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Old Feb. 11th, '18, 12:29 am   #1
Delicate Butterfly
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May 2011 2,372
Long Island, NY
Default Week 3 Power Rankings - Cats Can't Be Neutered

Week 3 Record: (6-1-1) Season Record: (18-4-2)
What else can be said about Banks and his Cats? Despite the challenge they faced from the Oilers this week, they barely flinched, just going about their business racking up wins to the tune of a 6 - 1 - 1 week. As the preseason pick as the team to beat, they are sure living up the hype with the only blemish on their record this week a 2 - 1 OT loss to Edmonton. At this point in the season their record stands at 18 - 4 - 2 which is simply dominant.

Offensively, it was the same old story, as Florida led the league with 29 Goals For led by Banks, The Boss, and Nico Suave who combined for 17 of those 29 goals. However I would be remiss to mention the contributions of letters, Benchboss, and Mr Mastxr who all had 8, 7, and 7 points respectively. Letters was also Bergeron like in the circle winning 53.7% of his draws which was good for third in the league in Week 3. Florida got contributions from everyone up front this week.

When it came to defending opposing forwards, like a broken record, the Panthers were the stingiest team of the week once again. They allowed only 15 goals, which was not up to their usual standard of 9 (set last week), but was still best in the league, 2 less than Edmonton. The #2 star of the week, KT chipped in offensively with 9 points, but was as solid as they come on the blue line. Not to be outdone by his teammate, Chewbacca led all Florida defensemen with a 96.7 D-Rating while the Riddler3 also posted a D-Rating above 90 as well. Fluky had limited work this week on D with only 2 games played and while his stats don't jump off the page, he didn't need to be on top of his game with the performances of his D partners. Surprisingly, the 96 shots the defensive core allowed was not something we have come to expect and it will be interesting to see if this trend continues.

Similar to the Oilers, it was a 6 - 2 split of games played between BBB and Fluky this week in the pipes and they both put up great numbers despite facing more shots than they are accustomed to. BBB's week has already been summed up in the Three Stars but suffice to say it was another day at the office for him. In Fluky's two starts he posted a 1.00 GAA with a .875 Save %, and was undefeated. The tandem in the Sunshine State had quite a week.

I continue to sing Florida's praises and rightly so. No other team has yet been able to overcome them in the standings or the power rankings. They are consistent week in and week out in all facets of the game and have yet been challenged in the standings since week 1. Unfortunately for the rest of the league, I don't see them slowing down anytime soon.

Key Player: chewbacca1964 - Defense - 3gp | 0g | 2a | 2pts
This mention could have gone to any number of players on the Panthers roster, especially The Boss who had a great week, but I'm giving Chewy some love here. With the amount of talent on this defensive core it was Chewy who led the way with a D-Rating of 96.7. The rest of his stats (+1) and 2 points don't jump off the page but Banks isn't paying him to be flashy.

Week 3 Record: (6-1-1) Season Record: (14-8-2)
Believe me, as a new member of Edmonton, there is nothing I want more than to knock the Panthers off of their #1 Ranking perch. However, try as I might, despite their 6 - 1 - 1 record, I could not find reason for the Oilers to displace Florida at the top in Week 3. Don't get me wrong, it was a great week in Oil Country, and we even split the weekly series 2-2 with the Panthers being outscored only 10 - 9. However, goal differential was strongly in Florida's favor, +14 to +7, and that was the deciding factor in the rankings.

On the offensive side of things, Edmonton had a rather mediocre week, third in scoring (24), but it was enough to get the job done. They were led by owner DesiredCustoms who had 14 points in 5 games, and got secondary scoring from DustyRytStyk and Makakk88 who both added a combined 18 points. No Regretzkys, with only 2 games played added 5 points, and Rip Winkle threw his body around with reckless abandon to the tune of a team leading 21 hits, while also chipping in 5 points. XboxJon even got involved in the offense with a dazzling 5 point hat trick night in which he was named the first star. Edmonton certainly wasn't starved for goals this week, and I expect with NR playing more than 2 games next week, we just might see an uptick in goals.

Defensively, the Oilers shined this week only to be outdone again by those pesky Panthers. They were second in goals allowed with only 17 and had the top ranked PK Unit successful 95% of the time. The whole defensive unit was in lock down mode this week with not one of them having a D-Rating less than 90%. They were led by none other than DrugMonkey who despite the gray hairs and old wrinkly hands continues to get the job done. But even after him, there wasn't a huge drop off in the performance of the remaining defensive core as F5, XboxJon, and Jai Diggs were all on the + side while combining for 42 hits.

