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Old Feb. 5th, '17, 8:08 pm   #1
XBS Bully
DustyRytStyk's Avatar
May 2011 2,067
Long Island, NY
Default XBS Season 18 Update #1

Hello fellow XBS Members,

In an attempt to increase our transparency with the community, I wanted to reach out to you and provide an update on what is happening behind the scenes here as we prepare for Season 18. Before I go any further, just take a minute to think about that….18 Seasons and still going, pretty impressive.

Anyway, it wouldn’t be fair for me to give you all the details, but currently, we are working on a few things to prepare for Season 18. As you all noticed, BTW and Nexus did a great job in getting the awards done and preparing the survey that many of you responded to already. We are also discussing some rule changes we are thinking about making for next season. And finally, we are working on filling in some potential team management vacancies.

I’m asking in return that all of you here in the XBS community remain patient with us as we are working as hard as we can to get Season 18 rolling in a timely manner. As things progress here in the off season I will make sure to keep you updated as best as I can.

And just a few reminders:
  • We are still looking for someone to fill the XBS Media position.
  • If you know anyone who hasn’t done the survey please encourage them to do so.

Thanks for listening gents and stay tuned!

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Old Feb. 5th, '17, 8:24 pm   #2
The Garbage Man
OldTimeHockey's Avatar
Jul 2008 7,769
South Amboy, NJ
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Thanks to all who have a hand in making this league tick.

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Old Feb. 6th, '17, 10:48 am   #3
Nico 916 Suave
Sir Gorgeous
Nico 916 Suave's Avatar
Jul 2011 3,553
Pittsburgh, PA

Sounds good! Thanks for keeping us in the loop

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Old Feb. 6th, '17, 11:21 am   #4
Baron Von Sauerkraut
BleedBlueBlood's Avatar
Jun 2008 17,957


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Old Feb. 6th, '17, 3:29 pm   #5
Pack it up
DrugMonkeyRX's Avatar
Jul 2008 7,218
Long Island, NY
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Good stuff! thanks for the update

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Old Feb. 6th, '17, 6:27 pm   #6
XBSHL Junkie
Jun 2008 3,257
Niagara Falls, Ontario

thanks for the update mike

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Old Feb. 7th, '17, 11:01 pm   #7
The Band is Back
Aug 2011 2,100
New Bedford
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Old Feb. 8th, '17, 8:09 am   #8
The Future of the Habs
Danzerino's Avatar
Jun 2008 2,561
Montreal, Quebec
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Sounds great!!!
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