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Old Jul. 21st, '10, 4:38 pm   #1
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Jun 2008 1,055
Upstate NY
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Default What's In Your Golf Bag?

Thought it would be cool to see how many "real-life" golfers there are out there and what you have in your bag, and what type of handicap you play to.

I play with the following:

Callaway X-14 Irons
Cleveland Hi-Bore 3 Hybrid
Cleveland Launcher 3 wood
Cleveland Tour Action Wedges 47 and 53 Degree
TaylorMade R7 Driver
Odyssey White Hot Sabretooth Putter

I play to around a 7 handicap.
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Old Jul. 21st, '10, 4:42 pm   #2
speaks French, in Russian
Vega's Avatar
Jul 2008 3,046
Orange Beach

Nike Slingshots
Nike CPR Hybrid
Taylormade r7 Driver
Odyssey White-hot Three ball

Honestly, I haven't played in so long I have no idea how well I'd shoot. When Mullet and I were in college, I was around a 10-handicap, but I'd be happy to shoot in the low-90's right now.
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Old Jul. 21st, '10, 5:04 pm   #3
Mix it with love,babe.
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Jul 2008 2,350

I don't play as often as I used to. I have only been out twice this year and I live about 3 blocks from the Bethpage golf course!

I haven't bought clubs in a while, figuring that I don't play as much and would be better off with a better swing than a better club.

I use a Cobra SZ 400 which I can still bomb pretty good, average around 270 with it, chicks do dig the long ball.

I have a Nike 3 wood and some hybrid, I rarely ever use either one of these clubs though, can't really hit either one well.
I use Cobra Cobra SSi irons and Cleveland wedges and a Taylormade Mezza Monza putter.

My two round this year were an 89, which was the first round I played in 2 years, actually was the first time I swung a club in two years, second round was a 92, couldn't putt either time at all.

I do plan on getting back out almost every weekend for the rest of the summer and fall, but golf lost it's addictive powers over me. I used to jones about it all week, take days off during the week to sneak in an extra round, leave work early to get in a quick nine before dark. Used to go out in 33 degree weather with hand warmers and wool hats, but those days have passed...

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Old Jul. 21st, '10, 5:55 pm   #4
New GT: drummerJ99
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Jul 2008 3,096
Columbus, IN
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TaylorMade R5 XL Driver
TaylorMade R7 3 Wood
TaylorMade R5 5 Wood
Nike CPR 20 & 22 deg Hybrids.
TaylorMade Rac OS Irons
Nike OZ mallet putter

As for my handicap, have no clue what it is, just know I'm lucky to break 100. This summer I haven't golfed much but about 2 years ago it was a once a week thing. My interest has seemed to going golfing to out riding on the bike. Costs less money. LOL
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Old Jul. 21st, '10, 6:03 pm   #5
For your health!
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Aug 2008 1,194
Winnipeg, MB
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Cobra F Speed Driver 9.0 Degree
Titleist 980F 3 Wood Steel shaft 15 Degree
Cobra Baffler 2/R 18 Degree
Ping S59 Irons 3-W
Titleist Vokey 56 Degree Wedge
Titleist Vokey Oil Can 60 Degree Wedge
Yes! Dianna Putter

I play around a 13 handicap. I used to work at a golf course so I should probably be better than I am but I only really started playing 5 years ago when I worked at the course. I don't have that much money or time to play as much as I'd like but I've played twice so far this year and I'm hitting the ball better which definitely makes it more enjoyable.

There isn't very long of a golf season in Winnipeg however, we get around 3-4 months of hot weather to enjoy and the rest is poor weather golf, it's not bad if you have a pair of rain gloves and a jacket you can swing in though.
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Old Jul. 21st, '10, 6:23 pm   #6
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jujimum's Avatar
Jun 2008 18,713
St. Louis, Mo

in my golfbag: Mold
Handicap: Playing golf

C'mon, you knew there'd at least be one smart-ass comment, I just knocked it out of the way early.

I've played, honestly, 18 holes of real golf and not on the same day. Enjoyed it and would definitely play again if I didn't get paired up with strangers but the right type of friends.

I was fairly decent at it and wish I actually played Now I'm old and can't take the heat.
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Old Jul. 21st, '10, 7:18 pm   #7
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Jun 2008 1,055
Upstate NY
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I hear you man. When I was in college I lived next to a course and a typical day wold get in 18-36 holes easy. At one point I was down to a scratch golfer.

My putting has been killing me this year. I switched to the Odyssey White Hot Sabretooth hoping it would help out (even if only mentally). I have been a 3 putting king. I shot a 83 two days ago with (7) 3-putts. Talk about frustrating.
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Old Jul. 21st, '10, 7:30 pm   #8
Pack it up
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Jul 2008 7,228
Long Island, NY
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Originally Posted by silentmiller View Post
I don't play as often as I used to. I have only been out twice this year and I live about 3 blocks from the Bethpage golf course!
I live in New hyde park, not very far from you miller. My friend has a dental practice in farmingdale called Family Dental its right down the block from bethpage GC.

I used to golf 4-5 times a week, this was before i had any kids what i used to call the good ole days. I havent been out in almost 2 yrs but im planning on comming out of my retirement next yr.

From what i remember without going in to my shed too look exactly what i

Irons-Pings Custom fit

Driver- Callaway Big Bertha

Woods- Callaway Steele heads

Putter-Pretty sure its a
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