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Old Apr. 14th, '14, 5:39 pm   #1
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New Jersey
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Default How important are they????

Hello all fellow XBS'rs! I figured since the regular season is coming to a close, some important statistical information should be shared with everyone to show why certain players matter most to their respective teams, which directly correlates to Wins and Losses.

Here are the TOP DOGS in each statistical category.



KrimsonFire- What more can be said about this guy? He makes defenses shudder before games with his scoring acumen, and smarts on the ice. If you think you stopped him one way.....Guess what? He will beat you in another way! Don't watch him.....WATCH THE PUCK!

50 Goals, 33 Assists for 83 PTS., and a +25 in 20 Games with a 18-2-1 record to show for it. But the one thing that pops out the most, if we are going to split hairs, is the fact that the Goals to Assists ratio although VERY LOW, definitely accentuates the fact that Krim shoots first, passes second.......This guy is not afraid to take the shot!

A Close 2ND-

Jordan9289- No surprise here.......He is right behind his own teammate for the Goals race, and there is a good chance he will surpass Krim. Not to take anything away from Krim, but its obvious that Jordan does the dishes in this relationship
48 Goals, 50 Assists, and 98 Points in 24 Games with an impressive +32 Watch out Krim!!


The Golden Apple as some call it. The ability to see the ice better than your opponent, and the ability to make the team around you better by hitting them with a tape on tape pass......with consistency.

Captain Bodget- 55 Assists! This guy can provide offense, or defense should his team need it. Being flexible, and still productive is what Bodge excels at. 19 Goals, 55 Assists for 74 Points in 24 GP is impressive. The only wart is the winning % which is at the 50% mark which is sure to improve as we get towards the end of the season. The -11 is a product of Chicagos inconsistencies that we have caught a glimpse of. I am sure Chicago will turn it around.

A Close 2nd-

Amazing Viper- Wow! Another Flame......Surprise surprise....Who would've thought? lol. Viper has strung together a pretty amazing season and is right on Jordans Heels for the top assists spot. Viper combines skill and great vision on the ice, with a calm demeanor making him a candidate for comeback player.....(If anyone ever creates such a thread!)


Points Per Game +/-
1-Jordan-- 98 Points-- 4.1 PPG -- +27
2-Viper-- 95 Points-- 4.0 PPG -- +31
3-Mac North-- 84 Points-- 3.7 PPG -- +11
4-Krim-- 83 Points-- 4.0 PPG -- +25
5-Chronic-- 82 Points-- 4.1 PPG -- +27

These are the top 5 point getters on Offense. The interesting part is that Points per game is also a good indicator of how close the race is. If some of these other players were to have in the upper 20s in games played, they may lead this particular category.

Special Mention:

Zaunbie:[/color] Does anyone hate playing against this guy as much as I do? Skills that border on insane comes to mind when I think of Zaunbie:
50 Goals, 32 Assists for 82 Points in 21 Games Played. With a 3.9 PPG, hes a few points shy of elite status. You better make sure your matchups are in order against Zaunbie....He will give you fits!

FTZ Chronic:
Did anyone see this rookie coming? This guy is a relative unknown, yet he is piling up the points to make a bid for the Calder. if you don't know about this guy, you better sit up and take notice......He has a nose for the net, and moves that would make Justin Timberlake jealous, and a 4.1 PPG average and a 15-2 record to boot......That's impressive.


Defenseman, although very valuable in their own right, always take a back seat to offense and goaltending because the pecking order is what it is. Not that I am complaining, because as a defenseman and the way the rosters are structured, we get to participate in more games. I think the Defense was definitely something that was overlooked when they created this game, as witnessed by the struggles of some to adapt to the atrocious defensive mechanic of NHL 14.
There are however few that rise to the top of X.B.S. despite the flaws of this years game.


ATR SNOWMAN: This guy is tough to play against! As all of you know, Snowman has been climbing the ranks of the X.B.S. with his mix of defensive ability, as well as his threat at burying the goals when his team needs them most. Snowman is putting together a fine season filled with Lamp Lighting, and Point accumulation. Snowman's 17 Goals in 27 games is tops for a defenseman this year. His totals: 17 Goals, 36 Assists, and 53 Points in 27 games is impressive, however the warts come with the -1 in the Plus Minus category. Although not terrible, I am sure that number will improve based on the quality squad that the Sharks are.

