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Old Jul. 19th, '17, 3:46 pm   #1
Senior Member
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Jan 2012 1,268
XBS New Additions and a Policy Change

Hello XBS Faithful! Today we some exciting news about some new appointments to our staff, as well as some key changes to rules and regs and how we as an administrative group will be changing how we do things around here.

Firstly, please allow me to introduce two new commissioners to our stable. Please welcome No Regretzkys and please welcome BACK BleedBlueBlood as our two new commissioners. They will join both Dusty and myself as commissioners in running both day-to-day and long term hockey operations. They both bring a much needed fresh view to our staff as well as incredible dedication, creativity, community involvement and skilled critical thinking. And more importantly they are committed to making this League fun for you.

With them on board we can make better and faster decisions and rulings. We're truly lucky to have them and cannot thank them enough for accepting their new position.

Now onto the other half of the purpose of this post. Over the last few months or so, we as an admin team have realized that we have been too stringent on how we enforce the rules here. It has resulted in some decisions that could have been much better and potentially made things worse at times. While there is, and always will be, an air of professionalism, class and respect that surrounds XBS' atmosphere, we're also here for another equally important purpose: Fun. We got a ways from that, and while this new admin group is new, that is no excuse. For that we are sorry and we plan to change it up for the Fall both in our attitudes and our rules.

As for the rules, here are some concrete changes you can expect to see, along with our behavioral change.

  • Relaxing of On-Ice Rules

Wraps will no longer see a ban. New rules instated for the Summer Series will be subject to rollback and deleted, among others as we review our rulebook. This will not mean our brand of hockey becomes a "anything goes" style, but we believe that we were overpolicing the game. It took away from some of the fun and creativity that could happen, and in general made things feel too uptight, almost like there was a feeling of being constantly judged or watched. That's not what we want our rules to be. And we are confident that tools like wraps won't be over-utilized by our community. It should be stated that misconduct on (and off) the ice will be penalized, such as being a dick to people here. The commissioners and admin will still be around to keep the community happy and enforce the rules. But we will play less of a role in the affairs of games and teams. Once we have finalized our new rulebook we'll announce the changes so everyone can see it.

  • Power Structure

Owners will be given more power (and thus responsibility) on how they handle their teams and players. For some infractions you will no longer see immediate punishment doled out by the admins, which can be rather severe. Instead the owner can decide how to deal with his or her team much more independently, while also informing the admins and commissioners of their steps taken. Further we'll be going back to the tiered/layered infraction system where breaking a rule will ramp up the punishment for everytime one is committed by a singular player. (i.e. 1 infraction= warning, 2=1 game suspension, 3= 5 games, etc.). This is more a reinstatement of a previous system we had that we got away from. We'll be going back to this system and updating it to be more relevant in terms of length and leniency.

  • Stat Taking

Up until now, we've employed the unwritten rule that everyone on a team should do stats. We're going to change this. Now we'll encourage the use of 2 or 3 trusted stat takers on a team. These stat takers will, as the name suggests, do most of the stat taking for a team, and of course one of them should be on the ice for all games. For some this won't be much of a change as this has been done in the past. But for many this will be a new. While this may not initially be popular, we believe that this will increase the efficiency and speed of how stats get put in and decrease the complaints about putting them in. New members who want to learn may view our tutorial and then ask their owner to give it a shot.

  • Removal of Position Card Threads

The Position Card Threads, while helpful, has also slowed down our sign up process and at times confused members. We will be removing them and returning to a single signup system on the scoreboard. Where you want to play can be stated by rating your positions on the scoreboard sign up and more detail can be put on the comments section of it. We're also working on a way for the player cards to show more information to help owners.

So, that is what you can expect this Fall for NHL 18. There of course may be things that we change not listed here, so we will make absolutely sure to inform you as they do. As always feel free to give us your opinions and thoughts.

We thank you as we continue on together as a family.

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Old Jul. 19th, '17, 4:51 pm   #2
XBSHL Junkie
Jun 2008 3,288
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Congrats to Brian and Scott these are two more guys that will help the league gain new heights.

as well glad to see some of the rule changes and especially surrounding the players and owners.


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Old Jul. 19th, '17, 4:55 pm   #3
That 1 odd guy
Feb 2017 99

Congrats guys and i personally like the changes.
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Old Jul. 19th, '17, 5:11 pm   #4
x AbiLiTy x
The Legendary SlapNootSki
x AbiLiTy x's Avatar
Feb 2017 104

Congrats to BBB and No Regretzky's!! You guys are awesome! No doubt you will both be a great addition to the Admin Team here at XBS. I like all the changes you guys are making and I applaud you all for the work and time you've spent hashing these topics out. Season 19 is already on the up and up! Great work everybody!

Last edited by x AbiLiTy x; Jul. 19th, '17 at 5:23 pm.
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Old Jul. 19th, '17, 5:16 pm   #5
Just Joe
Makakk88's Avatar
May 2011 1,179

Yes same thinking here, I like the changes, they make a lot of sense. Congrats guys!

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Old Jul. 19th, '17, 5:56 pm   #6
May 2014 748

Thank goodness I made Regretzkys and BBB 1&2 stars in week one....

But seriously glad to see BBB back in charge and look forward to what fresh ideas Larry brings. I also like the player card going away! As always, thanks admins for continually trying to make things better.

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Old Jul. 19th, '17, 6:23 pm   #7
Senior Member
kabbott50's Avatar
Jun 2008 2,775
St. John's, NL
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Terrible choices. I couldn't be more upset about this travesty!

But really, these guys will bring a lot to the table and it's good to see. Can't wait for NHL 18 and XBS seasons to come!!

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Old Jul. 19th, '17, 6:54 pm   #8
Pack it up
DrugMonkeyRX's Avatar
Jul 2008 7,223
Long Island, NY
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Great choices! congrats bbb and no regrets!

I also like all the additional changes that are being made regarding gameplay rules. Nice job
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Old Jul. 19th, '17, 8:34 pm   #9
Dusty is the better brother
May 2011 650
Long Island NY

Congrats guys. That leaves me now as the only family member without some kind of " authority" on this site/ league , is there some kind of message being sent here? lol I kid. Congrats guys , look forward to the up coming season.

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Old Jul. 19th, '17, 9:36 pm   #10
Delicate Butterfly
DustyRytStyk's Avatar
May 2011 2,251
Long Island, NY

Very well said Markus. It's great to have some new hands and perspectives on deck on the admin side. When it comes to the rules we wanted to go old school a bit and let a members play style and respect here on the site speak for itself. I myself was guilty of trying to bring back some of the respect we feel was lost by adding more rules and that was certainly not the way to go about it. Thanks to all of you who have stuck around. Great things are ahead for XBS.

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