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Old Mar. 25th, '17, 2:48 pm   #1
May 2014 755
Default Week 2 Power Rankings - Week 2power rankings

Week 2 Record: (4-1-2) Season Record: (9-2-3)
Yet another solid week in the books for last weeks number one team. I see no reason they shouldn't be number one again. They tied the Panthers collecting 10 points this week. Not to mention they had the leading scorer this week on their team too. Krim put up 15 points in only 4 games and was a +12 They had the leading scorer on D as well in KT and they had the player with the second highest D rating this week with Spud. Calgary's 26 goals for ranked first, the 19 goals against were tied for the fewest in the league. It's simple the rest of the league is in trouble if Calgary is going to keep this up all year. Especially with the back up goalie increasing his save percentage to .762 this week. While they've sat at number one consecutive weeks to start the season I'm curious to see if the league is going to "step it up" when they play Calgary now.
One question mark remains in Calgary, their special teams. With a lowly 10% PP and 68% PK we have to wonder if that too, could catch up to them moving forward.Again, no one deserved this ranking more than Calgary this week. Last week I felt as if it could of gone to a handful of teams.

Key Player: xDementedSpuDx - Defense - 6gp | 0g | 4a | 4pts
Would you look at that? Spud with an incredible 93.5 D rating this week which is good enough for second across the league this week. He of course tacked on 4 assist and was +11 but the question I'm asking myself, where was this Spud in seasons past? He's on fire! I was able to reach out to Spud via text and ask him how he felt about week 2 and he replied saying "Overall we had a great week, we just to sure up and stop taking penalties, they really hurt us".

Week 2 Record: (5-2-0) Season Record: (10-4-0)
They tied Calgary this week with 10 points but didn't quite put up the same dominant numbers the Flames did. Banks team seems to have that calm and steady "we have been here before" demeanor. Did their rookie Slavsky finally come down to earth this week? Florida also joined the stingy D group this week only allowing 19 goals. They were able to go 5-2 this week but only had a +2 goal differential. Solid goaltending again out of Bassin this week. I think one way to describe this squad based on what I see every time I look at the numbers, is they're "stable". They moved from 3rd to second this week, and I think its a matter of time before we see them move into that number one spot both in the Power Rankings and in the standings. I too was able to speak to Banks this week and get a feel for what his thoughts were on his team 14 games into the season to which he responded "oh baby". So read into that as much as you would like but it sounds like they're picking up right where they left off in season 17.

Key Player: GetLowBanks - Forward - 6gp | 8g | 6a | 14pts
Banks gets the call here this week with his 14 points 37 hits and what we all have come to expect, 54.1% face-off wins. He also is a key player for what he's built down there in Florida this year. A solid team with a chance to win night in and night out.

Week 2 Record: (4-3-0) Season Record: (7-5-2)
The offense in Ottawa seemed to cool off this week, they had a -4 goal differential but still collected a respectable 8 points this week. I know I called their week last week mediocre but I think we can say the same this week. They sit in the top 4 in the standings so I think management is willing to let this team gel a little bit before worrying too much. I did give them a bump in the Rankings this week because they were able to accumulate 1 more point than Detroit, and we all know how those points add up at the end of the season.I kinda of cheated here and asked No Regretzkys to sum up his week, heres what he had to say: "Some inconsistency, on my part as well, but that's expected with a new team and group of guys that are trying to build some chemistry. However, I think the three straight wins we had at the end (Double-Header against Calgary, and 1-0 against Nashville), really showed what we're capable of as a group. Both Calgary games went to OT, and the boys pulled it out twice in one night, both goals via Rip, and the Nashville game on Thursday was a tight battle. Sound team defense and clutch goal scoring really carried us through. If we can put together performances like that more frequently, we'll be a force."

Key Player: Rip Winkle - Forward - 5gp | 5g | 2a | 7pts
5 goals in 5 games not to mention the importance of a few of the goals lands Rip as the key player of the week.Mr Clutch will be very important down the road for the Sens.

