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Old Jan. 11th, '19, 8:50 pm   #1
Delicate Butterfly
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Default XBSHL Season 24 Trade Tracker

Welcome to the official Trade Tracker of the XBSHL.
Visit here to read about trades that have occurred in the league.

Note: Most recent trades are listed first

Trade #8:
Transaction Date: February 1, 2019, 1:30 pm

To Jehtie ($8.0 million)
To Burnzie ($9.0 million) & $1.0 million

Edge: Even

Quick Analysis:

I was a little surprised by this trade honestly. Two big names in Jehtie and Burnzie were exchanged in this but both Edmonton and Jersey felt it was a deal that made sense for each team for different reasons.

In Jehtie you have a highly skilled offensive forward who currently has 36 points (25g, 11a) and is tied for 8th in league scoring. He has played 14 of his 16 games at center, where he has scored 4 GWG's while winning 48.1% of his draws. He is also currently at a +10. When I reached out to Thamps he had this to say about Jehtie and the completed trade, "Jehtie is an amazing player, tons of skill offensively, good vision, and good hockey IQ. He’s an offensive minded center however, with how many offensive minded guys we have on the team we needed someone a bit more defensive in the middle. Burnzie gives us that. One of the best two way centers in the game who put up a ton of points last season with Vibe. He is going to have that chance again playing with guys like Dragon, mash, Case and myself. I’m hopeful this will help solidify our team defense a bit more."

Going back the other way we have Burnzie, who as Thamps described above is one of the best two way centers in the game and I certainly don't disagree. Burnzie is one of the toughest centers I have personally matched up against both defensively and physically. And while his offensive numbers don't jump off the page this season, he does have a scoring touch that just might have a resurgence in Edmonton. On top of that, he will bring a solid physical presence in the lineup as he currently has 103 hits. Whiskey was short and simple when he gave his take on the trade stating, "We needed scoring and gave up a great TWF in Burnzie for it."

I'm calling this one even because both teams had needs that they filled with this deal. Edmonton got a little more defensive and Jersey added a very dangerous scorer which they desperately needed. Three weeks into the season and the Oilers lead the league with 93 Goals For while New Jersey sits in 9th with 62. As such, Edmonton obviously felt they could fill the offensive void of Jehtie leaving and Jersey gets the goal scorer and offensive presence in the middle that they were lacking. It's a smart deal for both teams.


Trade #7:
Transaction Date: January 31, 2019, 11:55 pm

To OldTimeHockey ($6.0 million) & Sniiffyy ($2.0 million)
To TheBossCwC ($3.0 million) & Tony Stark 0205 ($6.0 million) & $1.0 million

Edge: New Jersey

Quick Analysis:

And the shakeup continued in Buffalo as thebigschnoz continued to wheel and deal, moving OldTimeHockey and Sniiffyy to New Jersey in exchange for TheBossCwC and Tony Stark 0205.

Well was there ever any doubt that OTH would be moved again? I've lost track now how many times the poor guy has been moved, and while I understand schnoz's motivation for doing it (I'll get to that later), it seems OTH never finds a steady home. Thus far this season, he has put up 17 points in 13 games with 2 short handed goals and 1 game winning goal. Career wise, he's a three time All-Star on the wing, has one Selke trophy, and won an XBS Championship in Season 22 as part of the St. Louis Blues. Rookie Sniifffy was a post draft free agent addition to XBS and has played all 16 games at the center position where he has posted 16 points (6g, 10a) and 2 game winning goals, while winning 50.9% of his draws.

Going back the other way, we have a veteran in the Boss and Tony Stark, a rookie who has already been moved once this season (can we please find a home for this rook?). Like his veteran counterpart OTH, TheBoss has a similar resume here at XBS including 2 All-Star Wing selections and one XBS Championship with the Tampa Bay Lightning in Season 11. So far this season he has logged 12 games played on the wing where he has accumulated 17 points (7g, 10a) and 1 GWG. In his two short stints in Winnipeg and New Jersey, Tony has struggled a bit defensively so far this season. Maybe a change of scenery in Buffalo with veterans Schnoz and letters also patrolling the back end will be just what the doctor ordered for him. I certainly expect his second half of the season to show a marked improvement.

