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Old May. 21st, '12, 5:49 pm   #1
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XBS XBSHL Season 9 Registration Open!

XBS would like to announce that registration for season 9 is now underway for the XBSHL. Please sign up as soon as possible so that the owners will have a better understanding of who they will retain and who they will release back into the Free Agent Draft.

Any returning member from season 8 will have their salaries increased according to their teams final placement. The following is how that is determined:
  • Non-playoff team rosters - Additional $250,000 each player
  • First round losing team rosters - Additional $500,000 each player
  • Stanley cup losing team rosters - Additional $1,000,000 each player
  • Stanley cup winning team rosters - Additional $1,500,000 each player
This does not apply to the owners who will remain at $5,000,000.

Any member who was a rookie last season or who signed up after the Free Agent Draft, will not be able to be retained and must be placed into the Free Agent Draft. The owners can only retain $19 million worth of players with the exception of NY Islanders who are awarded $2 million extra for losing a member to new ownership (pixelslash with the LA Kings and jujimum with the expansion Nashville Predators) giving them a total of $21 million worth of player retention. Tampa Bay Lightning will also have an additional $1 million extra for losing KT to ownership of the expansion Vancouver Canucks.

If you are retained by your owner, you will be granted access to your team forums at some point next week. If you are not retained then your salary for season 9 will be reset and you will be placed onto the Expansion List. The 2 expansion owners will then select members of the players not protected by their club to fill out their $19 million worth of players to start their rosters for the season.

Any players who have not been either protected by their season 8 owner or selected by one of the expansion teams will be placed on the Free Agent List for teams to bid on your services during the Free Agent Draft prior to the start of the season.

As always, everyone who signs up will be set to "unapproved" initially. The Commissioner(s) will approve members as time allows. If you are new to this league then it is recommended that you create an introduction thread in the "Introduction Corner" and tell us a little about yourself. Also please remain active in the forums. You will likely not be approved immediately and will have to demonstrate that you will be an asset to this league.

Thank you everyone for your patience and we look forward to getting season 9 underway. The draft date and start date of the regular season will be announced in the coming days.

Old May. 23rd, '12, 12:58 am   #2
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Four more days for returning members from season 8 to sign up. Doing so after Saturday night means you have to sit 20 games before participating.

This is only for returning members. New members may sign up at any point during the season.
Old Jun. 3rd, '12, 3:53 pm   #3
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As a heads up. Today is the last day you can sign up to be a part of the draft.

The draft begins at 10pm EST tonight. Sign-ups to be included will be closed tonight at 8pm EST. Anyone signing up after that point will not be approved until at least tomorrow and will have to be a free agent pickup during the season if they wish to play.

Thanks and good luck.
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