game seems out of reach and hopeless. That doesn't give you the excuse to clown around on the ice by giving up, running around aimlessly, purposefully avoiding defense, not bother attempting to make a save or anything else that is detrimental to your team.

If you see someone doing something that is against the rules or what you believe to be against our league policies then bring it up to your owner or another site leader. Please do not assume that we know that there are problems occurring. We will do everything we can to help any situation. We can't solve every problem but we do our best to make things as fair and fun as possible.

Please give this thread a read and understood. All members are required to do so.


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Old Dec. 31st, '18, 7:35 pm   #2
Delicate Butterfly
DustyRytStyk's Avatar
May 2011 2,353
Long Island, NY

Read and Understood.

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Old Jan. 6th, '19, 9:07 am   #3
The Elite
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Jun 2010 393

Originally Posted by DustyRytStyk View Post
Read and Understood.
Did you just r&u your own post? >_>

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Old Dec. 31st, '18, 7:37 pm   #4
May 2014 756

Read and understood

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Old Dec. 31st, '18, 7:40 pm   #5
The Garbage Man
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Read and understood

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Old Dec. 31st, '18, 7:47 pm   #6
Sep 2018 79


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Old Dec. 31st, '18, 7:47 pm   #7
#47 | Sabres GM
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I like the update.

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Old Dec. 31st, '18, 7:49 pm   #8
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Jun 2008 2,242
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Got it.

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Old Dec. 31st, '18, 7:56 pm   #9
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Dec 2018 11

Read and understood

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Old Dec. 31st, '18, 8:23 pm   #10
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Jun 2008 18,406

Read and understood

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