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Old May. 4th, '14, 8:30 pm   #1
Senior Member
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Jan 2012 1,269
Default XBSHL Eastern Finals Preview

The East. Home to some truly deep teams with some incredible scoring talent. Here in the Eastern Conference Finals, we have two teams who show that in spades: The New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals.

Eastern Conference Finals

(1) New York Rangers vs. (2) Washington Capitals

The Blueshirts are a team led by their expert goaltender, Letters, a favorite for the Vezina Trophy surely. Boasting an .847 save percentage, not much was able to phase the veteran backstop. And to add to that the Rangers have a smorgasbord of high power forwards to deal the pain on the other end. ChemicalDpendnt, GetLowBanks, Ftz Chronic, just to name a few. If you see a name on Rangers roster, chances are they can score easy. Even their defense is deep! So it should be no surprise that the Rangers are where they’re at now, nor that their keys to victory revolve around utilizing said depth.

Ranger's Keys to Victory

Let Letters See Some Action- Yes, this sounds pretty weird for several reasons, but hang with me a bit. From personal experience, I can say with confidence that Letters is a goalie that is at his best when he's being tested a lot during a game. It actually allows him to get more comfortable and get on a roll. I'm not saying let the Caps take 50 shots, but the Ranger defense shouldn't fret too much if Letters faces a difficult shot or two.

Keep up the Cycle- The Rangers love to work it around the ice in the offensive zone and should keep doing it in the postseason. DementedSpud, Muscleyarms, and Kabbot, are among the best passing defensemen in the league. As such, look for the Blueshirts to work it up to the point and start moving it around from there. Again, everyone on this team can score at will, so it's just a matter of finding the open man, which is something the Rangers know how to do very well.

Mix up the Lines- With so many good line combinations that you can put together with the that roster, keep the Caps guessing. These guys can ice 3 or 4 different lines that are all effective and add a new wrinkle. Change it up if it looks like Washington is getting too comfortable.

Washington comes off a hard-fought series against Columbus, one that went the full seven games. The Caps have just as strong an offense as the Rangers, with the likes of Thamps, MacNorth, Slow Elk and Tony Amonte leading the forward corps, and will surely give Letters all he can stand. The question becomes, can the Caps defense and goaltending hold off the equal assault of the Rangers?

Capital's Keys to Victory

Backcheck, Backcheck, Backcheck- The Caps forward lines will need to help out their defense more than they did during the Columbus series with the high powered attack of the Rangers coming at them. It might slow down the Caps rush going the other way, but it's certainly better than letting their D-men get overwhelmed.

Keep the Puck in the Zone- The Caps are second in the league in TOA, and they'll want to prove why they were against the Rangers. Best way to neutralize an opponents attack? Don't let them get the puck. Letters may like to face a lot of shots, but there's a limit. Be patient, keep it in the offensive zone, and look for a good shot. Rushing into the zone a firing a quick one is not the way to beat this team.

Use the Point- The Caps have great forwards but they won't beat a team like the Rangers by keeping it low the whole time and forcing cross creases. If they can get it to the open D-man and have him launch some rockets, they'll find some nice, easy rebound chances and even a deflection or two. Something will get through, but you don't want to skate into the gaggle of defensemen that the Rangers will surely be collapsing down low with.

These two teams are somewhat similar and their should be some great shootouts to enjoy watching with so many stars out on the ice!

Whew...Sorry this took so long to get out, I may or may not have gotten distracted by the Ranger game.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and good luck to all the teams playing tonight!
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Old May. 4th, '14, 8:33 pm   #2
XBSHL Junkie
Jun 2008 3,298
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Great write up Blak.. good luck to both teams... go get them Chem..

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Old May. 4th, '14, 9:24 pm   #3
I'm a Bear
Dec 2012 978
Lake Hills, New York

Great write up Lash! That was a great read. Good luck to everyone!
I'm a Bear ('''''\ ( ;....; ) /''''')
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Old May. 4th, '14, 9:25 pm   #4
Pure Garbage
Jan 2009 843
403 Calgary, Ab

Good luck to both teams in the eastern final. It should be an exciting match up.
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Old May. 4th, '14, 9:29 pm   #5
Senior Member
kabbott50's Avatar
Jun 2008 2,782
St. John's, NL
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Great job Blaklash!

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Old May. 4th, '14, 9:34 pm   #6
Jun 2013 648
Pittsburgh, PA

Great write up although Spud is pretty overrated. Just kidding little Spud Muffin
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Old May. 4th, '14, 9:41 pm   #7
Dish Master
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Nov 2010 1,062
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nice write up... should be a great series!

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Old May. 4th, '14, 10:56 pm   #8
The Band is Back
Aug 2011 2,101
New Bedford
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Best of luck to both teams...Cool write up lash..Thanks for doing it
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Old May. 5th, '14, 4:13 pm   #9
You Can't Do That!
Whiplash444's Avatar
Dec 2012 632
Long Island,New York

Great read!! good luck Washington and New York ...

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Old May. 5th, '14, 4:46 pm   #10
slow elk
slow elk's Avatar
Jul 2008 2,736
Great Falls, MT

Good post blak. once again,thanks for the write ups

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