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Default Flash Countdown Instructions

Logo Countdown
Version 1.0


  • 1. Welcome
  • 2. Counter Tray
  • 3. Game List
  • 4. Custom Game
-1. Add Game
-2. Edit Game
-3. Remove Game
  • 5. Sticky Game
  • 6. Troubleshooting
  • 7. Feature Index

1. Welcome

This countdown timer which is a part of the logo located in the top left hand side of the header can be used to track the days remaining before the release of a specific game. You have the ability to add your own custom game to track as well as selecting a specific game to display. Our administrators will continually keep adding popular new games to the list.

2. Counter Tray

Illustration: Highlight of the Button

The large white button with "COUNTDOWN" written vertically is designed to display and hide the countdown timer. Be default it will load open, however by clicking on the button it will close the "counter tray". This position will be remembered for the next time you load the page or Website by using a "Flash Cookie".

Illustration: Countdown timer closed

3. Game List

Illustration: Highlight of the Other Games button

When the countdown timer first loads it will randomly select a game from a list to display. You may look through the list of pre-added games and view the remaining time left of any one of them.

Click on the "Other Games" button highlighted in the image above to bring up the list of games stored.

Illustration: List of games stored to select from

Once the list is open, selecting a game will change the timer from what you originally had to the time remaining for the new game you have chosen. You may also click on the "Next Button" to view even more games, as well as the "Prev Button" to go back to the previous list.

Illustration: Highlight of the "Next Page" button

4. Custom Game
[ 4-1 Add Game ]

Illustration: Highlight of the "Add Custom Game" button

With this button which is located as the very first item within the "Other Games" list you are capable of adding your own game to keep track of. By clicking the button, the XBS shield logo will turn black and allow you to add custom fields such as game name, release day, month and year.

Illustration: Display of actively adding a custom game

Once you have entered a date in the future and a name of the game, hitting submit will reload the XBS Logo Countdown Timer and your newly added game should now appear with the remaining days calculated.

Illustration: Custom game information added

Illustration: Example of the result you will see

This feature is only viewable to yourself. Other members will not see this game you have added and it will only work on the computer in which you entered the information.

[ 4-2 Edit Game ]

Illustration: Highlight of the "Custom Controls"

The three buttons displayed above offer the ability to control the timer. The button to edit the custom game is the far right one labeled "E". By selecting it, the XBS shield logo will once again turn black and the current custom game information will be displayed for you to adjust as needed.

[ 4-3 Remove Game ]

Selecting the "X" button in the diagram above will remove the custom game. This will erase it from the timer.

5. Sticky Game

Every time the counter is loaded a game will be randomly displayed. You do have the option to lock one game in place so that will always be the one to be displayed. To sticky a counter in place select the game you wish to keep track of. Then select the "S" button that is displayed below the timer. This will force the game to always be the one to be displayed when loading a new page.

By clicking on the "U" button, the game will then become unstuck and once again they will load randomly.

6. Troubleshooting

"I entered a custom game but when I view the site from a different place it doesn't show up"

  • - This is because the custom game as well as sticky work via "Flash Cookie". The flash cookie is stored locally on the computer so when you view it from a different computer that cookie is no longer accessible.

"The countdown timer does load and neither does the logo"

  • - There is a couple causes of this. This new countdown is not made for any theme other than the "DarkBoard" theme. So if you are viewing the site using the white theme it will not be displayed.

  • - If you are using the DarkBoard theme and still don't see it then this could be because your computer might not have the latest Flash software installed. Please check this site to see if there is a newer version available for you:

"I took a left when I should have taken a right"

  • This happens sometimes. Try taking 3 more lefts and you should hopefully have the opportunity to take the right again.

7. Feature Index
[ Version 1.0 ]

  • Random Game
  • Counter Close Option
  • Custom Game
  • Sticky Game
  • Game List
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