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Old Mar. 1st, '17, 3:10 pm   #1
XBS Bully
DustyRytStyk's Avatar
May 2011 2,067
Long Island, NY
Default Rookie Showcase

Rookie Showcase

Hello Fellow XBS Members,

As of today we have 10 rookies who will be joining us at XBS for Season 18. With that in mind, we are reaching out to the community for help with organizing a Rookie Showcase before the draft. It would be a great help to the owners and the XBS community as a whole if we can get some of these new guys to play some games with and against us.

Are new members are the following:
  • NYIsles1972
  • Poyodiablo
  • Rushpac
  • Slavsky x 21
  • That 1 odd guy
  • x SilkK822 x
  • xAbiLiTyx
  • Teddy Beavers
  • Linkrunner

What we are hoping to do, with your assistance of course, is to set up some games Thursday or Friday night, or even both, just to see what these guys are all about. We also think it would be a great idea if someone would also volunteer to stream the game and take a few screen shots of statistics and even the player template each member uses. Like I said earlier, it would be a tremendous help to the owners and to the parity of the league rosters as a whole.

If you would like to volunteer to help, please respond in this thread and let us know. Maybe you could respond in this manner:

Name: Dusty
Night: Thursday or Friday
Host: Yes
Stream: Yes
Screen shots: Yes

Now, that was just an I wouldn't mind helping by playing in a few games but we're putting this on the community to see what kind of interest we get.

We would also need our rookies to respond in this thread because obviously, if we don't get any interest from them, this is all a moot point.


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Old Mar. 1st, '17, 3:27 pm   #2
Baron Von Sauerkraut
BleedBlueBlood's Avatar
Jun 2008 17,957

It's been a busy week for me and I don't think I can play until Saturday night. If we do something for Saturday night, I'm in, but otherwise I can't Thursday or Friday.

Nice to see Teddy and Rush join up. I've played with them before at LG and they are good guys! They should fit right in here.

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Old Mar. 1st, '17, 4:08 pm   #3
Senior Member
BenchBoss67's Avatar
Oct 2008 2,365
West Chester, PA
Send a message via MSN to BenchBoss67 Send a message via AIM to BenchBoss67 Send a message via Yahoo to BenchBoss67

I can help out if needef

Name: BenchBoss
Night: Thursday or Friday both if needed
Host: No
Stream: Yes
Screen shots: Yes

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Old Mar. 1st, '17, 5:01 pm   #4
Jun 2014 76

I can help Friday night say 10 et
Name: Slickeeeslick
Night: Friday
Host: Yes
Stream: No
Screenshots: Yes

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Old Mar. 1st, '17, 5:07 pm   #5
May 2014 658

Me too!
I too can host
stream no
screenshots... of what?

where are you rooks?!

Lets all get along, k?
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Old Mar. 1st, '17, 6:16 pm   #6
x AbiLiTy x
The Legendary SlapNootSki
x AbiLiTy x's Avatar
Feb 2017 103
Cool Of course I'm in..

I work Thursday, Friday, Saturday but will be available every night between 8:30-12.
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Old Mar. 1st, '17, 6:43 pm   #7
Pack it up
DrugMonkeyRX's Avatar
Jul 2008 7,218
Long Island, NY
Send a message via MSN to DrugMonkeyRX Send a message via AIM to DrugMonkeyRX

Name: DrugMonkeyRX
Night: Friday around 930-10pm
Host: Yes
Stream: Yes
Screen shots: Yes

Not sure who will be around...but i can def help out if needed.

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Old Mar. 1st, '17, 7:02 pm   #8
x SiLkK822 x
Feb 2017 11

I can Thursday and Friday from 9-11 but I'm gonna be out for saturday
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Old Mar. 1st, '17, 7:12 pm   #9
XBSHL Junkie
Jun 2008 3,257
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Name: Desiredcustoms
Night: thursday night, saturday, sunday
Host: Yes
Stream: Yes
Screen shots: Yes

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Old Mar. 1st, '17, 10:44 pm   #10
Junior Member
Feb 2017 19
Daytona Beach Florida

Name: Link
Night: Thursday or Friday any time
Host: Yes
Stream: No
Screen shots: No
I'm excited to start playing with everyone and I'm looking forward to show everyone what Ive got for the draft. I'm ready to meet everyone and get to know one another. Of course I'm gonna look to be the outstanding rookie of the year but more than that I'm looking to have some fun with my teammates.
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