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Default Atari: Game Over

There's an hour long video out on the XB1 dash that you can watch detailing the demise of Atari and how people blame it on the game ET. I owned ET and played it a lot and I don't think it's the worst game of all time by a long shot. There are plenty of worse games but it's a fun documentary talking about Atari back in the day and the excavation of some landfill where they thought millions of copies of ET games were buried in New Mexico.

Maybe it was because I grew up in Canada or maybe cause I was a kid and didn't get into those kinds of things but I don't really remember Atari going out of business or hearing that ET was awful. I just played the games and loved most of them. Then one day I got a Nintendo and that was the demise of Atari for me. I didn't realize they crashed and burned on their own before Nintendo came in and filled the void. I played friends' Coleco's or Atari computers or VIC20s or C64s and our TRS80 computer in between the 2 consoles but I never got to a point where I was aware of the fact that Atari had "died" and all the hype surrounding it.

Edit: The movie is actually listed as an app so you can download it if you want or just click watch it.
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Didn't they make more ET cartridges than there were Ataris? I watched a video on IGN a few months back where they found thr buried cartridges. I wasn't old enough to know anything about the crash - my first console was the Sega Master System.
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