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Old May. 9th, '13, 7:43 am   #1
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Default Fifa 13 FUT Online Seasons

I have had the game for less than 2 months and just play the crap out of it... I usually just play Online seasons in FUT... and Ive definitely had my up's and down's .... For the most part I have been stuck in Division 2 and have basically got hammered in the division... sometimes relegating and sometimes holding.. I went on one bad streak where it took me all the way down to Division 5... IT was like some sick joke where every team I played was 84 or better with Van Persie and So my record as it stands now is like 100-48-165... (like I said I play the crap out of this game..)

So Yesterday... I win Division 3 out right.. I start playing in Division 2... And I'm kicking butt.. The Stars aligned and every team Im playing seemed to be decent... I got past the Holding zone.. and a great game with a guy that I won 1-0 brought me to promotion... with 3 games left... IM heading to Division 1, with the chance to Win division 2 out right... Best finish so far... SO my next game... 1-0 loss... Im 4-2-2 in the season.... Have to win one of the last two.... I start up the 2nd game... and before the 10 minute mark I'm up 2-0.... just before half.. 3-0.. Ive got my chest stuck out with pride.. and then .... YEP.. EA DROPS ME FROM THE SERVERS!!!........ Game counted as a loss and the next guy I play puts a whoopin on me But Im promoted...ARGH()@*%)(*@)%)(

I know all you guys that have had the game for awhile probably are wondering what the big deal is getting out of division 2.. and this thread will probably go unanswered but at least you might be able to sympathize with a network

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Old May. 9th, '13, 7:58 am   #2
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I had a drop when I first started playing and the game would have moved me to division 3 lol. I was so mad cuz it was right when i got the game. now i stay in division 1 although i havent played in a while.

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