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Old Sep. 5th, '08, 3:25 pm   #1
H. Hammerstein #77
Jul 2008 2,925
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Default Official Mercenaries 2 Thread!

Developer: Pandemic Studios (PC, X360, PS3), Pi Studios (PS2)
Publisher: EA
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 2
Release Date: August 31st for NA, September 5th for EU, September 30th for Australia
"The game features three confirmed playable characters, all from the original game: Jennifer Mui, Mattias Nilsson and Chris Jacobs.

"Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is set in August 2010. The story follows the player's hunt for Ramon Solano, a druglord who contracted the player's mercenary for a job then subsequently refused to pay and tried to kill him/her. Following a militaristic coup, Solano becomes the dictator of Venezuela. He uses his position to seize control of the country's oil supply, resulting in an international incident and distress among OPEC (in the game the oil company excavating in the region is called Universal Petroleum). Alongside Solano's Rebel Forces, a large portion of the Venezuelan army fiercely support the dictator's cause. The other rebel forces, in opposition to Solano, have risen under the name of the PLAV--the People's Liberation Army of Venezuela. Soon, numerous other factions join the fight for control of Venezuela's oil. Among them: The massive Universal Petroleum Corporation and its private military; the Rastafarian Pirates (the equivalent of the Russian Mafia from the original Mercenaries game); China's PLA; and the AN (Allied Nations--a less controversial pun on the UN). These six forces will inevitably form the backbone of a war to determine the fate of the country's oil supply.

"Betrayed, the player's mercenary will ally him/herself with any of the other factions to get even with Solano, and make some money along the way."
Really you just blow shit up. The story isn't really much to be honest.



There's online-only (no split-screen!), two-player, drop-in drop-out co-op. Due to technical issues, you must stay within half a kilometer of each other

I'm about 40% done the game and I must say it's been pretty fun so far. The story is pretty lame but it's based off of a fuel crisis in Venezuela so it kind of pertains to real world events. The best part is the destruction though, and you can pretty much destroy anything. My personal favorite is the air strikes and artillery strikes. They completely level buildings and flatten anything around. I also like going around and hunting down the random terrorist guys too. Anyone up for some coop?
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Old Sep. 5th, '08, 3:29 pm   #2
I lock people up
bones56's Avatar
Jun 2008 5,634
Long Island NY
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yeah i am almost 60 percent done, i was going to send you a friend request as it starts to get harder and thought we could get some of it done together.. The game is a lot of fun so far!!

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Old Sep. 5th, '08, 5:12 pm   #3
The Future of the Habs
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Jun 2008 2,557
Montreal, Quebec
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Will probably rent this game.
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Old Sep. 6th, '08, 8:20 am   #4
Rip Winkle
Rip Winkle's Avatar
Aug 2008 6,657

I have been following this game as well and will most likely give it a whirl sometime over the next few months, I really liked the talk about it. The open world concept is something I like.

Nice post Samp. ++


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Old Sep. 8th, '08, 2:22 am   #5
Junior Member
flindip's Avatar
Sep 2008 22

a buddy of mine bought it...said it was really unpolished...was marginally fun though....just not a perticuliarly great...
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