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Old Aug. 3rd, '14, 5:25 pm   #1
Jun 2013 648
Pittsburgh, PA
Default Week 5 Power Rankings!

Alright Gentleman, I have returned for your weekly power rankings. Again, I apologize for not posting last week and many of you have stated that Life before XBS and yes I understand that but still I felt a little bad about not doing them but.. Anyways. With the Final week of the regular season upon us.. It's going to be very interesting in both Conferences. When you look at the West, It could go any which way. In the East, Carolina has that top spot locked up so it's going to be a battle all week for NY and Columbus. With that being said I would like to wish everybody involved GOOD LUCK on the final week and may the best teams win!


Week Record: 3-1-0 [Last week 4-1-0]
The Sharks remain at the top spot this week because they stil deserve to be at the top despite only playing 4 games last week with one having to be rescheduled. The boys in the Shark tank have seemed to be unbeatable in the past weeks with everyone on the team contributing and playing solid hockey is the reason for winning. Being 1 point behind Edmonton and Calgary breathing right down their necks these 'Gents never let off the gas pedal.

Racking up 29 goals in 4 games. Impressive. That's what makes The Sharks so good. No matter what lines Markus puts together, this team will always put up numbers and they are hard to stop offensively. Teams facing San Jose this week might have a rough time stopping the boys from clinching a playoff spot.

Key Player: RickJames - First of all, fuck yo couch. Second of all, Rick James played 3 games this week racking up 11 points (7G 4A). Miley Phister also Phisted the opposition with 48 hits on the week. Great job Rick!

Week Record: 3-2-0 [Last week 3-1-1]
The boys in Calgary have been making progression in the standings. Sitting only 3 points behind for a playoff spot. The reigning champions are looking for answers on how to pull ahead they're definitely going to need some coming into this final week. My thoughts would be to have Krim-Jordan-Viper. These 3 have great chemistry together and they love to work the triangle which has given them much success.

Krim made his way to the top of the Goals category. If Calgary can just feed Krim the puck this coming week I don't see them having any problems offensively. The loss of KT on this team from last season hasn't skipped a beat with Old Dad but, I got to give Skating Penguin credit with his D-Rating at 86.7. Calgary should look to give him more games along Dales as they both have almost identical ratings.

Key Player: KrimsonFire - What can I say, It's Krim and everybody knows who he is and what he can do. Posting 9G 4A 13PTS. Great job Krim!

Week Record: 3-2-0 [Last week 2-3-0]
Carolina essentially has their playoff spot locked up after a dominant 5 weeks of play. Now that they make a trade for MACNORTH.. The guy with a scrollbar of stanley cups just makes this team more deadly now. The guy has a nack for bringing his teams Stanley Cups. MAC made his point against a very good Edmonton team this past week racking up 7 points in an 11-7 victory. That is no easy task.

Also.. Carolina picked up Bodget. How's that worked out for them? Well, Mr. Perfect hasn't been perfect but he's exactly what Carolina needs in front of No Regretzkys. Great on Defense and Offense. This takes a lot of pressure off of Whip who has played in all but 2 games this season. The boys in Carolina can relax in the final week.

Key Player: MACNORTH - MAC was force this past week posting 7G 6A 13PTS. Hopefully for the Hurricanes, MAC can continue his ways all the way into the playoffs. Good job MAC!


Week Record: 2-2-0 [Last Week 1-3-1]
The Rangers currently sit in last place in the East. It seems in recent games Chronic has been the leading charge on offense. In a week only playing 4 games and having their game against San Jose rescheduled could have gone either way for them in the standings. The upcoming week for the Rangers is a big one.

New York had bad luck this past week in their 2 losses. Losing a game by a goal and the other by two. Nothing to fret about but, they are going to need to finish games. They do have a game in hand against Columbus and only 2 points back. I'd say Spec is going to be the go to guy this week as he is clutch when needed.

