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Old Apr. 1st, '12, 4:15 am   #1
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Jan 2012 1,269
Default NBA 2k12 Assoc.

Hey guys, I'm planning on making a new online association, and I wanted to see if any of the XBSHL fellas wanna join up. I've got about 4 or 5 friends who are already willing, and everybody is welcome; no limit on the number of players. We're all about fun in my leagues so no worries if your not an expert at the game or anything. It is a Fantasy Draft league so be forewarned. Usually my leagues go for more than 2 or 3 seasons depending on the number of people I get. It hasn't been created yet, since I'm waiting for replies, so I'll let the people who are interested know when it's up and ready to go, and from there we'll decide a draft date.

Quick rundown on the league for those interested:

EDIT: League Name is "Blakout". League password is "knicks".

Each quarter is 7 min.

EDIT: Playoffs will be best of 3 through the Conference Finals. The Finals are now best of 7 to prevent a glitch I just encountered.

I'm open to suggestions on how many games you guys want to play in a season (The lowest being 29 games, highest 82), and how fast the league will sim.

I'm also open to suggestions on what difficulty you guys would prefer (Anything but Hall of Fame).

No full court press of any kind unless you are down by ten or more points.

I don't think it'll be an issue, but as far as cheating is concerned: It's very hard to cheat in this game since there are few glitches, but if you suspect some nonsense going down let me know. I'll see what's up.

In terms of lagout and connection problems, there's not a whole lot commissioners can do about it in this year's game, so if a connection problem occurs just try to play again or let it sim.

Oh yeah and the Knicks (my team) and the Spurs have already been called dibs on.

Regardless of who joins, I'm looking forward to seeing you guys on 2K

League Roster:

LL BlakLash- Knickerbockers
Habs- Heat
Jordan- Raps
Mr. T- Magic
Capt. Bodget- OKC
ATR Snowman- Los Spurs
nuttyblacksmith- Lakers
FL Nellynel- Bulls

Last edited by Blaklash; Apr. 1st, '12 at 9:50 pm.
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Old Apr. 1st, '12, 9:10 am   #2
Senior Member
Mar 2009 208
Sarnia, ON

Im in, ill take the HEAT

let me know when the draft is

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Old Apr. 1st, '12, 1:19 pm   #3
Pure Garbage
Jan 2009 843
403 Calgary, Ab

Ill take the raptors
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Old Apr. 1st, '12, 1:53 pm   #4
The Band is Back
Aug 2011 2,101
New Bedford
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I would love to play... Be fun to get in the draft. I would like to play as 1) Magic 2) Lakers or 3)Nuggets.

Last edited by Blackzyuk; Apr. 1st, '12 at 1:59 pm.
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Old Apr. 1st, '12, 2:36 pm   #5
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Jan 2012 1,269

Alright I'm gonna start keeping a running tally of who's in the league. I'll keep the list in the first post.

Also, depending on everyone's availability the draft will be next Saturday at 10 PM Eastern Time. Tell me if you can or can't make it, so I can move the draft if I have to.

EDIT: 58 games has been decided as the season length for now. If you think that's too long let me know.

Last edited by Blaklash; Apr. 1st, '12 at 4:11 pm.
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Old Apr. 4th, '12, 3:33 pm   #6
Toronto Owner/Captain
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Jun 2008 18,442

You should inquire with Bones about joining our existing league (instead of starting another one).....There is room.

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Old Apr. 7th, '12, 12:28 pm   #7
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Jan 2012 1,269

Just a reminder for all those still interested that the draft for this league is 10 PM tonight Eastern Time. If you haven't signed up yet and still plan to, the league name is "blakout" and the password is "knicks". Even if a lot of people don't join I'll still keep it up if you want to join mid way through and use it for some practice or something.

And BBB I'll definitely look into joining Bone's league. Thanks!
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