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Old Jan. 18th, '19, 2:31 pm   #1
Delicate Butterfly
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XBS XBSHL Season 24 Media Update

XBSHL Season 24 Media Update

Hello Gents,

Just wanted to give you an update regarding some exciting news we have regarding our XBSHL Media for Season 24.

Three Stars:
We will continue to bring you the Three Stars in our traditional fashion. Chalupa Battman has volunteered to provide us with the Three Stars each week throughout the season, so please take a minute to thank him. We are all looking forward to that.

Power Rankings:
We are taking a different approach this season with the Power Rankings. Taking into consideration that we now have 10 teams, trying to write up Power Rankings each week would be quite a daunting task. So, Makakk, our resident technical genius has added a new feature to the scoreboard section of the XBSHL. In case you haven’t noticed, when you are on the scoreboard page, scroll down to the bottom left and you will see a small section called Weekly Mini Power Rankings. And (2) if you scroll up to the very top and mouse over the Standings tab you will get to the Weekly Power Rankings. When the Power Rankings are submitted you will see them posted in these areas each week.

Weekly Audio Show:
We are looking to have a weekly show this season, where the previous week, including the Three Stars and Power Rankings, and any other league news, will be discussed. We are still hashing out the details of this so stay tuned as we will update you.

Weekly Video Recaps:
Thanks to MentisHQ, who has volunteered to provide his assistance, we will be attempting to bring you a weekly highlight reel. As it will be a work in progress, we will all need to have patience as we work any issues that may arise. For this to work, it will require some participation from our league members.

Meaning, if you have any clips that you feel are highlight worthy please save them through your XBox and then Mentis will be able to access them through Xboxdvr. Secondly, if you a game is streamed and you want Mentis to rip a highlight off of the stream you will be required to tell him the specific stream and exact time in the video when the play took place. He will not be searching through videos to find highlights.

If you do save any clips or have any highlights in a stream, you will need to message Mentis and let him know that you have some so that he can go and retrieve them.

As the league continues to grow, we are constantly looking at ways to provide an even better experience for all of our members at XBS. Thank you to both of our volunteers, Chalupa Battman and Mentis.


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Old Jan. 18th, '19, 3:00 pm   #2
It's Leon Time..
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Sounds awesome! If you need a guest on the show I’d be up for it

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Old Jan. 18th, '19, 8:05 pm   #3
The Garbage Man
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Old Jan. 18th, '19, 8:08 pm   #4
Jaromir Jagr
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Thank you all for doing this.


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Old Jan. 19th, '19, 9:51 am   #5
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Awesome! Thank you everyone!

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