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Old Nov. 19th, '12, 11:52 am   #11
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Jun 2008 18,306

Originally Posted by BleedBlueBlood View Post
For weeks now, my profile page has looked like this (see attachment) - there is more below but I could only capture so much of the screen. I've tried different browsers, clearing caches, even different computers and I can't figure out the display problem. Sucks because I can't access my upload videos I've been doing for Shockzone
Originally Posted by BTW8892 View Post
Try clearing your browser cache. I had this problem a while back, and that seemed to do the trick.
Originally Posted by kabbott50 View Post
If it times out loading on an "original" page hit, and caches it, you'll get it everytime. Bryan's suggestion should work.
Been there, done that.

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Old Nov. 19th, '12, 12:24 pm   #12
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Originally Posted by BleedBlueBlood View Post
Been there, done that.
Whoops sorry about that, must have read over that portion of the post. That really is weird, I'm completely stumped lol.
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Old Nov. 27th, '12, 10:53 am   #13
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Mine has the same messed up format.
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Old Dec. 13th, '12, 12:42 am   #14
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Jun 2008 18,713
St. Louis, Mo

Wow, more fun for me. Now I get the following. And when I try to add/update my "persona" it says it's already taken.

I'll say it once again, EA Personas are the worst things I've ever had to deal with in gaming.

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