I reached out to both thebigschnoz and canadianwhiskey to get their take on the trade. According to schnoz, "Both the Sabres and the Devils have run into some bad luck, with good teams on paper. We both needed a shakeup and whiskey and I were trying to hash things out all week. I really didn't want to move OTH, and Sniiffyy was a great character for the team, but I think we need to move some of the surpluses to make up for some deficits. Boss brings a potential C role to the team, and I've loved playing with him previously. Tony Stark has a high ceiling and also fills a utility role."

On the flip side, canadianwhiskey had this to say, "Both teams wanted/needed a roster shake up. We were in need of offense and a true LW, not just me filling in on that side. I have played with OTH for a long time as have a number of the guys on the team so it was an easy fit. We also needed another C hence sniiffyy who can put some pucks in the net too. Sucked to lose Boss and Tony though. Boss was consistently putting the puck in the net and Tony was really starting to come into his own on the D side of things".

I'm giving Jersey the edge in this deal. As you can see, each owner had their own reasons for making the deal. However, statistically speaking, OTH and TheBoss both career wise and this season are a wash for me. So it came down to Sniiffyy and Tony Stark and I gave the advantage to Sniiffyy in that regard. He has just been playing at a more consistent level than Tony thus far. I'm really hoping that Tony can prove me wrong and reach that ceiling that schnoz mentioned in his quote.


Trade #6:
Transaction Date: January 31, 2019, 11:30 pm

To nosice ($4.0 million)
To SirRocko ($4.0 million)

Edge: Even

Quick Analysis:

So here we have a simple 1 for 1 swap with nosice headed to Winnipeg and SirRocko, another rookie, headed to Buffalo.

I have to be honest, I can't quite understand why nosice is being moved again. As I said earlier, when nosice was traded previously, "nosice is a class act, consummate teammate, and has proven himself to be a very solid defenseman here at XBS. As a member of the Golden Knights last season nosice put up 25 points, 24 of which were assists and put a up respectable D-Rating of 89.7." Muscley was looking for a defenseman with a stay at home approach and he certainly got that with nosice who at this point in the season has 13 points in 12 games played, with a D-Rating of 83.1 and a +/- of -9.

SirRocko, in 12 games played, has accumulated 15 points with a D-Rating of 87.3 and a +/- of -4. He leads all defenseman in goals, PP goals, and GWG's. However, besides the statistical data I don't have much else to go on when it comes to the rookie Rocko. His numbers at this point in the season are slightly better than nosice's and he will definitely help a Buffalo defensive unit that has struggled thus far this season. As a teammate, I don't have much to go on so I reached out to muscley who said this, "he's a good guy. Offensive minded, wants to help out wherever he can."

Sorry fans, but I can't pick a winner in this deal. Both players exchanged in the deal are quality teammates that statistically aren't that much different. It seems Buffalo made the deal to add a little offensive firepower from the back end and Winnipeg was looking for a more stay at home defenseman in return and both got what they wanted.


Trade #5:
Transaction Date: January 30, 2019, 3:00 pm

To ImpartingRook ($1.0 million) & xKingTut37x ($8.0 million)
To amazingviper ($8.0 million) & PoppaVibe ($2.0 million) & $1.0 million

Edge: Vegas

Quick Analysis:

With this trade it looks like we have two teams looking to shake things up. Both Vegas and Pittsburgh have struggled through the first two weeks of the season and it seems both were looking for a change.

Going to Pittsburgh, we have two rookies, ImpartingRook and xKingTut37x who have a combined 20 career games played here at XBS. In 4 GP, Rook has put up 3 assists as a winger and center, where he has an outstanding 76.9% faceoff winning percentage. Tut has played all 16 on defense and in those 16 games, he has posted a D-Rating of 86.3 with a +/- of -29, while chipping in 6 assists.

Heading to Sin City we have a veteran, amazingviper and a rookie, PoppaVibe, father to the famous VIBE Beats. Viper has been around XBS for 17 seasons and in his career he has amassed 907 points (400g, 507a), two All-Star selections, and one XBS Championship. Also in the deal was PoppaVibe, who in 8 games played on defense, has posted 7 points, a D-Rating of 80.4, with +/- -10.

Well with this deal it seems to me two struggling teams were looking to shake up their rosters. KingTut has yet to find his groove in Vegas so I think a change of scenery in Pittsburgh will certainly help. ImpartingRook has seen limited action in Vegas but if his one game at center is any indication he will fill that role nicely with the Penguins. With the acquisition of PoppaVibe, again, I think it's a change of scenery that will help bring his game back to where he expects it to be. By adding Viper, Whip reunites a very dangerous tandem of Krimsonfire and Viper who have had tremendous success in the past, even winning a cup together in Season 13. Viper has struggled a bit so far by his standards, but with this move I think we see a return of the Viper we have become accustomed to at XBS.

