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Pga Official XBS Tiger Woods 14 League

We at XBS are proud to announce a new league starting up for Tiger Woods 2014. This will be our first official golf league ever and are hoping for some exciting competition and a lot of fun. There seems to be a good amount of interest and hopefully this will carry over into the league and we can make this a staple here at XBS.

The commissioner will be JKGuy16, who will be handling the set-up and direction of the league. He likely doesn't need an introduction but for those who are new here. JKGuy has been a successful owner in the XBSHL for several seasons and is currently our famous radio show host for the XBSHL.

League Setup

This will be a closed league, requiring members to be approved in order to participate. There will be a sign-up thread where members can post their interest. More on how to sign up will be posted at the end of this announcement.

The tournaments will utilize individual stroke play format with one or two that will have a team format element involved. Where you finish during the tournament can make you rich (well not really). Cash value will be assigned according to placement in the standings. This will help determine at the end of the season, playoff and league championship spots.

Season Play

The league will be set up by having 8 regular season tournaments for the first season and playoff/championship tournament(s) as well.

The inaugural season of Tiger Woods will have two "major" events which will add additional value to the prize money at the end as well as have much more difficult settings.

The finer details to the league such as winning amounts and settings will be determined prior to the start of the season and will be updated within the golf league forum.

Participation and Discussion

Many of the league settings we use will be agreed upon as a league prior to the start of the regular season. There will be controversy but remember that we will all be using the same settings so the playing field is still level. The idea should be to make the game difficult enough that there is no one shooting a 60 but not to the point where we have a bunch of 80's either.

Although the league will be closed, it will allow for members to miss the occasional tournament. A commitment is required but will not be as stringent as the XBSHL is.

Cheating, or any kind of conduct that could be considered detrimental to the site or the league will result in immediately dismissal. This is a golf league and we fully expect the honor system to be in play where possible, just like in real life. The code of golf should carry into this game as well.

How to Sign-Up
There is a sign-up thread posted in the "Golf" forum where the discussions have been taking place for the past week or more. If you are interested in joining this league then please post in that thread.

We are hoping to start the league around 2 weeks after sign-ups open.

Thank you everyone and good luck.

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