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Old Feb. 18th, '17, 2:04 pm   #1
XBS Bully
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May 2011 1,709
Long Island, NY
Default XBS Season 18 Update #3

XBS Season 18 Update #3

Hello fellow XBS Members,

Well to begin with, congrats to you guys, the XBS community for getting those sign ups done in a timely fashion. As I type this we have 45 approved members, including owners and 3 unapproved members, which if approved, will bring us to 48 players. Things are really looking good so far.

Also, in case you havenít noticed, BTW has gotten a Shoutbox chat up and running on the homepage of XBS. This will provide is with a fun and easy way to communicate with each other about the league and other stuff. Please take a minute to read my thread, New Shoutbox Feature and give it a Read and Understood. And just to repeat what I stated in the thread, just be cool to each other in the chat. I would hate to have to remove the chat feature all together because we as a community canít behave like mature adults. Remember, visitors to our site who may be thinking about signing up can view the chat, so we all bear responsibility for keeping the chat clean and respectful.

Regarding XBS Media, allthway had accepted the position but when he joined the ownership team he felt that his priorities should be with running his Toronto Maple Leafs and we can all agree that is the way it should be. With that being said, at this point, the guys on the admin team (myself, Blaklash, Nexus, and BTW) will be sharing the media duties, unless of course somebody else decides to take on that role. If you are interested send one of us a PM and we will get back to you.

Depending on how many players we get, we are hoping to close sign ups, next Saturday, February 25th. If we don't have enough at that point to field 6 teams we will have to look at extending the deadline. So, if you know anyone who hasnít signed up yet, let them know to get over to the website and register for Season 18. Let people know what a great hockey gaming community we have here at XBS.


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Old Feb. 18th, '17, 2:09 pm   #2
You wanna hug it out?
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Jun 2013 629
Pittsburgh, PA

Read and understood. Thanks!

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Old Feb. 18th, '17, 2:50 pm   #3
Baron Von Sauerkraut
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Jun 2008 17,342
The Elbow

Read and understood.

As you skate across my blueline in the shadow of death, thou shall fear my evil - Sauerkraut 23:4
Gonna Make Goalie Great Again, Da! - Baron Von Tretiak
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Old Feb. 18th, '17, 4:29 pm   #4
Pack it up
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Jul 2008 7,006
Long Island, NY
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Read and understood

Thanks for keeping us up to date

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Old Feb. 18th, '17, 4:51 pm   #5
No Regretzkys
Frozen Water Sports
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Aug 2013 375
Long Island, NY

Read and understood

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Old Feb. 18th, '17, 4:57 pm   #6
May 2014 385

Heard and understood.

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Old Feb. 18th, '17, 6:01 pm   #7
Senior Member
Sep 2011 242

Read and understood

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Old Feb. 18th, '17, 6:10 pm   #8
Hulkamania Lives On
Aug 2011 2,144
New Bedford
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Sounds great

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Old Feb. 18th, '17, 8:49 pm   #9
XBSHL Junkie
Jun 2008 3,157
Niagara Falls, Ontario

thanks mike

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Old Feb. 18th, '17, 9:08 pm   #10
Senior Member
Jun 2008 2,515
Toronto, Canada
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Good stuff

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