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Old Mar. 18th, '17, 6:47 pm   #1
May 2014 757
Default Week 1 Power Rankings - Week 1 Power Rankings

Week 1 Record: (5-1-1) Season Record: (5-1-1)
Through one week the Flames sit at the top of the standings. I was shocked when I actually got to sit down and look at how they're doing in each statistical category. Just listen to what they have going on: 4th in goals for(3.14 per game), 2nd in goals against(2.57 per game), tied for 3rd on the power play(22%), 2nd on penalty killing(90%) and 3rd in time on attack(6:03). So If you would of put these numbers in front of me and asked me to rank the Flames, I would of guessed they'd be middle of that pack. What I think we have here is a team that is matching up accordingly, while the stats are close they're staggering their lines to match their opponent. Stats say they're in the middle, one thing you can't argue about is wins and losses and Calgary has definitely got the job done once the puck drops. This group is solid, no one on the defense has a D rating below 86 and no forward had less than 6 points this week. With all of that said, first place in week one in both the standings and the Power Rankings are definitely going to paint a big target on their back.

Key Player: Krimsonfire - Forward - 5gp | 5g | 5a | 10pts
Its easy to see why Krim is getting highlighted here, he was first on the squad in points with 10 (5-5-10), he was tough in the face-off circle winning 53.4% of the draws and he threw in 10 hits to top it all off. He had no problem leading his team by example this week and he also deserves a lot of credit for putting this group together, they're not going to be fun to play against all year.

Week 1 Record: (5-2-0) Season Record: (5-2-0)
Now we see Detroit who made the decision tough for #1, like i said though at the end of the day it was about who was able to get the most points out of the week. Detroit first in goals for (26), first in goals against (14) based on those two stats most would assume they were in first place. The difference for the Wings this week was their two losses to the Flames. It was Detroit's only two losses on the week but clearly puts them behind Calgary. Detroit was toward the bottom on time on attack (5th) and 2nd on the power play (25%) I can see these guys working their way to the top of the standings soon. They definitely have a ton of veterans in the locker room to keep them on track. Weeks like this going forward will definitely land them in the number one spot in the power rankings in the future, unfortunately for Detroit the two games against Calgary early in the week cost them.

Key Player: BTW8892 - Forward - 4gp | 10g | 3a | 13pts
This guy had a a week for to remember. Averaging over 3 points a game with 10 goals, including a hat-trick against Nashville. He did all of this with out stepping foot in the penalty box too. At +9 for the week its going to be hard to top this one.

Week 1 Record: (5-2-0) Season Record: (5-2-0)
To add to the tight race for who gets ranked where, say hello to Florida. They were tied with Detroit in the standings but I felt Detroit had the edge in some statistical categories. With a goal differential of +3, this is where they belong in the first week, but they're a strong team with a strong owner so they'll only use this ranking as motivation. What was said before the season showed this week, they are young as far as XBS experience goes, but these rookies that Banks picked up definitely proved they belong. The two new guys on D were able to serve up a D rating of 92.2 and 91.6 as well as a combined +13 rating and 9 points. The one thing that hasn't changed since my time in Florida...they lead in penalty minutes with 63 for the week. Their fearless leader lead the team with 15 PIMS. When I asked Banks his thoughts on the first week he simply responded "there are 3 teams neck and neck at the top currently". He's right 1 point was the difference in the Panthers being in first or third.

Key Player: Slavsky x 21 - Forward - 4gp | 8g | 6a | 14pts
Slavsky, I had the opportunity to play with this guy in the rookie showcase and he turned heads then. We are seeing it wasn't a fluke. You guys can see the stats, 14 points (8-6-14). He was a difference maker for these guys, he stands out as an early candidate for the Calder, but his toughest competition may be on his own team.

