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Default Highlight Creation & Submission Guide

Hey Everyone—

Today I wanted to put together some tips and guidelines to submitting video clips for any XBSHL content. This will hopefully make the efforts of taking and providing clips – as well as putting them to video- more seamless and fluid for everyone. I’ll explain the various stages of the process as well so you can do determine when and how it would be best to provide clips, as well as any deadlines I have in order to make we sure get the most content released at the best time.

Highlight Process End to End

Deadline: Saturday 10 PM EST
Recap Release: Weekly Radio Show on Sundays
Applications: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects

Once I receive word on the clips you provide me I save them locally on my PC to a specific folder. On Friday evenings, I review these clips with ImpartingRook to determine the order of those highlights. When we come to a decision I rename those files with the number they are on the list followed by the player the highlight is for. This allows me to add them into my timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro seamlessly.

Grabbing your Clips

The first and most important step in the process, obviously, is gathering a clip to be submitted. As I’m newer to this as well –being mainly a PC guy—I’ve come across a few different ways to get these. I’ll explain a little bit about each and some tips to help you get the most out of your clips.

Xbox Recording Feature

At the moment, Xbox offers a pretty good tool to take your own clips on your system. So in order to use these feature you’ll need to go into your Xbox settings and make sure you’re ready to capture those clips:
The first thing you should do is configure the resolution and default recording lengths of your game DVR. Here's how to do that.

1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide menu.
2. Move the joystick to the right until you get to the cogwheel, and press the A button to open "Settings."
3. Move the left joystick down to Preferences and then select Broadcast & Capture using the A button.
4. Here, you can configure your short clip duration, automatic uploads, game clip resolution, and even set up an external HDD for game capture (which grants extra recording length, head here for more info on that).
5. Once you are done, get gaming and get ready to take some clips!

Now you’re ready to go with grabbing clips and taking screenshots. Here is process below:

1. When you're in a game and want to record a short clip of recent gameplay, press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide menu.
2. From the menu, press the X button on your controller to take a short clip of recent gameplay footage.
3. Your game clip will now be saved to your console and you can now upload it.
4. Hit the Xbox button and go to the right until you reach “Recent Captures.”
5. Find the video you want and hit “Upload.” This will then take some time to process and will be able to be viewed on

You can also configure the Xbox One to take longer clips, or even record persistently for up to an hour to an external HDD (here's how to do that). If you're recording direct to the Xbox One, though, you'll have some time limits depending on the resolution you're capturing. For example, if you have an Xbox One X set up to capture footage at 4K, you'll only be able to record up to 2 minute clips, unless you set up an external HDD for game capture.

1. To record longer clips, press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide menu when inside a game.
2. Press the View button (to the bottom left of the Xbox button) to open additional capture options.
3. Press the A button on a highlighted option to either start a recording, capture a screenshot, or capture the entire DVR buffer directly.
NOTE: If you use an approved USB 3.0 External Hard drive you can save up to 1 Hour of footage at a time.

Stream Recording Feature

If you or your teammates are streaming the game, it is possible for you to get clips from those streams directly. This function is a great tool to use, but you need to first be sure you’re setup properly. I won’t go into detail on how to stream directly, but below is how you can make sure your stream is available after the streams is complete.

1. Go to your stream site of choice (Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook) and go into the settings section.
2. From there, an option should appear stating some along the lines of “Keep Past Recording” or “Save Steams.” This will enable you choose to activate that so you may go back to those streams another time. Unfortunately, if this doesn’t happen you may miss out on some great clips.

Submitting your Clips

I like to keep the options of submission as small as possible to avoid missing any clips. With the rate they are coming in now it could be difficult for me to get them all of they’re scattered. Below is some guidelines I’d ask to be used when submitting clips to make sure I don’t miss any, in order of preferability.

How to Submit

1. Direct Message in Discord
a. I have discord on my phone and PC, so I’m connected to it all times. I understand not everyone uses it, and that’s fine, but it’s easier for me to go through your PM’s and delete it once I’ve grabbed it. More for organizational purposes.
2. Xbox Messages
a. Luckily there is a feature to attach your clips to a message which is helpful, but by submitting them this way I also get a message on my phone so I know it’s there.

Best Practices for Submission

1. If you are sending clips, please indicate who is who on the play. Although it is absolutely on me to make sure I get the right person on the highlight, it can be confusing if person A submits the clip and person B is the one with the play
2. If you are sending streams, please indicate who’s stream it is, what platform they are on (Mixer, Twitch, etc.), a link to the video, or the like. Also be sure to include timestamps on where the clip is so it will be easy for me to find it. Finally, details around the play such as who is involved.
3. Please don’t send anything to me on the forum. As much as I believe we should be utilizing the forum, I don’t check it as often as I should.

Tips for Great Clips

Use the Action Tracker

This is a great tool I found out about recently that I’d like to use. It breaks down all the important moments in the games and marks them with letters (H = Hit, S = Shot (Saves basically), G=Goal). If you click on any of those options, it will cycle through that clip with different camera angles. So you could submit a long recording of that cycle and submit those to me. I can resize it and make it appropriate for the recap. Also, you can hit the Replay Button to do a manual replay where you can change the camera angle you like (I prefer broadcast to spice up the recap videos). Here’s how to navigate to it.

1. After the game is over, before you leave the lobby, you can go into the “Action Tracker”
2. Select the action you want to review and let it play, or
3. Hit Replay and setup your own custom replay
4. Record and that’s it!

If you decide to use this method here are a few things to consider:
1. It removes the timer from the lobby so you can stay in as long as you want.
2. Be wary not to annoy your teammates. If you do this after the first game, make sure it’s ok with your team before staying the lobby and getting yelled at to get out.

Consider a Goalie Stream

Maybe this is because I’m a goalie and I see its value, but if a goalie is streaming they can switch camera angles while your team is in the offensive zone. This gets away from the overhead view of clips and gives it some flair. One thing to consider is potential lag. As a goalie, you don’t want that lag, but for me I’ve had no issues and it’s been seamless. It’s all dependent on your internet so use at your own risk – it just is an option for some great viewpoints.
And that’s it guys – I know it was lengthy, but hopefully this will help moving forward. As always if you have any questions or concerns let me know. I appreciate the flood of support on this – I love doing this so as long as you all do let’s make this better and better each week.


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Again. Thanks for doing this! Much appreciated for the detailed instructions.

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Awesome posting Mentis, wonderful job! Thank you.

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