A Close 2ND:

WHOA Whiplash! Where did this guy come from? Making goalies pay with his decisiveness is what has made Whip into a great all around defenseman this year for the Hurricanes. Despite Carolinas record, Whip has been contributing to the offensive mix with his quick decision making and shoot first mentality. 11 Goals 40 Assists and 51 Points in 31 Games played is eye opening.
The wart of it all is the Plus Minus. Ok, so its not all on the defenseman, however they are measured on this one important be ahead in the plus minus. On top of that, being in 31 games this season definitely puts a chink in the lofty numbers, but no one is taking anything away from Whip. He is turning into an all star right in front of us. Get your check books out for next season OWNERS!


DementedSpud: Wow, what can I say about myself. As long as I have a point and I contribute, I'm happy. But being a good teammate and contributing is what I'm about. I was labeled as "Annoying" by someone.....not going to mention names LOL Something about if Poke checking was a category, I would be sitting on a huge mountain by myself. LOL Thanks......I figured someone could point some other redeeming qualities, but I guess it is what it is. lol.
8 Goals, 45 Assists, and 53 Points and a +11 in 25 Games

A Close 2ND:

Whiplash, and KT
Both of these guys are neck in neck for Assists with Whip @ 40 Assists, and KT @ 39


Spud & Snowman tied for the points lead with 53 points each
The difference being in Games Played. Snowman with 27 GP, and Spud with 25

A Close 2ND: Whiplash with 51 Points in 31 Games (See above for Whiplash write up)

Player Points Per game- +/- - D-Rating-
1- Spud-- 2.1-- +11-- 78.4
2- Snowman-- 2.0-- -1-- 81.0
3-Whiplash-- 1.6-- -11-- 80.4
4- KT-- 1.7-- +36-- 86.3
5-Daly-- 1.7-- -8-- 75.8

Special Mention:

KT: Obviously what more can be said that hasn't already been said before? The guy is rock solid on the blue line. He makes all of the players around him better with his brick wall defense, and quick decision making abilities........It is why he is a perennial all star, and the Norris Trophy winner two seasons ago. Obviously he has a great team around him to help alleviate pressure, however it is also one of the reasons why Calgary is such a dominant team.....Blue line presence. As much as the offensive guys don't want to admit it, you are nowhere without the breakout pass. KT Is actually inching up in points and assists, and will no doubt be hard to deal with once the playoffs roll around.

Daly: Grandad quietly climbs the ranks rounding out the top 5 statistically. Obviously everyone knows Daly is a very solid and capable individual. He won the Norris last year anchoring a solid Chicago team, and brought them to the promised land with his excellent passing, and disruptive skill set. We still have a week to go, so there's still a chance Grandad can break the top 3.

Dynasty: Dynasty has been proving his merit with a solid defensive season and having a fine rookie campaign playing in a tough division. Being on a great team helps, no doubt, but theres no question he stands apart as a solid option for Calgary with a tidy +17 an 84% D rating....Keep it up!

That concludes this write up, and I have left anyone out, it was not intentional. This article was meant for those who don't like to labor over the stats scoreboard, and to see where most people stand in the statistical categories. This is my first article, so please excuse me for the bush league columns that I don't know how to implement LOL. And thanks for reading!

:thum bup:

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Old Apr. 14th, '14, 6:25 pm   #2
Pure Garbage
Jan 2009 843
403 Calgary, Ab

Great write up spud.
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Old Apr. 14th, '14, 6:27 pm   #3
Feb 2013 418
Long Island, NY

Great stuff Spud! Lotta legwork there!
Wherever I go, there I am!
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Old Apr. 14th, '14, 6:53 pm   #4
Ftz chr0nic
Dec 2013 136

Awesome article spud thanks for the kind words
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Old Apr. 14th, '14, 6:55 pm   #5
Nico 916 Suave
Sir Gorgeous
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Cool stuff man!

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Old Apr. 14th, '14, 7:04 pm   #6
Dynasty18's Avatar
Jan 2014 96

nice write up...well thought out...cant wait for playoffs its gettin down to the wire
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Old Apr. 14th, '14, 7:14 pm   #7
You Can't Do That!
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Dec 2012 632
Long Island,New York

Wow!awesome article spud.thanks for the mention....

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Old Apr. 14th, '14, 7:54 pm   #8
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Sep 2008 1,074
Reading, PA

Great first article Spud well thought out!!!!

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Old Apr. 14th, '14, 8:23 pm   #9
AtR SnowmanJr
Apr 2012 98

Great article Spud! Thanks for the shoutout!
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Old Apr. 14th, '14, 8:46 pm   #10
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Sep 2011 266

Nice write up spud

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