Key Player: Chronic - Do you wanna build a snowman? (Inside joke) Chronic had yet another awesome week putting up 9G 6A 15PTS. Great week Luke!

Week Record: 2-3-0 [Last Week 2-3-0]
Columbus hasn't had a winning week record all season. Now, it's time to buckle down and just floor it. Bring everything you got. This team has talent yet it seems nothing is working for them to get the wins. The go to guy this season has been Gyatso. He has been stellar all season and he leads the team in points(47) and the league in hits(244).

Not one person on the team has an even +/- and they are the league leaders in penalty minutes(436) if these boys want to make playoffs they're going to have to lock it down and play smart hockey. Two former selke winners should be a great boost of confidence in morale but i think the key is going to be Novi finding his scoring touch this final week.

Key Player: Gyatso - Jay was the top player for CBUS this week having 1G 7A 8PTS. Keep up the good work Jay!

Week Record: 1-3-1 [Last Week 3-1-1]
Edmonton what happened? Need an Oil change? It seems just weeks ago that Edmonton couldn't be stopped. Despite being at the bottom of this weeks rankings, this is nothing more than just a bad week. This team still has all the tools necessary of winning a cup. Still, this past week did put them in a bad spot as the West is now as good as anyones. They're going to have to get their act together as San Jose and Calgary are hot right now.

To make light of their only win on the week it was against San Jose. A tough opponent and rival in the West. The Oilers put up 31 goals this week and allowed 38. That's rough but BBB and the D have to be on form as they were in the first half of the season, this coming week.

Key Player: Desired Customs - DC is the steal of the draft in my opinion. He has been bringing it all season and he brought it this past week with 10G 6A 16PTS. Keep it up DC!

Thanks for taking the time to Read if you did. This weeks edition was kind of rushed as I have a date baha. A Power Rankings tool would be nice to use too! Remember, everything is based off of my amatuer journalism along with the stats that show for everything are what make the rankings. If you have any questions or comments. PM ME.
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Old Aug. 3rd, '14, 5:35 pm   #2
Chew Therapy
Chew Therapy's Avatar
Jul 2012 1,037
Edmonton AB

Looks good Rev, thanks for taking the time again bud. <3
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Old Aug. 3rd, '14, 6:12 pm   #3
Senior Member
Jun 2008 2,339
Toronto, ON
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Very nice, good read. One last cheer for Edmonton, looks like we may need it?
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Old Aug. 3rd, '14, 6:49 pm   #4
XBS Lumbus
Novicain13's Avatar
Sep 2011 859
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Nice write up, and my scoring touch won't come back. I am now Full time D
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Old Aug. 3rd, '14, 6:58 pm   #5
XBSHL Junkie
Jun 2008 3,298
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Great Write up sir..

def hurts to see us lead the Power rankings all season and end up in last the 2nd last week haha

def some motivation for us this last week moving into the playoffs

lots of good hockey been played and anyone in the 6 team league can win any night..

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Old Aug. 3rd, '14, 7:53 pm   #6
xD A L Y
Senior Member
xD A L Y's Avatar
Mar 2013 402

Great read! Good luck rest of the way for all the teams!
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Old Aug. 3rd, '14, 8:20 pm   #7
Senior Member
Sep 2011 266

Nice write up rev

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Old Aug. 3rd, '14, 9:16 pm   #8
Toronto Owner/Captain
BleedBlueBlood's Avatar
Jun 2008 18,416

Awesome work Rev. Thanks again for putting forth the effort making these. I love reading them and they add so much to the league.

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Old Aug. 4th, '14, 3:47 am   #9
Relax, have a drink.
canadianwhiskey's Avatar
Aug 2008 3,444
Ontario, Canada
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Nice job man.

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Old Aug. 4th, '14, 4:15 pm   #10
aka: RickJamezl3ish
GetLowBanks's Avatar
May 2011 1,284

Great write up. You just can't!

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