I was really leaning towards not giving Vegas the edge in this deal (just because all of the shit he gives me when I don't pick a trade winner). But Viper's experience at XBS and his reunion with Krim is indeed the reason I gave the Knights the advantage here. Both teams needed a change and while those needs were addressed by both, Vegas gets the edge.


Trade #4:
Transaction Date: January 21, 2019, 6:59 pm

To oDash9Ko ($4.0 million) & Zer0 pain ($8.0 million)
To bLind ($7.0 million) & MentisHQ ($4.0 million)

Edge: Tampa Bay

Quick Analysis:

Well we can just add another trade to the list, with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning completing a trade tonight. More specifically, the Leafs moved bLind and Mentis to Tampa in exchange for oDash9Ko and zer0 pain. Interesting enough, this trade involved 4 rookies and not one veteran was moved in this deal.

Here is what I do know after playing with Mentis and bLind for a few weeks in Toronto. Both of these gentleman are outstanding teammates who always keep things positive and light. Mentis offers Tampa flexibility as both a defenseman and goaltender, and will be looking to play the latter in more of a prominent role in Tampa. In his 6 games played in net thus far, he has a GAA of 2.44 and a .814 Save %. But most importantly, he is 5 - 1 in those games. With the acquisition of bLind he automatically becomes the Lightning's top scorer with an outstanding 16 points in 6 games. If Tampa Bay was looking for some scoring punch up front, they got their man in bLind.

Returning to Toronto are two rookies, oDash9Ko and zer0 pain, who I unfortunately don't know much about. oDash9Ko has played both as a forward (2 gp) and defenseman (4 gp) this season for Tampa Bay, where he has accumulated 7 points in 6 games. He has a D-Rating of 89.3 and a 54.5 winning percentage in the face off dot. zer0 has also played a dual role both as a goaltender and as a forward. As a goalie he has 2 games played and has posted a GAA of 2.00 and Save % of .800 and as a forward he has posted 6 points in 2 games played, with 5 of those points being helpers. Both of these players provide flexibility in the Leafs lineup and with the loss of Mentis, zer0 will most likely fill that backup goaltender role.

I hate picking a winner in this deal because I have personal experience with both bLind and Mentis while very limited information on Dash and zer0. Tampa Bay is getting two quality individuals and players while the return is still a relative unknown to me. At this point, I am going to give Tampa Bay the nod, but only slightly, because I feel like Dash and zer0 will both have important roles in Toronto, and who am I to question BBB? lol. Either way, good luck to all players involved with their new teams.


Trade #3:
Transaction Date: January 19, 2019, 10:00 pm

To Nutty Grandpa ($2.0 million)
To Tony Stark 0205 ($6.0 million) & $2.0 million

Edge: Winnipeg

Quick Analysis:

And the hits keep coming as we have another trade to report. This was a basic one for one deal with Nutty Grandpa being exchanged for Tony Stark, with a little bit of cash involved to even things out. I hope Nutty didn't get too comfortable in the relatively warm weather in Jersey as he now heads off to the frozen tundra of Winnipeg. And I have to add, is there a team Nutty hasn't played for at XBS? On the flip side, Tony Stark is a rookie here at XBS so I really don't have much to go on to evaluate his value in the deal.

I don't quite know Winnipeg's motivation for this trade but Nutty offers a ton of flexibility in the lineup and can even play some games between the pipes if necessary. Nutty played 3 games on the Wing (3g, 2a), and 1 game on D (90.6 D-Rating) in Week 1. I played a few games with Tony Stark pre-draft and from what I saw he was a solid defenseman. So far this season, in 5 games played, he has a D-Rating of 90.8 but has yet to accumulate a point.

I gave Winnipeg the nod here simply because I know what they are getting with Nutty; a known commodity that provides great flexibility. Tony Stark, on the other hand, is the unknown rookie and his 5 games played don't give me much of a hint about him. Maybe this move will help Tony get a little more involved offensively with his new teammates in Jersey but as of now Winnipeg still gets the edge.


