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Old Feb. 26th, '17, 5:00 pm   #1
XBS Bully
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Long Island, NY
Default XBS Season 18 Update #4

XBS Season 18 Update #4

Hello fellow XBS Members,

Believe it or not, we are finally in the home stretch as we prepare for start of Season 18. We know many of you are eager to get the season started and we are working very hard behind the scenes to make that happen. We want to thank you all again for your patience.

Currently, we sit at 56 approved members. We really would like to get that number to 60 allowing each team to draft 10 players and hopefully eliminating any issues with player availability. Once we reach that magic number of 60 we can move forward with the draft.

Regarding the draft, we are tentatively trying to schedule it for next weekend sometime. However, that obviously depends on two things: (1) owner availability and (2) the number of draftable players. If we can get the number of players to 60 and get all of the owners to agree on a date, we can get the draft done next weekend. Sign ups will be open until we at least get 60 players, so if you know anyone else that would like to join us here at XBS get them to sign up.

And finally, to answer a question that came up from an owner, just one final note regarding the rules, wraps are still not allowed during league play.

When we have solidified a draft date we will be sure to let you know. Draft day is always one of the best times of the year here at XBS so we are really looking forward to it as well. So stay tuned!


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Old Feb. 26th, '17, 5:20 pm   #2
Baron Von Sauerkraut
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Jun 2008 17,852

Yay, good job guys!

Let's get the word out to a few friends and I'm sure we can get to the magic number of 60 in no time.

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Old Feb. 26th, '17, 6:06 pm   #3
You wanna hug it out?
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Jun 2013 644
Pittsburgh, PA

Awesome! I'll see if I can get ahold of any veterans!
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Old Feb. 27th, '17, 9:35 am   #4
Maximum effort!
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Jun 2008 13,668

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