Week 1 Record: (3-2-2) Season Record: (3-2-2)
Mediocre is a good word to describe the start for the Sens. Hey they scared everyone in the league with their hitting ability (124 hits). No Regretzkys held steady as usual in the pipes stopping 80% of the shots. It's puzzling they didn't win more games this week, they're second in goals for (25), they have the fire power up front and the goaltending to carry this team. They lead the league in time on attack (8:02). They're first in special teams too. The Power Play is first at 26.1% and the Penalty Kill is incredible at 93.3%. I'll be bold even though they're in fourth this week, I expect we will see this group playing for some hardware later on. I don't think anyone over here is hitting the panic button.

Key Player: M00SE21 - Forward - 3gp | 2g | 4a | 6pts --- Defense - 3gp | 0g | 4a | 4pts
3 games on D and a 95.0 D rating. Thats a hell of a week by itself. He added 6 points in 3 games on forward and was great on the dot with at 62.3%

Week 1 Record: (2-4-1) Season Record: (2-4-1)
Nashville came in at #5 this week and has a little work todo to climb the rankings. They did have the worst goal differential in the league at -13. I think this was just simply an early hiccup for Nutty and his group, they have experience on this team and it will prove crucial moving forward. They were last in goals for with 14. I think this is just a sign of a group looking to find chemistry. Even with less than impressive stats this week, they were able to pick up a couple wins and I anticipate they'll be off to a better start in week 2. It's a long season they have 53 games to correct this, and with Nutty and Rush, the will.

Key Player: slickeeeslick - Goalie - 6gp | 3.50gaa | .786%
Slick was a bright spot and a player Nashville can rally around going forward, his goals against was higher than he'd like to see but his save percentage was higher than his career average. With that said, he's a steady machine back there and will anchor them as they grow up front.

Week 1 Record: (1-5-1) Season Record: (1-5-1)
It pains me to write this. I said Ottawa isn't hitting the panic button earlier, guess what Toronto sure is! It can be broken down like this, the Leafs had more people play D this week than another team in the league. This team went through stages this week where they were able to put the puck in the net at times but with only one win, management is getting restless. With that though, I do expect the team to turn it around soon.Pk was strong at 90% so thats one thing they can hang their hat on. There is a ton of talent in Toronto the question is, is the balance off? We will soon see.

Key Player: Danzerino - Forward - 3gp | 4g | 1a | 5pts --- Defense - 1gp | 0g | 0a | 0pts
I wanted to bring Danzer in here because the guy played so many positions this week and did so with a great attitude.

Last edited by DustyRytStyk; Mar. 18th, '17 at 6:53 pm.

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Old Mar. 18th, '17, 6:59 pm   #2
Delicate Butterfly
DustyRytStyk's Avatar
May 2011 2,361
Long Island, NY

Great stuff Russ. Thanks for volunteering to do this.

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Old Mar. 18th, '17, 7:14 pm   #3
Toronto Owner/Captain
BleedBlueBlood's Avatar
Jun 2008 18,414

Great write up ATW! Thanks for putting that together. It's very appreciated.

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Old Mar. 18th, '17, 7:18 pm   #4
XBSHL Junkie
Jun 2008 3,298
Niagara Falls, Ontario

great job sir

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Old Mar. 18th, '17, 7:23 pm   #5
Just Joe
Makakk88's Avatar
May 2011 1,238

Great write up Allthway, good job. Thank you for doing this !

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Old Mar. 18th, '17, 7:37 pm   #6
That 1 odd guy
Senior Member
Feb 2017 125

Good write up, good games guys

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Old Mar. 18th, '17, 7:40 pm   #7
Nutty Grandpa
Senior Member
Dec 2015 183
Canton, GA

Excellent write-up

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Old Mar. 18th, '17, 8:32 pm   #8
Senior Member
Jun 2014 147

Russell...... I'm proud of you��

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Old Mar. 18th, '17, 8:43 pm   #9
Slavsky x 21
Feb 2017 3

Well written thank you
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Old Mar. 18th, '17, 9:32 pm   #10
Jun 2013 648
Pittsburgh, PA

You sexy beast. Great write up man! Good week everyone!
+Rep Russell
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