Laynher and Bubbaman were the last line of defense for the Oilers and while they didn't have the best weeks statistically, they were solid enough. Laynher played 6 of the 8 games this week, facing a league leading 88 shots yet that didn't faze him as he went 5 - 2 - 1 in those games. With only 2 games played, Bubba put up great numbers, all top 5, including a GAA of 2.00 and Save % of .852. He also went undefeated in those two games.

The Oil made a few trades to tinker with their lineup in week 3 but it still wasn't enough to overtake those pesky Panthers. As we approach the halfway point of the season Edmonton is playing some great all around hockey and if this continues it will be interesting to see how the remaining half of the season pans out.

Key Player: XBoxJon - Forward - 1gp | 3g | 2a | 5pts --- Defense - 3gp | 0g | 2a | 2pts
Jon gets the nod here because he pulled double duty and did both admirably. As mentioned above in his 1 game at forward this week he netted a hat trick while registering 5 points. When he was defending his own zone his numbers weren't flashy but they were definitely solid. He posted a D-Rating of 88.7 while dishing out 10 hits, while going 2 - 0 - 1 while in the lineup.

Week 3 Record: (4-3-1) Season Record: (12-10-2)
Toronto ended week 3 with a 4 - 3 - 1 record struggling against both Florida and Edmonton while getting all 4 of their wins versus Winnipeg, two of which were in OT. When they did match up with the two teams above them in the rankings they were outscored by a margin of 17 - 8. The Leafs just couldn't find their footing this week yet they still sit only 4 points behind 2nd place Edmonton in the standings.

Offense wasn't an issue this week in Toronto that's for sure. Led by Krim, who had a mind blowing 18 points in 6 games, the Leafs scored 26 goals which was only 3 less than league leading Florida. Chronic and OTH were nothing to laugh at either posting 11 and 10 points respectively while Revelations (7 points) and caseobeerz (5 points) rounded out the scoring. Firepower was certainly aplenty but it still wasn't enough to get any wins versus Florida or Edmonton and that hurt their ranking this week.

Defense was certainly not a facet of the game that the Leafs can boast about in Week 3. They allowed 27 goals against yet if we take a look at the defensive unit as a whole it's a bit surprising. Feenix was simply outstanding this week, with a D-Rating of 98 and slickee was very solid as well with a 91.5 Rating. And it didn't stop there. Both Kabbott and canadianwhiskey put up D-Ratings of 88.0 and 84.3 respectively. They were also very physical as a unit with a combined 85 hits. However, as you know, when you play on the edge, penalties may soon follow and with Kabbott and OSB taking 19 penalty minutes each it seems that was the case. Like I said, on paper the stats look impressive, but it just didn't translate to a solid defensive effort as a whole.

The netminding duties were split among OSB (2 gp), Nstj (2 gp), and slickeeslick (2 gp). As mentioned below OSB put up some mind blowing stats, with Nstj who had a GAA of 2.00 and .889 Save %, a close second (note: these stats are from his two games with Edmonton). Slickee struggled a bit statistically but made up for it with his effort on D this week. Similar to the defensive unit, this trio of goaltenders put up respectable numbers yet it wasn't quite enough to move them up in the rankings.

If the Leafs want to make a move they will have to start accumulating some wins against the likes of Florida and Edmonton. As mentioned previously, they only sit 4 points out of second place at the moment. Krim also made some moves this week bringing in NIKDAGREEK who will certainly help boost the offense and Nstj who by all accounts has been an impressive rookie in the crease. In the coming weeks questions will obviously be answered as the teams jockey for playoff position and I certainly expect the Leafs to be right in the mix.

Key Player: OSB - Defense - 4gp | 0g | 1a | 1pts --- Goalie - 2gp | 1.50gaa | .903%
This mention certainly could have gone to Krim but I couldnt ignore the fact that OSB who is not known as a regular starter in the pipes here at XBS, was lights out this week. In his two games played he went 2 - 0 while posting a GAA of 1.00 and Save % of .903 which led all other goaltenders on the Leafs. OSB filled in admirably when called upon this week.

Week 3 Record: (0-5-3) Season Record: (4-16-4)
Muscley had apparently seen enough in Winnipeg and shook up his roster with two trades this week. However, while the Jets definitely played some better hockey this week than they have in a while, they still remain in the #4 spot in the power rankings. They ended the week with an 0 - 5 - 3 record yet it was their best weekly record since week 1, when they went 4 - 4. As evidenced by those 3 overtime losses they have started to become competitive again, and that's great news. Hopefully they can take the momentum into week 4 and string together some wins.

