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Old Jul. 15th, '10, 9:09 am   #1
Rip Winkle
Rip Winkle's Avatar
Aug 2008 6,666
Lightbulb What Makes This Place Tick

An old fart's perspective on XBS.
Heya fellas…kinda bored having my second cup of java this morning and got to thinking about how I came across XBS. Thought I would share the general vibe that I feel XBS gives off.

I am relatively new to the online/tech world…5 years I guess…heck I was still spelling “forum”...Form up until a couple of years ago….didn’t even know there was a difference….anyway I digress.

I am going to compare my experience here at XBS with that of my football crew that has been getting together every Sunday….for the last 13 years. To begin with the FC (football crew) are a very diverse bunch…I find it to be much like that here at XBS…I really think that is what keeps the community so interesting.

It is a funny thing the way we come across things…I was introduced to the football crew by sheer chance….actually we had a little game planned for the day after a work party….big mistake. As fate would have it I was the only guy to show up…so I did what any football fanatic would do and walked across the field to a group of guys playing ball and said…”Mind if I play?”…so funny. Well I came across XBS in a similar fate orientated manner. I had been on hiatus from gaming in general when I received an email from a person I consider a friend. They graciously invited me to check out a mature…stress free gaming site that they were involved in starting up…seemed to be exactly what I was looking for so without hesitation I hit up XBS. I have to say Thank You Pete for showing me the way across that field…for being part of getting this site rolling…things like this don’t happen without guys like you…Peace Brother.

In most every group leaders are present…in many different ways… but they are there just the same…the FC is no different. Now here at XBS we have Pixel, juji, Rob, and Drake. To be blunt...without these guys there would be NO Community….no site…no leagues. They keep XBS a healthy place to hang and do stuff like build our amazing league scoreboards. It also is a hell of a lot of work to address other site related things. Now at football, guys in this role have the total respect of the entire crew…why ?...because we all realize without them the group would slowly deteriorate and dissolve. For anyone new to the site you will find this dynamic at play….respect doesn’t just happen…these guys have earned it.

The group culture with the FC has evolved into one of a respect first approach. What this means is that when I am covering a guy late in the game and he is about to beat me for a game winning TD..(happens a lot).. I don’t go outside our rules to disrupt him. Here at XBS I find that a guy would rather lose (a game or discussion) respectfully, then win by breaking a rule…heck even bending a rule for most guys. Not that you win or lose discussions…just wanted to point out guys treat each other with respect in the forums here. How cool of an environment is that to game in? I really think this has a lot to do with why the FC has remained intact so long….and why XBS is so popular and appealing….they both embrace this motto.

The FC crew has its vets, guys that have been around pretty much since its inception, this is the core group that helped develop it’s culture. Now the admins helped to facilitate the culture developmental process here at XBS …but the vets in this community are the ones that actually made it occur. The vets are very attached to the culture that they have created here and with good reason. These cats will defend XBS and what it represents in the forums and in league games. I have learned and continue to learn a hell of a lot from these people and am thankful for that. I want to point out a few guys that fit this role here in the XBS community..…I know I will miss some fellas…so I apologize in advance.

Vets: BleedBlueBlood, BTW8892, DustyRytStyk, Nexus510, OSB, Rip Winkle, Blaklash, DrugMonkeyRX, XBoxJon, amazingviper, Makakk88, GetLowBanks, NIKDAGREEK23, Blackzyuk, BenchBoss67, DesiredCustoms, kabbott50, kdfsjljklgjfg, Krimsonfire, KT, Berks, ChemicalDpendnt, No Regretzkys

These guys have invested a lot of time in creating this community…for no reason other than they want to impact their leisure environment…that is super fantastic and they deserve to be recognized for that. Also they have gained a well deserved degree of respect from the general community. Again a little piece of info for any newcomers…when these individuals are saying something either in the forums or in a league game, that is behavior related, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is a good chance 90% of the other vets would be supportive of this.

Wow this ended up being longer that I anticipated…I guess I will summarize for those with ADD.

I see XBS as being in its early stages but with a solid core group of guys that want to game in a friendly environment…chat respectfully in the forums and above all foster the culture that has been developed.

If you are relatively new to XBS…I offer up a big “Welcome” …you have come across something special here. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to peruse the forums and really get a feel for what makes this place the hub, for one of the healthiest gaming experiences, I have found to date. I will say …do yourself and other XBS members a favor and get to know the ins and outs of the community….I doubt you will be disappointed.


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Site > League > Team > Self
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Old Jul. 15th, '10, 9:26 am   #2
Synyster Diablo
Senior Member
Synyster Diablo's Avatar
Jul 2008 4,795

Awesome post Rip, great words of wisdom as always

I think people need to realize that video games are only entertainment and serve no purpose other than that.

Last edited by Synyster Diablo; Jul. 15th, '10 at 9:47 am.
"He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man" - Dr. Samuel Johnson
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Old Jul. 15th, '10, 9:36 am   #3
The Garbage Man
OldTimeHockey's Avatar
Jul 2008 7,917
South Amboy, NJ
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What a great post to start my day!

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Old Jul. 15th, '10, 9:41 am   #4
Toronto Owner/Captain
BleedBlueBlood's Avatar
Jun 2008 18,442

Wise words from the "Most Interesting Man in the World" Great post Rip!

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Old Jul. 15th, '10, 9:46 am   #5
Not bad for 1.5 mil eh?
SkatingPenguin's Avatar
Jun 2008 2,734
Toronto, Ontario
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Rip you never stop to amaze me, awesome post. Ever think of running for office?
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Old Jul. 15th, '10, 9:51 am   #6
Dee Plane, Dee Plane!
Jcon77's Avatar
Jun 2008 4,268
Tampa, FL
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Damn Rip, no wonder sharks have a week dedicated to YOU.

"He would not be afraid to show his feminine side, if he had one. He is the most interesting man in the world."

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Old Jul. 15th, '10, 10:16 am   #7
Pack it up
DrugMonkeyRX's Avatar
Jul 2008 7,228
Long Island, NY
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Originally Posted by SkatingPenguin View Post
Ever think of running for office?
Let them man remain pure, if he were running for office he would of had a donation button at the end of that

Hey rip, Good shit my man.
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Old Jul. 15th, '10, 10:51 am   #8
Mix it with love,babe.
silentmiller's Avatar
Jul 2008 2,350

Great post Rip. Very nicely put, like a Readers Digest synopsis, and that's the truth, Ruth.

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Old Jul. 15th, '10, 11:00 am   #9
Jul 2008 458
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nice post rip
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Old Jul. 15th, '10, 11:09 am   #10
Senior Member
Jun 2008 1,055
Upstate NY
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Couldn't have possibly been a better post. Good job Rip
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