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Old May. 17th, '17, 6:59 pm   #1
Jul 2008 1,455
Xbox360 Celebrity among us!

F5 Penguin, are you a big deal? Because I think I just saw you for a brief moment on an XBOX ONE update commercial. @2:16 of the following link.

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Old May. 17th, '17, 7:11 pm   #2
XBSHL Junkie
Jun 2008 3,238
Niagara Falls, Ontario

that he is.. great media guy good job penguin
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Old May. 17th, '17, 7:39 pm   #3
Baron Von Versus Hands
BleedBlueBlood's Avatar
Jun 2008 17,604
The Elbow

Very cool!

Good ol Larry....god I remember chatting with him back in the XSN days. I'm getting flashbacks of Rallisport now. Man, we're old haha

As you skate across my blueline in the shadow of death, thou shall fear my evil - Sauerkraut 23:4
"My uncle Tretiak taught me everything I know" - Baron Von Sauerkraut
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Old May. 17th, '17, 8:19 pm   #4
aka: RickJamezl3ish
GetLowBanks's Avatar
May 2011 1,033

Good eye Joe!

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Old May. 18th, '17, 7:44 am   #5
The Pylon of all Pylons
Feb 2017 33
Philadelphia, PA

Yes, F5 hosts a "Talking Games" show every Wednesday on the Xbox Ambassador stream on Beam.

He was doing it from 8-9:30 ET but he is shifting to a higher-profile slot next week from 3-5 ET I think.
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Old May. 18th, '17, 7:54 am   #6
F5 Penguin
Somewhat of a Cone
F5 Penguin's Avatar
Mar 2017 41

Thanks, Rush. This is why we're best buddies for life.

Hi friends. Definitely not a big deal but yes, that is me hosting my weekly gaming news show on Xbox. Rush has the info right. I've also been featured in "This Week on Xbox" once as well as a couple of features on your home dashboard screen. I think starting next week I'll have the tile to the right of your pins each week if I'm not mistaken. Unsure at the moment.

As Rush said, you can follow me on Beam, where you can also check out the other half-dozen shows that other content creators do there. You can also follow me on Twitter, Snapchat, my personal Beam and on YouTube; all usernames are @f5penguin. I welcome the conversation and hope you enjoy the content.

I really appreciate the support and thanks for recognizing me! I am humbled each time I get spotted by non-Xbox employees in these videos/cameos/whatevers. Truly means a lot.
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Old May. 18th, '17, 10:24 am   #7
Maximum effort!
OSB's Avatar
Jun 2008 13,547

Right on man, and great job. This is a pretty quiet corner of the web, you shouldn't have too much trouble from teh fanbois. It's definitely nice to see the recognition though.

Keep up the good work.
When life knocks you down, get back up, smile, and politely say, "You hit like a bitch".
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Old May. 18th, '17, 12:29 pm   #8
Stick Puck Leader
Jan 2012 1,257
McLean, Virginia

Oh wow, that's really awesome Penguin. I'll make sure to tune in then!
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