Offensively, Rushpac led the charge in both points (9) and hits with 29, which was second among forwards this week. silentmiller, BONGKARMA, and Ac09dc provided secondary scoring with a combined 11 points, and newly acquired Tigers651981 chipped in 4 points as well. However, while their 15 goals scored this week were an improvement over their 9 goals scored last week, it just wasn't enough to make much of a difference this week. Hopefully the uptick in goals is a trend that will continue for the Jets.

On the defensive side of the coin it was a struggle as well, with the Jets allowing a league leading 35 goals against, 8 more than 3rd ranked Toronto. Muscley took the reins on the back end, leading all teammates with a 85 D-Rating and 16 hits while newly acquired Nutty Grandpa boasted a D-Rating of 85.5 in 2 games played. Surprisingly, after that it was a significant drop off for the rest of the team defensively as nosice, Spud, and Violent couldn't crack the 80 mark when it came to D-Rating and the physical play we have become accustomed to from Spud and Violent was a non factor as well. On the bright side, hopefully once muscley finds the right combos on the back end things will tighten up and guys will get back to playing how we've come to expect.

The majority of the goaltending duties fell on HABS' shoulders, playing 5 games while backup support was provided by both Nutty (2 games played) and muscley (1 game played). HABS faced 65 shots this week, and while it is an improvement from last week, he is still being forced to face too many shots week in and week out. Nutty averaged about the same and muscley faced 15, which by league standards is high. Nutty and HABS are two solid goaltenders who can help to turn things around in Winnipeg and with some timely saves here and there, hopefully that will start to happen in Week 4.

I apologize if it sounds like all gloom and doom in Winnipeg, but muscley has done an excellent job of shaking things up looking for a spark in Winnipeg. If their 3 overtime losses this week are any indication things may be headed in a positive direction for the Jets. They just need to get some of that swagger back in the defensive end and find a way to put more pucks in the net. At this point, a playoff seed may be out of reach but playing the role of spoiler certainly is not, so let's see what kind of week the Jets have in week 4.

Key Player: Nutty Grandpa - Defense - 2gp | 0g | 1a | 1pts --- Goalie - 2gp | 3.00gaa | .800%
Newly acquired Nutty filled dual roles this week between the pipes and on the blue line and he did a very respectable job in both. His 3.00 GAA and .800 Save % were tops on the team, and while patroling the defensive end he had D-Rating of 85.5, which led the team. Nutty was a smart acquisition by muscley and he paid immediate dividends in week 3.

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Old Feb. 11th, '18, 12:31 am   #2
Delicate Butterfly
DustyRytStyk's Avatar
May 2011 2,372
Long Island, NY

I was testing something out this week hence not all of the names are linked. I will fix that up soon.

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Old Feb. 11th, '18, 1:27 am   #3
Et Non Erunt Decem
muscleyarms83's Avatar
Jun 2010 5,222
Winnipeg, Manitoba

We tripled our points total from week 2 to week 3. If we can do that again, we'll be golden!

Good stuff Dusty

"Ya drive on down to Buffalo to watch the Leafs play, and sure, the gas is cheap, but fuck if they don't even have All Dressed chips in that shithole." - Wayne
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Jaromir Jagr
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Sep 2011 605
London, ON

Nice Dusty. Big write up. Much appreciated


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Old Feb. 11th, '18, 6:03 am   #5
Senior Member
Jul 2008 5,265
Vancouver, B.C

Great writeup Dusty! I feel like we've been playing awesome here on the Panthers, getting solid team defense and goaltending. Then I look at the standings and Edmonton is only a few points back! They've been staying right with us all season. All the recent trades may have just sparked the Oilers, should be a fun next few weeks!

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Old Feb. 11th, '18, 9:55 am   #6
Just Joe
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May 2011 1,252

Yeah very well done Dusty, great read.

Also yeah KT still a lot of hockey to play!!

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Pack it up
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Jul 2008 7,228
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great write up dusty!

The grey hairs and wrinkly skin had me rolling LOL
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Old Feb. 11th, '18, 1:10 pm   #8
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Jun 2008 2,339
Toronto, ON
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Lets go Florida, don't want to start reaching for the golf clubs just yet! All about the Florida train choo choo
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Nico 916 Suave
Sir Gorgeous
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Jul 2011 3,751
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Another awesome one man. Always enjoy them

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Old Feb. 11th, '18, 6:49 pm   #10
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St. Louis, MO

Wow, what a thorough article Dusty, good read and thanks for the love.
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