Trade #2:
Transaction Date: January 17, 2019, 4:55 pm

To caseobeerz ($1.0 million) & FwamingDwagon12 ($6.0 million)
To slow elk ($2.0 million) & Skox ($4.0 million)

Edge: Edmonton

Quick Analysis:

We aren't even into the second week of the season and we have our second trade already; this one between the Lightning and the Oilers. No rookies involved in this deal but rather an exchange of two veterans, slow elk and caseobeerz, and two sophomore members in FwamingDwagon and Skox.

Looking at the vets exchange, slow elk and caseobeerz, I looked at stats and also lineup flexibility. Statistics wise, elk has put up 7 points in 4 games playing on the wing. He is also top 5 in hits with 25. Case has split his 4 games played, with 2 games at forward and 2 on defense, putting up 1 point in those games. Case also has a D-Rating of 81.5 in his 2 games played as a defenseman. So while elk has the edge statistically, Case provides a little more flexibility.

When it comes to our two sophomores involved in the deal, FwamingDwagon and Skox, both fill different needs for their two teams. Dwagon has played as a forward and in between the pipes thus far this season. As a forward he has been very solid, putting up 10 goals, including 3 GWG's, which leads all wingers. His team is also 4 - 0 when he laces them up on the wing. As a goaltender he hasn't been as successful but regardless he does provide his new owner, Thamps, that option. Skox has played solely on defense, accumulating 5 points in 4 games while posting a 81.8 D-Rating. His team has a 1 - 0 - 3 record when he has been in the lineup. Though he has had a short career here, comparing those numbers to last season (89.0 D-Rating & 19 points), I certainly believe Skox will reach close to those numbers again.

Edmonton still gets the edge here. I based that decision solely on the performance of FwamingDwagon so far this season. The other players involved in the deal feel like they even out, but Dwagon has been outstanding on the wing thus far this season. If he continues at his current scoring pace and can fill in on a limited but effective role as a goaltender, then Edmonton wins this deal.


Trade #1:
Transaction Date: January 9th, 2019, 6:06 pm

To nosice ($4.0 million) & BigWilk84 ($1.0 million)
To VitaminTSquared ($3.0 million), Argie26 ($1.0 million), & $1.0 million

Edge: Buffalo

Quick Analysis:

Never expected to see a trade this early in the season but here we are. The hardest part about analyzing this trade is the two rookies involved, BigWilk84 and Argie26, who I have very limited experience with. So to me, the comparison comes down to the two variables I do know and those are nosice and Vitamin. Both of these gents play different positions on the ice and it was obvious that both teams were addressing different needs in this trade.

nosice is a class act, consummate teammate, and has proven himself to be a very solid defenseman here at XBS. As a member of the Golden Knights last season nosice put up 25 points, 24 of which were assists and put a up respectable D-Rating of 89.7. By acquiring him Buffalo was looking to bolster their back end and they did just that.

Vitamin was a teammate of mine in his rookie season in Season 23, and like his counterpart in this trade, he himself is an outstanding team guy who always keeps things positive. He plays a gritty north/south game and put up 42 points (15g, 27a) in his rookie campaign, while netting 4 GWG's. With the addition of Vitamin it was obvious that St. Louis was looking for some offense on the wing.

BigWilk94 and Argie26, according to their player cards, seem to be able to fill in at most positions with Argie providing a little more flexibility than BigWilk in the lineup. Either way, for me to comment on either one of these players would not be fair.

I gave the edge to Buffalo because of nosice's experience here at XBS and the fact that he has three XBSHL Championships on his resume. He is a proven commodity and has been a consistent performer on the back end throughout his career here at XBS. It will be interesting to see how this trade pans out as we progress in the season.

Good luck to all players with their new teams.

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Old Jan. 12th, '19, 8:20 am   #2
It's Leon Time..
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Nice write up Dusty!

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Old Jan. 12th, '19, 9:25 am   #3
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Thanks for the writeup. I had no idea about the trade until nosice showed up in the locker room. Lol.

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You Can't Do That!
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Thanks Dusty..

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Nice write-up!

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Nice Write up I hope by some means I able to end my stunt double's strike and get him back playing legit hockey... IF not.. there could be alot of "Sorry Habs"

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Good work!

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The Elite
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At least now trades have predicted winners instead of just draws for every trade

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Old Jan. 13th, '19, 2:38 pm   #9
Delicate Butterfly
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Originally Posted by amazingviper View Post
At least now trades have predicted winners instead of just draws for every trade
Well any team that gets you in a trade would be considered the big losers in the deal....

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Rip Winkle
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