Week 2 Record: (3-3-1) Season Record: (8-5-1)
The Redwings still sit in 3rd in the standings but they finished one spot from the bottom as far as points earned during week 2. They collected only 7 points but had incredible special teams 95% on the PK and 26% on the PP. I didn't expect to move them down in the rankings this week however with 2 of their 3 wins coming against the two teams at the bottom of the standings ( Toronto and Nashville) I couldn't help but place them here. I'm not sure if they just weren't clicking this week or if they had to mix and match some lines, but after week one I really thought they would be knocking on the door of number 1 again. BBB continues to play solid in net, its hard to duplicate the outstanding week he had last week. The team didn't have any defensemen with a D rating below 86. What I do find interesting is they only had two skaters with a positive +/-. They also appear to be in a penalty taking phase this week as Makakk took 20 penalty minutes by himself. I wouldn't worry to much about how things are going in Hockeytown. One week won't define them and they are sure to rebound next week.

Key Player: OldTimeHockey - Forward - 4gp | 3g | 5a | 8pts
I could be reading into the +/- too much, but OTH was one of only two players to go positive this week. To me this shows he's playing a two way game and playing responsibly. He also averaged 2 points a game this week and carried these guys through a tough week.

Week 2 Record: (4-2-1) Season Record: (5-7-2)
Toronto was able to rebound in week 2 and finally give hope to the fans. The power play finally picked up some steam this week. On the season Toronto has the most PP goals for (12) and the highest PP% at 26.1, personally I think work still needs to be done in Toronto and the team needs to continue to improve to be where they want to be. They were able to pick up 9 points this week, which is third best in the league. Even continuing at this pace will help them move up the standings. Like I said about Detroit, one week won't define any of thee teams, so we certainly hope week one didn't define what we expect out of the Leafs this season. Management is cautiously optimistic right now so we will see what the future holds!

Key Player: Light The Lamp - Forward - 4gp | 1g | 10a | 11pts
Dominance in the face off circle at 64.8% and those all important assist he had this week (10) definitely helped the Leafs pick up the pace and start winning some games. He added one goal for good measure and continues to be the center piece this team looks to build around.

Week 2 Record: (1-5-1) Season Record: (3-9-2)
Nashville picked up 3 points this week and that cost them. They moved down the standings and down on the power rankings. We know Nutty has the experience to turn this around and we also understand he is going to be patient and trust the guys he has. With a goal differential of -11 you have to wonder how patient they can continue to be. They scored the fewest number of goals in the league (12) so how long until they try to acquire some fire power up front? Still yet there is plenty of time left to turn things around in Nashville, but week 3 is when they have to get going, otherwise the fans are going to be demanding someones head.

Key Player: DesiredCustoms - Forward - 3gp | 3g | 3a | 6pts
He lead the team in hits, points, and plus/minus. His veteran presence is important to this team moving forward, he can help some of these new players adapt to the league and has been proving important on the ice.

Last edited by allthway; Mar. 25th, '17 at 7:44 pm.

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Old Mar. 25th, '17, 4:03 pm   #2
Jun 2013 648
Pittsburgh, PA

Great write up man! Good week everyone!
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Old Mar. 25th, '17, 4:18 pm   #3
Senior Member
Jul 2008 5,253
Vancouver, B.C

Good stuff Russ!

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Old Mar. 25th, '17, 4:53 pm   #4
x AbiLiTy x
The Legendary SlapNootSki
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Feb 2017 104

Awesome read!
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Old Mar. 25th, '17, 8:00 pm   #5
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Sep 2012 1,562

great job as always
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Old Mar. 25th, '17, 10:03 pm   #6
Toronto Owner/Captain
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Jun 2008 18,406

Love it! Thanks Russ.

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Old Mar. 25th, '17, 10:45 pm   #7
The Garbage Man
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Jul 2008 7,904
South Amboy, NJ
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Thanks again for spending the time putting this together and thanks for the shout out.

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Old Mar. 26th, '17, 10:25 am   #8
Pack it up
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Jul 2008 7,226
Long Island, NY
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Great work alltheway! Keep it up!
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Old Mar. 26th, '17, 11:00 am   #9
Delicate Butterfly
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May 2011 2,353
Long Island, NY

Great job!

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Old Mar. 26th, '17, 11:03 am   #10
Just Joe
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May 2011 1,233

Good stuff as usual Allthway. Enjoyed reading this power ranking. Thanks !

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